Tip: Floor Lamp Lighting

hear all about it for willful maker to
the month taylor talk a little bit about some practical lighting uh… using floral and seeing it in your
parents or such as wal-mart for about ten to twelve dollars uh… and the reason i can’t find using
floor lamps like this one here we’ll talk about in just a minute is that uh… when i was would do these
intros or outros or talk directly to the carry me that’s what my previous
episodes of the sitting in order to white that i have to put
together if you see light stands that has frequent waiting if they’ll set up a backlight ensure
shelf usually or throw a two hundred to work late also an abusive i stand on the
background began to imagine that setup takes a
little bit of time to set up in fact it was set up in about thirty to forty
minutes so that would take a while and not hang
around studio really low lighting intact to have to certain tear out every time which takes time so i was looking for a way to do that
quicker but with the equally good results answers are looking around really ruin
my house to see what i could possibly use it was already there sort of take
all this time setting up uh… that’s why this notice the four o_
absolutely have arrived to whom they’re basically the same thing uh… these long-standing lamps that had
the scheme x in in a socket was able shaped uh…
white diffuser around them and uh… he put them in the red position they
actually uh… look pretty good their lights users know how to control them and were put in and uh… knows this is
mike he laid over here fills in the side or went to the side of my face and then my uh… so light is about four feet away this was about
two feet away has a forfeit away saying what you heard watson exact way up uh… about six feet off the ground work
spree while no one what you don’t see also is acting as a phil is this white right above the camera has
a ceiling fan light by cameras directly underneath it turned
out that you can see what happens there will be a little it was a lot of phil and one more light in the background is
the slightest over right kitchen sink uh… dressed in front of it basilica streams out of my head a little
bit and separates me from background al novak here and turn it off so you can carry him and
do it looks like without blacklight those issues of gaping black hole in
standing in front of and because of my dark here is sort of can disappear and that black hole so when we turn their back on solace is simple tip of opera colliding
look around you see what’s available and you can understand what to do those
lights uh… like a sort of described is basically three-point lighting at a very that episode on uh… you can take advantage of those things that the
best thing about all this is at the said it takes me about five minutes that’s a big difference from thirty to
forty minutes and the results are pretty much the same is the best way to separation with
trawlers in his in his legs isn’t the literal three points anywhere
backlight showing right uh… on my back to back
my head but this reply waiting works pretty good
with the thrill the ceiling fan these two lights it’s not too bad now this is also the cities except that
she would use now on my kitchen counter what i want to build things ec that
setup on the one dollar budget also examined
actually putting things together countertop you see that setup knowledge
it was a victim of the two four oh amps and basically flanks my kitchen counter
with them and uh… that again that takes about
five minutes to set up my use this uh… great card here shiv using rhetoric exposure of
associated had he’s a great parents at the exposure properly uh… for all the setups and i think that uh… a really fast alternative to my previous thirty forty minutes uh… red achilles
what’s their position in your opening background industry in order for a way
that we’re right so is a really great idea i mean you
probably have a lot of these lights in your house you can take a look cheap
these forest about ten dollars apiece and a twelve dollars and store or
walmart uh… so they’re readily available you have any other kind of white singers yes that is revitalize it was so take
these lights experiment within a few more adding new different effects uh… it’s just a small practice so
that’s the fruit earlier to the months of this month and all see you in thirty days

24 thoughts on “Tip: Floor Lamp Lighting

  1. I did use my Canon for this. For a similar video using the Sanyo, watch the Tip episode entitled "In Camera Editing". I use the same lighting (which I reveal in a wide shot), as well as the kitchen light, which I don't use anymore because I hated the hotspot it creates.

  2. loved how you turned the back light back on with magic…LOL

  3. ha ha…tip of the month(12months in a year) you know he makes more…lol you see his video uploads…good one tho

  4. When academic stuff is SUPER hard, I'm OK with that. But when profs keep it strictly theoretical and never applied, that reallllly bugs me. And THAT is why I love your teaching –it's hugely user-friendly, easily-implemented stuff. You're not puffing yourself up at all –you're not pretending. I freaking love your videos.

  5. The best advice you can get for cheap lighting is, if you live in the US, find a harbor freight next to you and get a couple shop lights for 13 bucks. 500 watts… Also get a couple clamp lights for 7 bucks each. Maybe get some china balls somewhere to soften the light and you pretty much have all you need for anything.

  6. Between Frugal Filmmaker and Filmriot….screw film school

  7. I use the same lights but instead of moving the fill light back, I keep them the same distance and use a socket splitter and put two bulbs in the key light.

  8. if the lights are at 6 ft how tall are you? great videos love your show 😀

  9. none of the walmart in my area has this lamp… nay idea how to get it

  10. Thanks now my video quality on my channel is much better for example you look at a video of me without any light just my normal fan light thats on any way and i move around when im vlogging the quality is TERRIBLE and looked red and it was grainy it was just a disgusting image were when i place the lights on my desk faceing my face and and background and i sat in one positon the quality looked almost like some of those insanely popular youtube vloggers set up or you in your how to's like this

  11. I have the same lights, and with florescent you can find just about any practical white balance. the 3 stage lights are a little pricey though ($15 each from GE)

  12. I used to use 100w incandescent bulbs, which are no longer produced. Now I have Y-socket adapters in each lamp with two CFLs in each.

  13. Hey frugal Dude, how goes it. Good tip as always. If the kitchen light wasn't there or wasn't on, couldn't you just do less darkening of your hair in post to compensate. Actually it might look really good if you left it your original platinum blonde on the dark background. 😉
    Seriously, though, I always enjoy your videos. I had no idea those lights had become so inexpensive. I think I'll pick up a couple for my family room. Then I'll have them should I need them. Thanks and blessings!

  14. First comment on this video in 6 YEARS. YouTube really kicked this out of the recommended

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