Titles and Tattoos | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 84

Hello everyone and welcome to the night’s episode of critical role where a bunch of us nearly asked, always had to sit around and played Dungeons and dragons. Oops. Just like that. Uh, so yeah. Before we jump into tonight’s session, let’s go ahead and get through some of our announcements beginning with our fantastic returning sponsor for campaign to DND beyond well, he’d be on as a returning sponsor again this week. We love them. You can check them out of D and D beyond.link/critical role. They cheer us on every week. I thought why not share them on watching Maricia die inside? He wasn’t even cheer squad. She was, Oh, I don’t know. Okay. Ready? Difference bit D and D B on DMV table on this side. Show me your D and D pride. Yell D and D D D bird on table on this side. Please make this add a die. [inaudible] wow. Surprising release. Succinct. Don’t record me more. It might be, I might be the pithiest Dan Davey on spot. Yeah, fine. Fine for one of the more violent ones, but not quite. Sorry, Mike is just going to keep, keep vibrating. Oh, perfect. Thank you. Same to you man. And thank you Dean BB on that for many reasons. Mainly your endurance. Um, so let’s get to the rest of our announcements. Travis, you got some things to talk about if I believe, ah, I do. Yes. Uh, for the month of November, the beverage for the month ago, November and Holy shit, a critical role has partnered once again with one of our favorite charities, O S D active duty and civilian veterans that are various stages of their life and they have currently served over 1 million members of the military and all our different branches and we are glad to be a part of the next million that they will help. We have a month long push, so please consider donating or at least sharing the message and you can see all of that goodness and all the details and more at crit role. [inaudible] dot com slash O S D yeah. Hold that thought traps you’re of, you’re up. Go, Oh, I’ll just, you jazz. Um, it’s fun to three on that note in case you missed it. Um, earlier this week we made an announcement that we are going to push part for the finale of an Deadwood by one week, November 15th. That’s this. Not this Friday, not tomorrow, but the Friday after next we had some technical difficulties in post and have a few very frustrating hurdles that we had to get over. Um, but we are good and back on track, but didn’t want to destroy our team that Brian’s hair. Is it Brian’s hair like you had to CG at all? Um, Oh, we uh, Oh well he’s gonna hate if I out them on his hair product caught fire and you have to do something to his hair. He did get a haircut while we were reviewing the adit. He just had his girl come to our edit so we can [inaudible] sorry. Worth it. Burn it to the [inaudible]. Yeah. But anyway. Gotta stay fresh in the editing room. That’s true. Uh, it was good times, but yeah, tune in on the 15th this next Friday, 7:00 PM for part four of Deadwood. I promise you. It’s crazy. 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It’s going to be great. Laura, you got some updates, I believe. Well, yeah, it’s not as cool as all of that, but it’s still no one merchant this though. It’s all merchant in the store. But number one is the finishing of our collection of our mighty night GBS. So there’s Ford and there’s not and there’s Molly. I love the backgrounds. I don’t know which one is my favorite. It’s they’re also amazing. The pins were designed by our beautiful friend Jenny park, who is phenomenal and thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that. Jenny. And I’m so they’re in the store now also at the back up for this sitting in my lap. So warm and toasty. Oh you can. You can have this on during the show. It says his arm, our blanket. It’s so incredibly soft. It’s the map by Devin room and I love it and I’m just so happy that we got this made and yes, it’s a blanket. I’ve stolen many already. Do you want us, do you want to snuggle up in it? Do love soft. It is. Smells like tell Dora in legitimately fell asleep wrapped in that when we finished various season two and a pretty comfortable, we get to make this stuff. You guys, I can do anything. That’s kind of the whole point. Do anything, do the hole, the sheet. Anything we make is mostly, so we get one that’s kind, that’s essentially our homework plan. It’s just make stuff. We want to have it. Hopefully you guys wants to have one of everything running out of rooms to slow down. Alright. Thank you so much Laura. I’ve been given freedom and I love it. You could have a kitchen. All right then I think that concludes our announcement. I’m saying the first time that I didn’t actually have to make any announcements myself, which was nice. That’s why I got to fuck with you guys. But on that note, let’s go ahead and dive into tonight’s episode. [inaudible] [inaudible] the adventure. They were always beside you. You’re nerdy and the DM check guides you and they rise the flames. The battles that cause your bow to be. They got mad shit can slay or they got found shoes and cunning. Still. See, there’s a monster comics. It’s formation is waiting. [inaudible] put your feet in your hands. Take that chance. Can you dig in G now it’s your [inaudible]. [inaudible] hi, and welcome back children. Um, so last we left off the mighty nine in search of their allies in the coming struggle that seemed to be slowly building around Oban and the plans that he’s making in pursuit of the, the will of the angel of irons. You went to find YUSA the main of tide peak tower and it could throw on its, had vanished into the folding halls of Hulus, the archmage Bain, their loom sphere, or as you guys refer to it as to happy fucking fun ball. Um, after spending what was essentially weeks and weeks of real time and just for a few days within the ball, strange time dilation, you managed to make your way through all sorts of strange chambers and traps and battle major Hunter golems and then eventually find your way to a lost den of Hulus, the creator of these halls who had found his soul locked within some sort of a, a trapped or sabotaged a Relic of what she was using in his research, acquiring this gem, questioning him and making an Alliance to a certain degree to gain guidance. Out of this strange sequence of rooms you managed to find yourself to the prisoner’s suit, you freed YUSA who had been silenced and put away as he began to peruse the interior of these halls on his own, you all managed to escape and found yourself outside of the sphere partway up tide peak tower along with Allura Phi Soren from the council of [inaudible] who had aided you as a friend through this small adventure. And now as you all gathered, her research had brought her to ask information and to bring materials and thoughts and imagery. Memories of this individual Yasha of which you spoke of. It seemed to be involved in this mess with Oban. As you gathered hands together and prepared the ritual, you peered past the veil of deceit and revealed the angel of irons seems to have been a cover, some sort of a possibly fictional name, an entity to mask the true intent of an Thoreau is dune, the chain, the oblivion who has been seemingly massing allies under the guise of the angel of irons. To what end, we do not know necessarily, but upon this revelation we’ve returned to the chamber part. We have tied big tower as Allura finishes saying to herself, I must inform the council. There’s a long pregnant pause. The hair itself is still, you can smell the salty sea air that comes in from the nearby docks and ocean of city and nearby. But amongst that, it’s just this sense of dread and weight on your shoulders as the sheer volume and gravity of what you’ve all recently heard comes to take your mind. So the thing that’s happening right now, you guys are now, you’re [inaudible] Oh, you were, you’re reacting to the ritual. Would you like to do Oh shit. There is dude. There is dude. Huh? I think I feel like we need to practice saying it fit there as Dan Ferez do there as Dan, where’s the fastest? Yeah. Where is the emphasis? We’ve been talking about him. He’s come up a few times. Yeah. But he’s like super powerful. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. There’s also a betrayal. God like crazy, crazy old. Right. We can take him cause he’s real old. If someone wishes to make a religion check. All right. Okay. Uh, 23, 23. Okay. Smart to be, um, as part of this conversation, you do know that uh, Thor is dune as an entity while categorized as a betrayer. God does not belong necessarily or stemmed from the same, uh, founding entities that the other elements of divinity STEM from while it is lumped with it, it is something other entirely possibly older than the world. No one knows. Um, Oh, it is strange. It is aberrant and it is core shit. It is very much that shit. Um, do we know, does anyone, do any of us know like if what separates there is Doon Doon from, from our plane of existence. Is there a gate? All right. Religion check. You do. [inaudible] as a, as as Allura kind of leans forward and goes, ah, Houston, we need to research, have having this entity was put away, was sealed. W w what is it exist? You add this question? Pipe up and recall a couple of things. One, um, you know, from the, uh, it was sealed once long ago in the founding back when the, when the, the DDS first began to give form to the world after defeating and scattering the primal elementals that previously walked across of Xander and it’s early days. Um, they had thought to have banished theater’s dune and then he returned during the calamity and in that time period I Yoon and Pelorus spearheaded the assault against the roiling Hungary black void. That was the entity right before they had banished him. Uh, but the struggle left Iran with a terrible wound that would not heal forever, like permanent for as long as there is doing exists it seems [inaudible] it is said cause you hold so high on religion. Um, volcano it was, no, sorry. It is also said that multiple sets of divine shackles hold the chain of oblivion at the bottom of the abyss. Their power anchor to somewhere in Xander area and you rolled up, I don’t know, religion check 2323. Okay. That’s all you know, I have a question out of the story. Like is this beyond like everyone knows what the calamity is, is the most part pre-vis beyond common knowledge, the existence of Thor’s dune. This is something that only people with esoteric knowledge or vast amounts of study, no people know of it in the way that people know about the boogeyman that is doing would be the equivalent of the bogeyman. And colloquially in most cultures people might say like, you know, be careful, chain of living will get you if you don’t go to bed early, but it’s been so long ago and only for a lot of people may or may not really like, like history that old that has been alternatively written based on whoever’s in power in those locations. And certain interpretations can shift from place to place. Uh, many people who are of some level of intellectual knowledge and, and training acknowledged that it existed. Um, but as it is with a lot of mortal entities that are so caught up with their own day to day business, it seems like something so far off in other words hit me harder than us knowing stories of Zeus turning into a bowl and sitting and like stuff like that. It’s stranger than that. [inaudible] and the wound didn’t heal. This thing is like Mike Tyson at the end of punch out, nobody wants to fight this. Let’s say you go down in one, at least Mulligan claims to be real usually kind of packs up and goes, ah, who do we know who belongs to this court? If there is, if this is who are, who you are chasing who you are after, um, who do we know is connected to this entity? We know a few folks. We’d have a, we have a running list. Yeah. One is Obon Oban demon. Yeah. Demon devil. Devil, devil, devil. He’s Oban he can make himself look like other people’s yeah. And he’s like really good at manipulating people. Like so he has control of our friend Yasha right, right. And when I was looking at them through scrying, you know, that is name is looking at them. Uh, she was trying to fight him right then she was like, I don’t want to lose you. And then I understand God was like, Oh, almost a control. And then all on like touched her chin and like something happened and is she was instantly back to being under his control. She’s got that thing on the back of her neck. But you might have also been evil the whole time and just sort of, we didn’t know that. I don’t think so in the QC this is like, I might describe it exactly like I saw it, it looked the the S the faint orange glow kind of reminiscent of uh, the old car cigarette lighters that like faint kind of reddish. He did tend to it very, very difficult to see. Um, right at the base of the neck underneath the hair will settle. Right. Well sure. Um, but you said contemplates after what you are saying, listen, uh, youth do, so Bon is able to continue to control your, uh, ally. Is this by the same means or the others as to why he’s able to bind the champions of other portrayals to his will as well maybe. Oh, I did see the lights coming from the laughing hand, I think, didn’t they? Nice. And that’s avant as a dangerous entity. Cause if the laughing hand is, is a champion of Taurog and this other one that you had mentioned the inevitable end a kid. Okay. Gas does, you said? Yes, he’s born from, uh, was it, uh, as modus and God knows of love and as mothers, there is no reason for these things to follow the intent of such a such I’m a creature of madness and, and disparate will as that is student and they killed him any instant like him back. So you’ll need to be mindful of what it is that affects your friend might also be affecting other creatures. These other champions, uh, Laura turns the head over to you, Sam. Oh, they even aware they’re worshiping this thing. I can say follow the angel of ions. Is that just their own cover or they themselves have been duped into believing it is rare for something of, of sound minds to want to follow, such as the destruction of the Plains in beyond had amnesia. Didn’t remember her past ever since we met her. Maybe they all once were conscious followers and something happened or maybe it was always [inaudible] manipulation. Well, if Oban is it devil and he’s from the Hills, could I not be that he’s working on executing the orders of a devil. Prince King, someone from hell is trying to really like their hierarchy and wipe out. Third is doing this is one of the entities there is resides at the bottom of the EBIS, which is more of the um, the demonic heritage. That’s weird. Then there’s a lot of mixed up factions here, which is why I wonder and you actually cause you’re old. So fucking I and religion, um, regarding Thrusday, those who are foolhardy enough to follow such twisting destruction as the train oblivion are often spurned, hateful and chaotic souls who fall through the cracks of society and detention. A bit of inherent madness left unchecked kind of opens the door to the creeping void that draws those who worship and come to the altar of this unspoken entity. You also know, since it is rare, for those of sound mind to Washington entity that brings only madness and destruction between the believing in his followers often deceive sects into aiding their efforts from within other sects of worship, grading a false idol entirely. Um, and you know that the higher acolytes of Theroux’s dune as part of their ritual of Ascension and to show their true faith often remove their eyes so they can peer through shadow in light with this boon. Oh yeah. You don’t want to play anymore. I’m leaving now taking a fishing boat and crab for now. Well, there’s also, I mean, they’re connected to this larger conspiracy with, within the, the war in factions within it. So God only knows how deep this runs and how many people are involved. Once again, it’s not just attracted to fractured people that they could easily manipulate. This is the same cult that’s been pushing more fair on the, you know, we know that Oban was referencing this individual who is within the empire high up. Get the blonde guy. Yes. We’ll see him again. Oh wait, I like bond. Oh wait. Wandy Vince knew st Louis. Yeah, I used to [inaudible] you have told me about this device that was opening reefs. Yeah. Across, yeah. Yeah. And it was opening this too. It was saying this would be obese. Yes. Yeah. I’ll preface to these rifts possibly having this larger plan. They seem to have infantry monsters bees that they were sending through their location had something if like it was a greater network, they seemed randomly placed. Remember that somewhere in the backs of caves and weird mountains and stuff like that. Well, under a poking holes in a, under a livery, you’re poking holes in a bucket. It doesn’t matter where the hole is, just how many you can go ahead and both of you can make an intelligence, checks you to the two of highest intellect. The card as of now. Yeah. Okay. I will tell, you know, I wrote just straight in the lift with your intelligence modifier. 15, 15, 18, 18. All right, Caleb, I’m hearing this conversation. You begin to recall your studying of inter planar effects and how they get over the veils between planes can shift and thicken and wanes as such, you know, different events, uh, through the, uh, through the actual calendar year occur and such. Um, you do know based on the, probably putting the pieces together that with each riff that probably opens with an Xander area. Between that and the EBIS, the veils between the realms gets slightly weaker with each one that remains if temporarily. Um, and through this subtle influence of the chain, oblivion may begin to creep into the world. Cool. It’s like if you have a leather strap and you’re punch enough holes in it. Sure. And because your role’s signed right. Religion, you also do know of, of the, I also know that the characteristics of the chain Bolivians influence the madness that it instills subtly. Um, it said to slowly corrupt people with bouts of uncontrollable hunger, uncharacteristic aggression, and eventually violent mania. Who wants to join that fishing boat with me? [inaudible] the macros by June this time. What else do you think the uncharacteristic ingress on a fishing boat? Aggression under the water? Yes. Really clever. Okay. I mean, I’ve been saying for awhile that there’s been reoccurring themes of hunger and famine and starvation and chains real entire time. We’ve known each other so hungry other than me years. Sure. I’m really hungry. All the time. I’m actually kind of [inaudible] sometimes I hide it, but what if I’m fluids by the chain? The blue view? Yes. Pretty good. It said that [inaudible] without the the furry creature. Um, what the what the bugbear. He had bouts of violence and anger. Yeah. And I, sorry is talk to the, Oh wait, was that, I’m sorry. This is a regional center. No, I mean even going all the way back to trust and walls with the nerd nerd. Gil in the nose. You got piano? No wait. I might have been making that part dog by the nose. Where the Hungary most are, they came in. Did tell you were aggressive though. They were aggressive, weren’t they? An unreasonably aggressive people. Okay. That’s, they were, they were not regular. No. Thank you. But yes. Yes. The first time we met and we went to that circus fighting the devil toad who kept lashing out and eating people. And if this influence continues to spill out into this world and people grow more and more aggressive and it’s going to lead to even further conflict. What does like the bright queen, he’s like affected by it. Was she eating every time we saw her? Well, I don’t think she was ever eating. She did have a slim Jim and her match every two weeks talking about your broad brush. But if we come and do the statue of Liberty and we walk it into the middle of Manhattan, hung over. Where do your office a simple, yeah. Talking about some ancient ness forgotten thing. What’s the play here? What’s the strategy mean? If your base is on the demonic side of things and the devils and the demons have a spat, is there, is there any way that we would employ or try and reason with the devilish side of things to gain access to [inaudible] right, but he’s obviously trying to pull someone out of the demonic side. Yeah. Your bases on the other half. So weird. This Colt, this, this Colton. We would have to take down this Colt right there. They’re making it easy for [inaudible] to gain access to our plane of existence. How do we take down this, make it easier to kill the laughing hand. We don’t know how many of them are on this call to where they are. We know we’re one of them. We know where one of them is and it would be a Blondie bear, you know, and we can get Blondie and get a bunch of information. And they did say the last time we scribed on them that they were making their way towards the finish line. Do we? No, no vegetables option within next plotting. It’s where the next anything is. I bet you would. It’s [inaudible] on Yasha. We can start on Blondie, who is, uh, I have a spell book. He’s a dead meat. He was worshiping the crawling King. So stressful. We’re calling King is a different entity. Oh, this has nothing to do with this chain. Oblivion crawling, K rock and tour August to call it [inaudible]. But [inaudible] is more or less still related in this through the laughing hand. And you’re laughing hams and champion of Torah. So it’s, she’s still a player in this [inaudible] everyone’s coming from public. Everything might just be a red herring is a servant of grass. Is the region Oban was this of the Tyler [inaudible]? We don’t know. That’s okay. It doesn’t matter. Their former masters. Everyone works for third dude. Okay. Right. That’s what it feels like. I was just, no, those were all like those were on the news under the Rose. Yeah. It doesn’t matter who they used to be alive. You don’t know where the next event is happening. I don’t want to cut anyone off. Should we try and look in on the few that we are probably can on. If we could peel your show away somehow she would know more. You said, do you have any thoughts? Muses tearing this? This is a lot obviously. Um, let me do some research as well. Some meditation and reach out to a few allies I have that may have some esoteric knowledge. Um, but they have to do with this level. I can, I do have a friend in the empire stew though I am not really invited to as much as I went to us. I could give you a missive or made Haas. We know that [inaudible] said master. Oh wait. Oh yeah. The social stress of can have a selfless thing of hoes of it. Addition. Yes. That one I could write you a missing file. I could not go. Um, it’s, it would not be best for me to be there. Um, the introduction would be enough to gain an audience and perhaps glean some information from within the, the range of influence that the assembly’s seems to have gotten for us or for you, for you. We kept go, Nope. Um, chooses not to go. Who? Oh. Oh, so you said there are there all means within the hall to disabled as such glamorous that would allow me free entry in wandering. So he does best. I not just cause the star but you can go ask my allies. Aren’t we known by Ormerod? Huh? Yeah. And um, we can be open with you so you leave the room for a second. I think we’re known by omit Haas. I think he likes us. Our last interaction with him did not go well. I think there wasn’t, there wasn’t a provider, external parties, cats and we like the fuck are your notes. We were at a cocktail party or something with him and Trent. Ethan was it? It was after the tournament? Yeah. Did we know, we just talked to him. You talked to at the burger, he said something to yacht. Did he say something to you? Austin said something to your friend said something to y’all. Yes, but [inaudible] was there and I know he was like, man in Trent. He was like [inaudible] with us and then we were like, Oh, he likes cats because he pet from Ken. And then we were like, let’s remember that for next time. He likes Fromkin. I don’t remember us making a note of that at all. Did happen. It did happen. Wow. That’s amazing. It’s good to have a Mericia in every party. I’ve also been really researching this. We did, Oh, sorry, go on. No, go ahead. No, go on. Go on. I was just justifying. Oh, I was just gonna say we didn’t, we didn’t attack him. He doesn’t know that we’re enemies. No, I don’t think right, but strengths, no. Who would know that Caleb is trim? Saw Caleb and didn’t say anything? No, they did not. If there is a concern with this Trent who I believe I know who you’re speaking of, then just avoid him. Do not bring him up so we can go see or the discipline to blur powerful soon as the rest of the assembly. So online. Well, yeah they are nice. Well do you not think the entire assembly is useless? They have a few, a dubious figures, but not all of them are bad eggs. Oh man. We’re going in the halls of additions, Iridium dash other NGOs and I feel like I should at least implore aid from the council and tandoori, um, I don’t know if they can get directly involved in Imperial Wildman politics, so brazenly especially during a time of war. But uh, I’ll see what can be done. Council. Huh? [inaudible] heard of them. [inaudible] uh, left with the use on when’s fourth, who’s kind of in the corner in his chair. Just kind of watching the whole thing. Brian died. Um, he just goes, um, wow. If you are going to omit to ask for his expertise, knowledge, anything about what’s going on within the empire. I’ve just is my name. Use this knee. See the whole time you guys been had this conversation, he’s typing MEJ handing with a Quill and ink over on the counter that’s kind of writing its own letter about 20 feet away from him. He then drifts over to [inaudible]. It’s like some mother fucker. Brian fosters payback. Don’t put this on him. No. Brian spread of payback as the parchment drifts through the air and then folds of ribbon ties itself on it. And Atlanta is over on gestures lap. How, how closely should we trust this person? How much, uh, how much information should we give them as much as you deem necessary, as much as that would be useful for what you’re going after. We’re be guarded but omit. It’s one of the, uh, less problematic members at the assembly where we’re naturally mistrusting people. So it’s always a Gordon to ask us, survived this long. A fair number of people that are not who they seem or pretending to be something else. Is there a question that we could ask or perhaps somewhere verifying that he is who you say he is? I would say I couldn’t help but notice around your neck, this tiny food creature. Oh, I thought you were talking about my Ruby necklace, which is really beautiful. But yes, this is sprinkle. Well maybe do the react. They would be just such a creature. Oh he likes all little furry creatures since the happy fun Craig who she has a solid color now in battle and these backs and he’s been dead with train Gates. He hasn’t been fed month. Let’s assume red cheese. It’s like a Tamagotchi. Imagine that I’m also giving food. Okay. Get to touch her and he’s like please let me tell you, the best part of playing D D with friends is making your friends keep track of all their imagined. The animals responsibility he likes, he likes the to the bed. Very loving. Okay, cool. If I saw is one of the uh, less problematic, which ones do you deem problematic and what do you estimate the problems to be? And it depends on your perspective. Illusionist is very intentioned. I do not know what his main intent is, but he’s been around since the beginning. But yeah, and he’s also the one that keeps the balance with the King. He’s the one that keeps the peace from an arch mages standpoint. I’m wary of anyone back. Powerful. Both from an arcane and political standpoint. Most of my contact has been with omit. I’m trying to seem, it’s just creepy. Jenna. Jenna seems unique if a bit distracted would have done it before because he’s the only ones that I’ve actually met in person all night. We’ve trained together for, I trained him for a bit, I should say I’ve been alive much longer than he has, but he’s a Keystone but has a good heart, wants the best for his students, pushes them hard. I respect his techniques. There were students may not always. We appreciate your candor of course. And uh, so I’ve had a day to recover and get my wits about me and can, it sits up for a minute. I wanted to thank you for coming into the halls after me for treating me from the result of my own arrogance. Taught you to, it means a lot. I suppose the only question to ask is will you be going back in? Not for awhile and certainly not alone. Um, however, I think it’s only fair and he reaches behind one of the counters and takes this kind of kind of weighted satchel and kind of throws it into the center of where you guys are talking. The truck. All barracks. This is, uh, a portion of Alice’s fortune that I managed to recover. No, no, no, no. Thank you. Well, speaking of which, it looks over today, unconscious body of the loss on the floor. Oh, right. Where’s this? Where’s the Jew? I already handed it over like, yeah, I think though. You did. I did not. Oh, you’re right there. Yeah, that’s right. So just out of curiosity, if you touch it, there is still a voice in that, right? Let’s find out. Hello? Hello? You like the one you called yourself? Not, is that right? Yes. Yeah. Oh good. Well we [inaudible] have we been successful in your escape? How would you do it? How would you change a body if you could? Depending on what you wish to change the team too. You see that as I know you’ve looked into my research, there are ways to, I believe, take a mold of a body and make it perpetual. Maybe you put the drill down bell or a ritual look [inaudible] going on long enough. So do you know, do you know what what it is? Do you know it or would you have to find it? I would have to take a look at my notes. I was not in ties. Feeling comfortable. Fuck to, if you release me from this gentleman [inaudible] this may be just put it down. I need something more concrete than that. The name of a spell. We some things cus design named at the moment, but it was part of my design for myself and to talk to should you be interested? Little cotton Gallo sat it down since we had the job. How do I get you out if I wanted to spare this, dispel the tool as I hear ya. I cast science near your, I snapped on my attempt to snatch the jewel and make a slight of hand check and you make an insight or you make a perception check. Oh perception. Wow. 11 yeah. Well, what’d she say? Slight of hand. Yeah. 1414 as you’ve been conversation, your voice goes, gone. You’re like, we’ll go over to conducing you look back in Jim’s out of your hand. Shoot. We all silence. [inaudible] hang on. Wait, wait, wait. Just let her get our hours isn’t for a minute. No, it was great. Good read. I see a lot of F’s and S’s. Come on. Jeez. Ferns. Oh, soliloquy. Gentle. Yup. So sounds are not easy to mistake. Like she’s gotten it out of her own. Not yet. She describes her system. You can drop the spell. I think your phrase is stupid. That’s fair. A very dangerous and powerful MEJ now knows your name. It’s just good to know that he used to in there, which is where we want to keep him. Right? Not cause if he gets out, he knows your name. If you one time more than American or happy to Justin, both that body and that gym. Far into the scattered planes. I have the means. Did he sound like he knew what he could do? He sounded confident that he could do something. He was telling you what to do. You spoke of dispelling that confident that he eats people. He definitely eats people. He does. Yeah. It has a restaurant called the carving board and I’m happy for both. I love the car people left the chess chest when I, it’s the first time I’ve had an opportunity to be myself again and I can’t just leave it alone. It’s the, it’s the thing. It’s not enough. The thing that the man who built that place would be willing to help you, maybe he would be beneficial to you is an altruist. That is the impression you got from the person who chained a Dreadnought and built a level to open his mouth. Like adore who is a prison. I don’t judge his taste in decor. Not, you have to understand the difference between an opportunity and a temptation. That was the temptation. There’s a, there’s a big difference. Look, we have one option, right? We know that this is here. Not if he sends it away to a far off place. He says yes. Do you know of a, a spell that would, um, turn somebody into something else? There are ms polymorph is a relatively simple minute wait, like put them back in there. Right body, someone who is in the wrong, it’s a bit beyond my immediate scope, but there is a a, I’ve heard whispers. It’s like a truest Pauline ward though. It even that is only until this is not a permanent and, but it can become most anything. This one has been dabbling in his time within this fear. I have notes of his, they’re incomplete, but it felt like he was on the right track. You have these notes? Yes. And what does your speciality transmutation? Fairly bright. Is that a challenge? Always. [inaudible] I’m not going to peel inches of your flesh off and eat them. [inaudible] so romantic [inaudible] I’m not as far along him. [inaudible] they’re not nearly as deranged. And that’s saying something right. You can’t change if you’re dead. Dad hadn’t gone. Alright, so you’ll still work at it and try have a little faith. [inaudible] I trust this crazy wizard. I guess more than that one. So, and your smart governor roughly. It’s complicated. Will you promise us that? If we want to come back and do any more research on the loss that we have full access, Alexis to this. I don’t know. What do you plan to do with this? Send it into the, I was going to get rid of it entirely. Yeah. Well the heart was technically sent off into nothing and hellos found it. I’m still here unless I am mistaken. That spirit can only return to that body, correct? Yes. That’s what he said. [inaudible] you want us to kind of open his hand and you watch as the unconscious body of his loss began to black and crackle as he begins to burn into cinder and Ash on the floor in about a matter of 20 seconds or so. The smell of burned flesh fills the chambers disgusting before it slowly filters out the open window. Oh, Oh look at that now. There is no longer, yeah, the worry of inventory into his four. Wow. That was effective. Decisive. Maybe don’t touch the stove and CFO loss needs an update. Let’s just let him continue to think. Otherwise you heard the title. Let’s see if he’s crying. Let’s, let’s actually not be quiet for a second. No, let’s, hello. Hey, I lost, so I speak to the goblin girl. Smarter to, yeah, yeah, totally. Yeah. You know what? She actually just went out for, doesn’t feel so good. Every word. Your arms are weird. Oh, you can’t say anything back? Can you every word we’ll come back to haunt us. [inaudible] God, I cannot hear you. I don’t actually know if the devil, she can’t hear anything. I’m saying the voice continues through the gym because it is telepathic to you. I would, I would put that, yeah. Yeah. Let’s do that. The major hand, the grasp said, ms the MEJ hand kind of lifts in the air. He will not actually make physical contact with the stove way to do it. Drop silence. Um, it puts it onto a table. You have the same major hand pools going out to pee and that you’ll be back never. How do you, yeah, but you know, cough. My joke, I didn’t cut off your Joe. I think the less said to something that may be able to tell the difference between the truth and a lie and probably a lot more information just by us touching it. That’s a lot. That’s not the sort of thing you should be touching. Good Joe. And when he eventually gets out wondering, he’s wondering what the punchline was and he’ll wonder forever. No, he’ll eventually get out and find you not going to get out. You hear these two heavy impacts. He watches, you’re having this conversation, you said it has like made, handed the gym over onto the nearby table. Corners draws a line to the air. The other hand, motors in incantation and you watch as a almost spectral looking chest kind of operates through the air as he draws the line, lands in the ground. It opens in H hands, the gym over into the inside. It closes and then advantages. Wow. But still, that was good. Remember that we found that in the middle of a magic, fun ball inside a Dreadnought inside a magic space. I mean it’s these things things get found and so Joel HASI and wooden doll, and we should be off this much to learn that chest though. That was a, that’s not a pocket for you to access later. That was a random toss a pocket for me to access later. Hopefully not until it’s needed button. Until you decide that you have no further use of this individual. I will put it somewhere. Nobody else can find that about myself. Excellent. And you don’t have beefs. You trust me. I think that you still would prefer to inhabit his own flesh is I would I lost? No, I’m talking about you. So wanting to be possessed by an oral power for being [inaudible]. If you tell us who the members of the [inaudible] daughter council [inaudible] Richmond for me that my only experience has been with Laura and members of the Penn soft call. It’s unfortunate. The council, I do not prefer to avoid politics. No. On bike rave straight to the old friend. She told you over the older secret, assume masculine spies, acid, Scott and tattooed. But now with the goatee gray isn’t maybe. All right. So where are we off to two. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Y’all are gonna go see the guy. That’s creepy. Not creepy. He’s normal. Well, I can say it’s not creepy. Sound good maybe, but just trust right. Again, do your best to gather information. Find out whose doing what Twitter. They’re going, anything, any clues we have to what the plan is, especially if it’s happening soon. Based on what you had said, the last thing you want is to be caught off guard. Do you know what it means for us to travel to stash quicker than 14 days on horseback? Cobalt. Oh, that’s right. I’ll send a message to [inaudible]. That’s probably a good idea. Yeah. Toe Zenith. Zenith cause okay. Archivists. Zenith. Yeah. Yeah. We’re sending all kind of wiring. Mousy guy and oil annoying. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We met them. I send them, I said what’s his name? Is enough? Enough. Yeah. Hey, archivists, Zena, this is the my Denine. I don’t like what? I don’t think you like us, but are we allowed to come there yet? Because we have him. He guys only have pork. We have important, important. You wasted of what? What? Sorry man. Your messenger. My uh huh. So, you know was fun. Oh, um, that, that should be fine. Um, everything has been smoothed over, so, uh, yes. Please do. Come on over. Whoa. Whoa. Zay he sounded like a super duper like Brown, nosy and news. Like, Hey, what? Everything’s been smoothed over. You’re welcome. Anytime. Who did he get in trouble? I believe he your right. Aw, we’re awesome. Oh my God. He loves him now. Darren told them that I’m in charge now. Probably. I mean, [inaudible] probably yelled at him really good. Yeah. Yeah. And was like, you call the other branches. You tell them that boss boss. You want me to send a message to all the other? No, no, no. That’s fine. That’s, that’s fine there. So I can, here’s where we’re going now. Oh. Oh yeah. No, like eventually going to sleep. We’re okay. Did we, did we run? No. No. Did we fight? I mean, we just got out of it. I mean, a lot happened. Yeah. But I’m a fun fall. I got some spells gone. Plus if we go to orally when it goes away, we don’t have dusted gents. Hey, you said you have any agendas and the diamond and the diamond. Do you have a diamonds of a photo? Ah, know. Okay. When’s fourth [inaudible] smashed up? What can I do for you? Um, could we perhaps look around for a in diamond click fee? 300 what they requested. Just some gem does. Which any specific type of Jean can I remember what the orderlies said we needed the different kinds, right? Yeah. All sorts of different kinds. I could go look it up real fast because I forgot to write or write a, a Swank rhyme about it somewhere. There was a printout. Excuse. That’s right. You told no, no, that’s okay. The worst thing about the Tufts with Jews, the tattoos out there right now, they’re just this anymore. I’m not taking notes. Look at, look at my shit ass. It’s amazing. Yeah. There we go. So for, for these talents, um, two is a Ruby dust for strength. Emerald dust for dexterity, diamond dust for constitution, Sapphire dust for intelligence. Jade for wisdom, Aqua Marine for charisma. Fire Opal for resist fire star fire Sapphire are as black, black stars, Sapphire for resist cold and the amounts generally range between the 2200 gold to 2,500 goals for all the statistical benefits and 5,000 for the resistance distance. It doesn’t, it won’t push you beyond natural natural natural levels either willing the tattoos. Yeah, I mean woo. Okay. Can I plus one. So even if you, if you hit the maximum of of of 20 you get a full sleeve 20 to get 21 doesn’t increase the amount of firing offense. Okay. Two tattoos, quarter sleeve when you can only get one tattoo per individual dreams could have. Okay. I don’t know what all the other ones were. That’s just as fast as I could. Right. And it was pretty much nothing will be. Tell me what statistic you’re looking possibly interested in. I wrote down diamond for constitution that because for Jade come wisdom Jade for wisdom as a plus one weight and what you wrote down was wrong. My notes are just noodles. Laura is, I better raise the diamond. Anybody else? Anybody else need a stat that they would want? Of course, but it sounds extremely expensive. Well, I don’t know how much money we just got from hellos. Yeah, JG went Wars. Probably have some diamond dose time was the last of stuff. Yeah, I can use strength. Yeah, there’s a little fluff. Easy. Don’t stat shame me. Okay. All right. So what is it you guys are wanting to do? A 350 gold diamond and some diamond dust. Sorry. We’ll say a given the help of you. So when’s fourth goes ahead and brings you a diamond worth 350 gold pieces. ACL is now just, we’re not confined. Um, is this all right? Last time it’s like this one. Give it to them. I’ll take it. Oh, all right then just fine. Which gym did you request? Ah, diamond dust for me. That is the diamond item that I would have to take a gym to turn it into a desk so I could convert that. But that would still only be about 300 hundred yells. Oh God. We need a lot of Joe jam. Yes. I mean you could ask him if he has an over abundance of rubies. Did anybody check and pick up the satchel? Oh no. Turn the monger. I open the bag. Uh, it’s all Ruby dust. Yeah. Checking it. It looks, it’s first off, no gold. No. Um, at first you’re like, Oh, it’s a bag of silver. But then like the light hits it and like it’s much more polished in much brighter and its color. Um, it is a, it is a satchel, a platinum. Oh, do you want it? If you want to take the, um, the time to, to count it later on, you can or unless you want to count it in the middle of this chamber in front of everything, it’s up to you. But one plat and um, man, I really want to know for the ease, everything, it comes to about 2100 platinum weight, 1200 platinum, correct. Which comes thousand gold pieces. This campaign, yet we’ve been pretty D and D for you guys in DMD port for a long time. And then those three and you put them on a very, very rich series and that’s your split so that again, everybody gets 350 platinum. Oh, okay. That’s happening. Shit. Wow. I’m saying [inaudible]. Oh man. Oh wow. Oh cool. I said, girl, you got some spending cash. I’m going to go buy me for him to sit at. Yeah, that’ll be there. We got a 14 how are we going to go to, sorry, we haven’t met quite yet. Premium go with the premium. Go more brand. I mean it’s up to you guys. Talk to one of them and help you. Dozen or so franchises. Restitution. I can wait. I mean we’re here. We’re here. We should probably go check in on her bro. Right? Do we owe like taxes or, let’s take this, take a second to collect ourselves. Where do we go? We have to go to a jewel shop for us to buy jewels. It’s a thing. I should just go, there’s a dash. What about your home and mom? We just said, Oh, I guess it’s been a time. You do know that Nick is around us because it is a port town. There’s a lot of trade. You could probably find a number of gems if you’re looking for it, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to either. You want to try any [inaudible] I mean I could get that to you guys. I wouldn’t mind one either. So Penn, my mind on one for a while, let’s go see orderly. But first let’s stop and get gem dust and then go back and like it. Fair enough. Okay. Um, so you, well, for one thing, your ship is your ship. The, the ball eater, um, has been out at sea for quite some time. You’re uncertain as to the location of it currently. I remember it still working in new Orleans, just hanging out here and they’ve been doing shipping roles and bringing things up along the coast and around earning you guys money while you’ve been away. Okay. Passive income? No, I’m thinking as many T dramas. Fuck. Let’s go check in and see what we got. 14 goals. Okay. But we don’t know if they’re there. So we should go to the port. Sure. Alright, we’ll go to the docs. How much diamond this did I need for constitution. Constitution would have been our boats to see like has stuff. Okay. Casey is like, Oh, I happen to come across 25, 2,500 gold across the us. That would do 2,500 versus five 400. Some of them are 22 hoard gold roof with strength and dexterity or 22 wisdom. Charisma. 20 to constitution intelligence or intelligence. So they’re all 22 except for constitution, which is 25 and then the resistances are five. Five, yes. But that is a permanent resistance to a specific type of dance. Impressive. Need the tide peak. I’m going to head towards the pool. Alright, so you guys make your way towards, there are two ports. If you recall the, the affairs, the open key. Yep. So it was not to make people hate me for forever. You mean that one for the rest of this war? They’re both correctly glad that we did. They’re both correct and I’d use both. So there you go. Um, a give to everyone on the internet to not be too angry or everyone’s incorrect. Yeah, I’m used to it at this point, Dana. Um, or there’s the restless fourth, the open crazy as opposed as the one you’re closest to and that’s the one that is actually owned by UC USSA can oversees this entire section of the city and keeps it away from the guilds that run the rest of it. Yeah. Let’s go though. Okay. Where did we leave or late? A restless worth. But as you approach the seaside, you look out for the ship, uh, who wants to keep an on? Let’s look for the Bollinger. Um, Oh look. Oh look. All right. But you guys make perception checks? 1911. Okay. You look out for a bit and like it’s just now the sun’s getting a little like a high in the sky and as such, the, the, the brightness of just off the, the surface of the water itself kind of blinds you a bit when some of the reflections catch you from the waves that are coming in. I could use this. You do see the volume and it is heading out maybe like a half mile out of port fireball. Oh no. I said you don’t sell in the weather. You come back cause we want to talk to you or they come back, they come back. Oh the voice comes back. Dirty words mu wow. Good to hear your voice. [inaudible] okay, we’ll go ahead and turn that around for you. Do you have some moment? Can you see the ship slowly begin to tr and making its way back towards calming the, um, for the purposes of searching for, you know, gems, you purge gem per gem. You probably couldn’t find more than 3000 gold worth of it to be grounded in Dustin. It’s a strange request to like purchase gems from like a jeweler and be like, thank you. Can you grind it up for me too? I mean sure, but that means with, with what’s available Nikka drawn. You couldn’t double up on a statistic. Right. Okay. So what do we have enough money to get everything? Like one of every gem? Well for, if you guys pick what you want, then we can [inaudible] I want to get constitution. I want wisdom. Get my keys saving through out. Y’all are spending 2,500 gold heat. Yeah. [inaudible] stricken. It’s like half of what we just made. But it’s a stat man. Yeah, it’s a full point. Huh? Did you bump some shit up too? Can you increase anything and go to evens? I’m kind of perfect. I’m pretty happy. Just going to wait for us. Or distances or math. The resistances are for our buyer and our damage type resistance fires. Cold fire and colder. The two you issues. Huh? Um, should I do strength or charisma? I mean like seriously. Okay. I’ll do charisma. Okay. Alrighty. So for those who are [inaudible] who have decided to to possibly get a tattoo from Waterloo? Yeah, possibly in group [inaudible] should we get what? What should we, what’s your, the design phase is just the three of us. For the first one I’m should do chaos crew Castro pick a car as a note. Is that just like a single tattoo? It’s a series of tattoos that have to like cover enough of your body to actually have an impact. Depending on what you get. Like for wisdom, it’s probably gonna be more like a, like a back of the neck. Oh that’s tight. Exactly what I was thinking. You know that back of the neck, the shoulders, it’s all going to be like shoulders and chest, you know. Um, and you’re getting charisma. Really. It’s a FaceTime. You can’t, if you want to, what are the options for charisma? I mean you’d be like other, it’d be it looks or so it can be someone that kind of like frames the face in a beautiful way. Um, it can be less, less like, like, like a visual ink tattoo and more like, you know that there’s an invisible minor body for my body. Modifications that are more like skin color designs and stuff you can put in, um, Christmas, a little more amorphous cause it’s not actually a location based thing. It’s more personalities. What you more interpreted that is associated with charisma. Charisma. Is aquamarine still pretty with your skin? Not my ugly skin. Yes. It would be very predictable. If when you change a tattoo will stay. I don’t know. I guess there’s only one way to find out. I bet Caleb can make it happen. You’re so smart is shit and I would work together. All right. Did you find all your gems? You know? Yeah. So we’ll say asking around that takes, you know, C an hour and a half, two hours. So you’re in kind of the early to mid afternoon now. Um, but have you acquired the gems you require and have them ground up based on the specifications that already last left you. And by the time you’ve come to this point, you wait about 25, 30 minutes or so for the ship to turn around and make its way back to port. As it comes in. The bell rings, the ropes come off the crew come over the side of the ship and you know more to the dock and begin to wave to you faces you haven’t seen in awhile. Some new faces, some old ones from when you made your journey through the city and the ocean and the menagerie coast to from dark toe. Um, and there you see kind of coming off of there to the ship, the, a large kind of gnarled hard shell of orally eye patch. A Dorn smiling from beneath the turtle grin kind of lumbers over to each of you. And as the key steps off the ship, he grabs the edge of his, uh, his bagpipes type of scenario and gives kind of a sound that kind of is, is the decree of the, the ship’s arrival to dock. They’ve become used to here in the country. Um, as it really approaches and kind of, uh, goes up to you first captain test tooth and goes, Oh shit. Yeah. Being too loud. Yes. Was lovely to see you a little clasp. See your hand. Ooh, how goes the majority of your invaders? They’ve been thrilling. We’ve learned, we’ve seen and we’ve, we’ve grown how, how fair is the Bolita are terribly, you’ve been doing, isn’t this all burned down? [inaudible] eight got all soul children Monday a full Oh, really? It’s like a big whistle and they bring a small chest off the edge and drop it down. Um, which delivering to you guys, um, what now accounts for 1000, 312 gold pieces. Do your split up of the money they’ve made since you last left them? Yes. Did you guys take out your money for your agenda? Just to, yeah, it was 2,205 I thought 2,500 words for diamonds and 22 for war time makes for nice LA Fritz Olu rotate 150 gold out of that pile and leave it for [inaudible] for that math. Once daddy’s your split, you’ve already been paid. How are you going to get some, uh, some ink? Oh, I was wondering when you all being coming around some [inaudible] material and he goes back back onto the ship and eventually sets up on the deck of the ball eater. A table, a boat looks to be some sort of a strange, like it’s, it’s half an all chemical contraption and part of this some strange kind of tinkered mechanism. Um, and at the end of it you can see what looks to be a sort of needle element that kind of rotates in a gear. And then, uh, as you can so wind it up almost like a, like a loom. Uh, it begins to rather rapidly. Can we ask how painful is this procedure? Why or when was the last time you did one of these tattoos? Is it a common thing? Mm, maybe a week. Any points over to one or the other? Uh, deckhands who’s looks young, fresh faced when you haven’t met yet, who kind of waves? Everybody. And you can see like on his arm, there’s still a fresh kind of red, somewhat swollen tattoo on the arm. So infected [inaudible] seniors. Just pansy. Okay. I totally want to stick around for this. I may go get some fish and chips. I’ll see you in wash. I’ve called it two and a half hours, maybe a little bit 20. I’ll take some chips. They’re not going to stay and we’ll just get that belly whack, not woo. Yeah. Look at back stories. Those, absolutely. Can we, in addition to the fancy tattoos, can we get just a little regular tattoo to just commemorate the day? Yeah, if you’d like. Excuse me. Okay. Alright. I’m just going to say maybe like an exploding keg of gunpowder of pretty cool. That’s pretty close, right? I know. That’s what I was going to say. That stupid not against [inaudible] it’s pretty good. CC MCC. Yeah. Maybe they can be like inner locking like a chain. Cause what? But no in oblivion. They put a broken chip. I like fish and chips. Huh? I’ll go first. Loss of the Bahrain sauce to numb. Numb the pain. ZF her performance today is going to work. So you are taking your knee, correct. So you take the uh, the crushed aquamarine dust? Yeah. Oh well I would request like eyeliner, like permanent eyeliner. Wow. Maybe like sort of swirls off and kind of swirls up here. Oh, that’s cool. Oh, I have to daring. Yeah. It’s almost like a, like a Mardi Gras mask, but it’s just your face. Somebody that’s on, I just got one of those like [inaudible] no problem there. I can do takes the dust in. Great. Please sit on the top of the bites you’ve got it goes into this like glass funnel and begins to wind it up with this large total foot. And as it does, you can hear the grinding sound. I think our mouth try to learn what it’s doing. I’m like watching everything. Okay. Um, make, make a perception check and an intelligence check back to back for me. Assumption for a second. My first assumption was shit, it was eight. Then my intelligence was 16. Uh, comprehend elements of the, the enchantment process. You watched the devices, one half of it, but the other half is as he takes the, uh, the extension to the strange, uh, kind of tinkered gear like device where the needle seems to STEM from the, the small kind of tune that draws to the draws into it. Uh, that blends with the ink. Uh, there’s an element to, uh, to what Orleans kind of muttering under his breath. There’s a perpetual, almost like a, like a chant. Okay. But he does apprentice me a long time ago, he’d probably had the remember and he’s focused on the job at hand. And then you pick up elements of it. You, you have a hard time focusing and there’s so many things going on that as he begins to deliver the tattoo to not, uh, you don’t quite grasp the intricacies of it. Um, but uh, describe, uh, how well you handle I guess may constitution statement here for me. Sure. Uh, I’m drinking, uh, constitution save a nine. You pass out part way through it. Drink, drink, hold on. Just go alone. It’s just like, um, it, the, the three regrets had, who’s will lead into the evening. So he said, who’s gonna take a number of hours to go through the, not extremely elaborate, but it’s a lot of ground to cover or the, the intricacy, especially with a face based hat too is it takes a lot of care. Um, so pushing in towards the, uh, at this point, the early onset of dusk seems to be with, probably to start hitting about an hour in the next half hour or so. You come to consciousness in the chair on the edge of the ship, you wake up to the immediate smell of like ocean spray and and salt in the air and brine, and you kind of glance over and see this big smiling total face with the one eyepatch go. Mm. [inaudible]. My waist sits up and you can feel already the puffiness and you guys all look at not and not his little swollen. Oh, is it? Okay? It’s fine. It’s really shimmery. It looks really good. Yeah, I can barely see you get a nice glow. Yeah, it’s like natural. Highlight them. All right, I’m going to go to sleep now. Okay. We’re going to get ours done. All right, so there you go. With that completely, you get a permanent plus one bonus. Your first increase, your ability score there. Who’s up next? Do you want to go here? I want me to go. I can go next. Okay. Okay. All right. Do you want him to always slow? What might you be looking to put on your canvas? Well, I’m using diamond dust. Here you go. Places it back up into the glass and bad dog because it sift into the machine. You could make it look like, um, almost like a small Cape peanut, like the one that they used to wear the little short one like covering my shoulders and my chest. And then right here I want two hands like this in front. Like the Traveler’s hugging, I couldn’t do I the wind or the machine you get get the grinding sound within a he, he hands it really hard. So this true. So as you orderly, super talented. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess just am I getting there? You don’t have to get [inaudible] my jazz here. You comfortable here? Just I take off my sash. Tie this around you like Whoa. A little tube top. Alright. Okay. Yeah. Let’s say you’re there and a zap, right? Okay. So as, as you, you know, take off, it’s the armor and the outfit and tie the two top around. You can now see, you know, if you guys are there gesture like as, as as cute as she is and is as billowing as her outfit is having her just there, the tube top on, especially kind of in a bow S type outfit. Jersey, she’ll get her ripped. Um, I try to make it not seem like I’m checking her out. Okay. Orally goes to work and it takes about three hours to complete the process. I’m going to be constitution saving. Throw for me. Do I add my new motto? No man, no. Do you want to like grow and you like this, I got this, I got this. Or they kind of catches gesture in the small, the back and looks over towards you. Bone goes, goes right back to work and um, uh, it takes a little longer because he’s now dealing with a, a ragdoll I can, I’ll try and lift her head up. Okay. Right button of the both saw and what you want that the sun has sent the night has come as you come to consciousness. You can see the stars in the sky. A moon slowly coming up over the sea-based horizon and a a kind of slight tinge of just ever present pain across your torso, which you look down. It’s a beautiful design what you asked for and you get a permanent plus one year. Your constitution. That’s huge. You noticed one. I am just still up for it. You’ve been, you know doing a lot of work. You’re not going to like triple the fucking phone. [inaudible] it’s nice to get the fingers [inaudible] yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. I give them wished justice as the, the J does J dust places in the machine winds it up. What kind of tattoo do you want? I pull out Molly’s taro cards and I’ve flipped through a tarot cards until I find the design of the all seeing high. Okay. Cause he had that on the back of his neck. Yes he did. Okay. Right below. And then I point out the other filigree on the card and tell her to just get it, embellish it out and I couldn’t move forward. And so now you’re turning the other way on the chair. He goes, I suppose they want to spend the kind of sitting in the front of it. You were actually with your chest against the back of the chair, leaning forward, entirely naked. It’s the weirdest thing. Um, she’s, you’re handling and chair, do that downward dog show your deserving. We’ll be better constitution saving. Throw it for me. Either one. Are you glad that you’ve met Sue? You’re rolling one six. At first, at first it feels like a tickle and you’re like, Oh, it’s not too bad. You’d like then turns the new burning and then starts hitting the, the, the, the NAPE of the neck where it hits the base of the skull and actually tapping on like the bone a bit and the pain begins to suddenly blackness, void, darkness, unconsciousness, just tunnel vision. Um, you wake up, uh, it’s not like a few hours into the night’s not quite midnight, but it’s definitely like later in the evening, like 10 30 or so, uh, or 10 o’clock at least. Um, you come to consciousness and you can feel kind of the pain in the back of your neck. Um, press out the whole time. Does it, I can’t see anything. I think it looks good. Is that not supported? Staring at, we’re really early, just kind of spin. He’s not around back towards the boat finished and it’s a little sore. But um, you know, he goes and takes a hand, a hand mirror that they had below deck, pulls it over and kind of shows you a little bit from best you can see from behind over this way. And from what you can see at the corner of your eye, it looks gorgeous. It’s a beautiful interpretation of the all seeing eye. The filigree kind of wraps around it and then comes out of each corner and then wraps up over and then kind of across the shoulder there kind of comes to a curl at the top of the deltoid. Uh, and the very point you can see the filigree actually comes up. You can see he had to kinda cut and shave a little bit of the hair off the back, but the filigree actually spills up the back of the skull and stops at the, at the crown. Oh, go my spike. Yeah. That’s cool. So you get a plus one permanently to your wisdom. Thank you. But the evening is here though. You guys have, you’ve come back, greasy fingered, finishing your fish and chips. I want a role play fish and chips. All right. Back. I’m rolled for vinegar there out. Yeah. Is there anything that three of you would like to accomplish while they’re getting their tattoos? All right. You do have a number of hours to converse. So yeah, halfway through the mail. Yeah. Think the distance. You can see it. This was this by the way, that’s Hulus. It’s [inaudible], which is mine. I started role playing. Now I don’t roll with it because it’s comically large when you’re talking about big ones are fine. So sorry, back to you guys. Yeah. You finish your, your greasy fish and chips here. The M D based on, based on the journey, the tension, everything that’s coming your way. Uh, it is strangely comforting having a moment of quiet to breathe along the shoreline. A notion that you only became familiar with for the first time, you know, about months ago. And as you guys finish your meal, you have a moment of quiet and kind of look amongst yourselves. Can I ask you a question and you as well? Sure. Hmm. I’m not a man of faith. The two of you. I know that there are goats on high who look down upon us and interact with the Mosul coil from time to time in my life. I’ve only ever felt like an ant finding my way about in the motto. Certainly no feeling of fate, no connection to that. Everything that is happening with this group of nine continues to build. We are so different. All of us seemingly so little I like and yet for the first time in my life I can’t shake the feeling that we have being pulled together and that is a very foreign thought to me. [inaudible] I knew that you had a destiny from the moment I met you. It’s never anything you do. You are particular [inaudible] I don’t feel that well it’s a matter of perspective. I suppose you were always moving towards something since you, since you’ve been who you are, you’re moving towards something. I have been. Well that’s kind of how, how do I put this? So have you ever, uh, have you ever planted a tree before or uh, or a plant I’ve ever planted anything. Put anything in the ground a long time ago. We have plants. Well, when did you, what did you, what did you plant and green beans. Green beans. Perfect. So you put something in the ground, didn’t look like much. You knew what you were going to get at the end of it. Put this thing in the ground and it’s going to do what it’s going to do. It doesn’t know what it is. It doesn’t know its purpose, but it’s moving to green beets. The gods plant us, they plant their will and their desire and we move towards the fruit that we will eventually bear for them. If all goes well, that plant may not have made it. That plant may have fallen into a chiller circumstance then eaten by something that didn’t appreciate what put it there. That destiny has planted you here and now and it that you will bear its fruit. That’s destiny. Don’t look at me. I’m learning the tree doesn’t know what it’s going to. Fruit. You don’t know where you’re headed, but you were put here, and I’ve always known this, but I will admit I’ve never felt it truly as I have since meeting the rest of you. This is, uh, this is, this is a garden. This is a good garden, a lot of manure, but a good garden. And what is the point of a chip if not just douse it in vinegar? It’s really the only point of this is planned otherwise. True. But that’s not what the purpose is. That uh, does that help Caleb [inaudible] or at least with Andre, what about you? Are you ready to go chasing after [inaudible] that’s a real sentence that I just said. That blind. You did. You did. I am not ready for that. I admit I haven’t been ready for any of this. We’ve just sort of been falling forward one foot catching on momentum after the other. It’s actually quite nice sitting like this. I can’t really imagine what life would be like if we weren’t trying to unravel this incredible mystery. I’m sure calm will come again one day, but until then, listening to my friends, we’ve been given an incredible opportunity to affect change. Every changed the course of some things. I don’t know if we’ll do it. I don’t even know how to start. Start by helping a friend. Very large bot of me still feels that this is all stupid, but I should run away and stick my head in the sand. This is not for us. For me, this is our death. Now you are the smart one. They’re also not wrong. I have started to forget what it was like to be with your people and real missing one and I am stuck on that. That we are missing one. It’s good. Know your goal to really know it. It’ll help you. I think the other part of it is if you know everything that we know and you have a choice, do you choose not to act and sit by idly letting the rest of your life go by? When? When do you act knowing full well that you might fail entirely? Yeah. Oh, I’m at least familiar with the concept of failure. You got to becoming comfortable with the idea of failing with you. Mexican little less lonely. You too are all right. Keep getting better. You are as well. You should give yourself more credit. [inaudible] I know. Just think about it. I saw how hard it was for you in there. In the, in the ball. You put others before yourself over and over again in there. That wasn’t easy. Was very impressive. What’s our next move going? Okay. Going to see dash maybe is what we will do but it is complicated for me for to go to [inaudible] to speak to this man and I don’t know that I can do that. I’m not saying that we don’t, but I don’t know that I can do that to protect you over there and I think we’ll also need to listen to what it is you want to do in case we run across any of the unsavory types that previously, specifically the ones that have it out for you and we’re going to have to get out as cleanly and quickly as possible or what do you want to do? Hmm? Do you want to run? We’ll find some absolution before we go there. I want to find any information from POS and leave. I don’t mean to get my feet wet in that we have a friend who needs us and we have something bigger, bigger than anything apparently to deal with. First we save our friend first. We say our friend, everything else will come. Agreed. I hate tattoos. Oh, just not for me. Yeah, they’re frowned upon in my family. So we pound our pints. So we go gauges eventually catch up with the, uh, the ship at the dock as the, the three ladies come back. A little bruised but happy with the art, but isn’t placed upon their candidate. We brought fish and Joe. Mike. Wow. Oh, it’ll go down and look at the design. What happened? Oh, did you want some chips? We brought Jason chips. I’m not selling them. Larry. Show us your other. Show us the other ones besides the horror or nuts face. Don’t just don’t touch me. Oh shit. At the same time. Yeah. Oh, cause he wasn’t expecting, I don’t know, 21 but we’re all damage. You know how hard you want to hit. It’s up to you. Full force force. Bring it. No, I’m doing my D one. Strike four. I’m doing a D for late damage. Where are you hitting a track aspect? Shoulder come on. You go unexpected and not tensing for any sort of battle scenario. Boat turns around and clocks you in the shoulder. You fall into your hip and skit across for about three or four feet and shit. It’s going to hurt in the morning. I fall. Huh? [inaudible] I noticed I didn’t mean to hit you that hard. [inaudible] you just got me out. I’ll stay. Who tries to, what’d you get? Oh well I’m selling my two dogs. I’m just like waiting massage cause I can’t with my clothes on over and just yet fuck jacked. Right. It’s kind of ridiculous. [inaudible] so, but like I think that he really just highlights it. Well it kind of shimmers on this. I know, I’ve noticed show it looks good. Thank you. And we also got these awesome chaos crew tattoos. [inaudible] we just decided I try, I try [inaudible] I guess. Can we sleep on the, can we sleep on the boat tomorrow away or should we go to [inaudible] course? Apologize down below. Oh, y’all to be sleeping. Oh, Josh, you’re printing. You’re a day behind. [inaudible] no, you [inaudible] appreciate it. I mean, any news to be shared from the open seat? Anything we should know about? Anything from, what was the name of the buyer and Island? Dark talented dog. The pirate captain guy. The doctor. The pilot. Oh, five hours. I know. It’ll be here in two modes from [inaudible] Buddha, a battery to be out and about war time being [inaudible] we can run it if all those moving open down the coast. That means extra goal for those who then tag the ships. So Barron’s bill. Right? Well glad to hear your keeping safe. If you happen to hear any reports of giant snake like monsters covered Nuys, just be sure to let us know being set free on the seas or just in the back of your head. Sweet. Well, I’ll call the new John M. Moon. You guys find your old places to sleep within the ship? Uh, well, nowhere near is the nicest lavish Chateau of course. Um, there is a weird comfort and a flood of nostalgic memories of your previous adventure here in the city, in ocean. Um, sleep comes readily to those of you who ate heavy food, um, becomes a little more difficult for those who are undergoing now progressively heightening physical pain from the tattoos you received, but does eventually come to go in the morning. The swelling has subsided though I’m still a bit sensitive, but the tattoos are there in presence. Their effects fully instated. Um, you can already hear the seagulls awakening and the in the lower decks of the ship are already kind of beginning the street at least near the, uh, the edges of your chambers outside the, the heat is beginning to rise from the sun upon the exterior of the boat itself. Um, the morning is yours. Is there anything you guys want to do by the way, before you slept? No, I’m just picking my spells. Oh gosh. Oh my gosh. My hip points went up. Yeah. Yeah. For level one, for level. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. Not why you picked you up. Well you forget that you got all those nifty bonuses from cause dude. Um, I am going to not wear my under dress on top. Okay. I’m just gonna wear my thing cause I want to show off my awesome army tattoos as long as fashion. Where your bicep mutual deltoids shit. Yup. Like an a on the back of the room stacked. Okay. So rest, rest is had Caleb consciousness comes the morning is you horse. What would you like to do? Shall we get shot at we away? How do we do it? Yeah. We have to go by boat or by telephone us and where we walk. Where we’re leaving straight away. Yeah. You you’re good. Yeah. I think number one, I didn’t tell my mom I was getting a tattoo beforehand so I just wanted to give to a little bit of time so I can hide it. You know, before I give her some warning, as you read to muscle, can’t tell, you know. Right. Um, discussions, we were brought up, are you going to visit home in a sweater from now on? Maybe seeing people find out their kids have tattoos literally at the funeral thing that happens. Yeah, I know. I think it makes her sad sometimes when we pop in and out so quickly and we don’t stay very sad. So yes. All right. And let’s go back to the tower cause you didn’t even go see her. [inaudible] see someone for three hours and leave. Okay. You guys make your way to the deck of the ball leader. Um, its crew are still out and about kind of cruising on the shore as they aren’t immediately heading out to sea. Um, as you gather around, Caleb takes this chalk and sets the ritual ahead, begins to draw the sigil on the wood deck that matches that of the dash is a dash the Valley archive of the cobalt soul. As you complete the final lines across on the symbol, it glows from and you can feel the faint hum and the vibration, the wood boards beneath your feet that signify at the spell is active. That point of y’all start running through and right as Caleb being the last one to jump through, you look up right as uh, lead comes up from below deck with a couple of potters and goes [inaudible] and that’s where we’ll take a break on your way back to [inaudible]. We will return and see what awaits you there. We returned from our break. In the interim, we do have our warm, uh, this, yeah. Is the corrupted collection master vault available via the BackerKit has their Kickstarter has. I haven’t seen it. It’s this awesome kind of turquoise werewolf wood skull design on the front of its larger master Ballz is kind of crazy. Um, yeah, you can check it now every other back to the Kickstarter that just finished on Halloween, but one of you guys gets to win this. Let me come back from the break. The keyword for tonight is Chaim C H a I N chain [inaudible] enter it in once in the chat more than once you’d be disqualified. And once again for the West and Canada, only excluding the Becca because of stupid laws. We’ll be back here shortly with the winter. We’ll see you in a minute. Got the perfect, but you need a place to train. Just stuff getting nice and your to open your web and now you’re ready to kick some button in my shot. No [inaudible] what’s up all you beautiful people happy November from all of us here at critical role. Now you may be asking yourself, Travis, why are you so excited that it’s November? Well, that means it’s the end of October, which means that it’s the end of Halloween and I don’t have to worry about anyone else trying to jump out and scare me. I need a break from all that, but because it is November, we wanted to take this opportunity to announce the critical role is once again partnering with the amazing folks over at O S D now if you guys don’t know what OSD is, they are an amazing charity that supports military service members and their families, whether an active duty or in civilian life or even the transition in between, which is so important coming from a military family myself, I have been a fan of OSD for years. I’ve loved working with this guys and we wanted to take a moment to congratulate them on officially supporting over a million plus service members and their families guys a million. That is the kind of love we need in this world. These people put so much on the line everyday for us. We want to give back in any way that we can, so all month long charity push the link is crit roll.com/o S D again, that is crit roll.com/osd again and as always, if you’re not able to financially support, spread the word, share the link. Let people know, right? This is, this is something that we want to do. We want to give back to these people that, that do so much for us every single day. Um, we hope we’re a part of the next million for OSD. And as always, thank you for your support and generosity. Happy November. Happy Thanksgiving. Bring on the nun. Spooky holidays. Love you guys. Last time I talked to now. Oh shit. Are we uh, are we on the internet? Danny? Jerry, fuck Jerry, you need you, Jerry. Danny’s back. Oh, thank God mother fuckers. Danny, guess who’s back. I’m, I feel like I should apologize for last week’s episode. Did you have a chance? Did you, did you have a chance to see it? Yeah, yeah, I did. Brian. What the fuck? This is what happens when you leave 15. Wow. People were saying that we got through like four questions. We got through more questions last week than we did than we normally do on the show. However, goofed around a lot. It was quite fun. The question back up. There’s so much there. I need it. I need it. Thank you. Um, there’s so much here that a lot is changing for him or has changed in, it’s still changing. Um Hmm. He’s very reactive in a lot of ways. It’s like whatever is laid out in front of him in the moment that that matters to him or that he can take advantage of or that he cares about. I dunno, he’s kinda, he’s, he w what is just spilled out onto the table is going to be like a real egg scramble for him I think because F fucking betrayer, God coming back is so much more important than his bullshit. And I, and I, and I don’t know that it’s gonna make him let go of that stuff completely or at all or just a little, but if, if the betrayer, God is trying to come back, a betrayer guy is trying to come back and, and just shit on the war, like on existence and then all the stuff that he’s been chasing really even for him and his like traumatized, fucked up person that he is you key, he has to reevaluate. He has to. Um, and I don’t think he’ll ever let go of it. And like someone who is an addict who is like, who still every once in a while has a weekday day and it’s like, I, you know, I’m good, I’m good, I’m good. Fuck you know, and slips. I don’t think that’s, I don’t know that he’s past it. Hold on. You’re this character to me and you don’t have to comment on this. I’m just going to, I’m going to flatter you for a second. But to me, this character is a very interesting lesson in a clinic in self-forgiveness, right? And the, and the second part of that is because to me, I’m watching Caleb’s journey and I want him to become more powerful and I want him to do all these things. But at the end of the day, I don’t give a shit. I want him to forgive himself because at the end of the day, after all the creatures and after all the monsters, and after all this stuff is done, it’s not going to change his opinion of himself. Right. And he’s, and the other thing is as people as you can get addicted to grief and stay in that, in that space and choose to stay in that head space, right. And, and we are watching what that does to a person and the internal, and this is just this is shows how great of an actor he is and how great of a role player he is and how great of a character maker you are because you think you think in layers like this. And I think like those two themes with Caleb to me are the two that really stick out is the self forgiveness and then being sort of having, having an attachment to the grief. And the reason why is the attachment to the grief is because that’s the only emotional thing that he can still have connected to, to the families. It’s like mourning staying in a consistent, sorry, I’m going fucking nuts on the shoot I go run. These are things that I’ve been thinking about for months and months and months. And you know, I honestly, I’m like, I think that the loose goal for this was to fit to like see what happens and, and I don’t know the answer. I legitimately don’t know the answer. I don’t have a spot in mind where I’m thinking I’m going to try to stick the landing and get this perfect ending where he’s completely absolved himself and it’s forgiving himself and it’s the best life that he could be and is the principle of Hogwarts or whatever. I have no idea. And I, and I’m, and it’s kind of scary and thrilling and what we love about this game is not knowing and, and I, and I’m, I’m really curious to see where, where he, where he ends up. What I like to, let me want to say one more thing is that you’re not, you’re not railroading your own character. And like in my, in my sort of newly DM mind, you know, you think about people who just go like, Nope, this is my guy. This is the story I’ve picked out for him. It’s not going to change. You’re letting what’s happening and you’re letting the other players and what they say to you affect you and change you and go, this guy is, he’s, he’s malleable to me. I love a lot of the fucking love that man. It’s like, it’s cool to see. Yeah. Yeah. I and I had some ideas of what he would be like and really the other players at the table of kind of one. And it’s, and it’s also fun to get, you know, knocked around in different directions. Yeah. That’s kinda the beauty of role playing. We are informing each other’s characters. Yeah, absolutely. Just like people inform us and who we end up becoming. Yeah. It’s beautiful. Yes, it is. I love it. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Such, such a mantis. Such a, such a mantis. AK at AK, MK Frisbee. Let’s take a look. Aw, that’s awesome. I love the post effects. Yeah. There’ve been a few, uh, that they’ve put up recently. That’s pretty awesome. Yeah, that’s a really, they also have a really good video of you doing [inaudible] the ball that above that cost player doing water or fire. Yes, and one’s cool. One critter is the cost player and another critter did all the post effects. You guys at Lieutenant underscored Jack. Nice. You guys fucking killed ane loved him and the movie was so close playing off the word. Say you say you think the darkness is your ally. You would think the darkness is your ally. I have pattered the good boy named Henry on did with him ruffled here. The ear is no Emory. I think we’re, I think we’re finally back to those being funny again. It took a long while. I think that never went away for me. Itch and beard [inaudible] well he, it was just so good. It’s just up. [inaudible] hello? It’s Tom on G hall game ranch. Brian, what kind of black magic guys? There’s one. Where’s my friend? Where’s that fucking cat walk? Oh, Whoa, Whoa. Who is that? It’s me. Your old eMentoring friend Minnesota ooze you man. You made it. You guys know each other. Of course. We know each other. We know the greatest realm, Walker and all the and the grand Titan Luvo mother of all creditors. Father, miss Laura, give me the fucking harps. Yeah, of course. Oh, of course. I’m siphoning energy off the game soul that you’ve been charging, but it wasn’t enough to cortisol. Well, it’s like I only sent the thin lipped freq through the astral tunnel. Your screams gave this baby a lot of juice last time, but now we need something stronger than fear. True. Love me. You know with him or, or anyone you fancy whenever you need Minnesota Jones. What are we playing today? Overcut this game is known for bringing people together in harmony. It’s just what we needed to get this baby cooking. Minnesota Jones just suggested that you should find love with maybe someone else. That’s crazy. I’m a, I’m a track him down. He needs, he needs to pay. Yeah, I need that glove. Some rise, bitch. God, why are we so bad? We all yard for three of the former rogue. Everyone is bad. Like management. Maybe our Ford Schild Hey, nothing’s caught fire yet. Yeah. Oh, this is great. Oh, your fucking oil is on fire. Well, here’s a buyer’s secret. Oh God, you’re all good. Oh my God. You got to throw something in your mouth, but like do it from out here on the count of three. One, two, three. Did you get it? No, I didn’t. Ready. One, two, three. Okay, you got it. Come on. Let’s do that though too. Yeah. Great. You finally go. Well, how are you going to wash some dishes? Here’s a sick of your shit. I’ll take care of it and then I’ll do this one. I’ll put it up there. Order up. Alright, I got it. My God. This is, this is [inaudible] [inaudible] where? Where’s the damn Turkey nuggets up? Order up. Order up. [inaudible] [inaudible] Cheeto and carrot. Oh, a carrot. Carrot. Scanning court. What are these other ports? Yeah. Okay. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]. [inaudible]. Hey everyone. The insanely talented Wilford DOE here. I’m excited to announce that I have a new late night talk show coming to the critical role YouTube channel on Wednesdays. All mini prime time is brought to you by the same creators as that one show with the hippy kid. With the bracelets whenever that. Anyway, my show mini primetime is a mini painting show for beginners and veterans alike, or this handsome face teaches the critical cast how to paint their own mighty nine minutes. We’re going to be focusing on specific techniques, fade, small detail work, and taking your money to the next level by adding your base. So look for it soon on critical roles, Newton critical role. What is that? What is even a critical role? Oh, that’s right. That was the show with cash. [inaudible] subscribe or don’t subscribe. That’s not a question. Well, that is no in the mind to ponder the pros and more pros of Twitch or Twitch prime or to take hands and gift new subs to creditors who find they can’t afford them to play, to sleep. No mom and by asleep to say the cast and crew of critical role might find that on apps around the hectic schedule of a live broadcast that we have brought for your consumption, both critter and fan alike to play or sleep. No sleep, but just to stream. That’s the rub. Fall with your subscription. What’s strains? Macomb man. Oh man, that is a fucking tag line is we got that. Oh, that is Twitch poetry. Oh. Anyway. Um, subscribe to critical role. Use Twitch prime to subscribe. Gift. Some subscriptions. You, you got it. Ron slogan for the skull, but that’s fucking good. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] welcome back. So before we jump into the different movies, we’re debating hereditary versus mid summer. Anyway. Um, welcome back. We have our winner of our fantastic warm would give away. Congratulations to Nick. Calm occur. Kamiko congratulations. Become a herb. Had to sent to you ASAP. Well done. Oh, Alrighty. Getting that done was terrible. That was slow. One brand that was so on brand. I was on brand for car throw. We had to cut the fee, come back. And if we keep with my patch, yeah. First of all, are you okay? I’m fine. No. Uh, not physically, emotionally, deeply. I can always count on the universe to humble me every waking moment of every day. Uh, so mustache last week. Yeah. Yeah. So last, you guys have all rushed into the center of the deck, built temporary teleportation circle that Caleb had created on your ship. As you step through the warm at sea air and the sun coming down upon you is immediately replaced with the cold shaded interior of the basement of the Valley archive of the cobalt. So they’re waiting for you on the opposite side because you gave them some, it’s up. You can see there is a standard cleric of iron. They’re flanked by Zenith, Aachen Messina. They’re still looking, bandaged and recovering far better than you last saw him, but it’s still kind of like wrapped and kind of leaning against the wall a bit. But as you all arrive one after the next year, Malcolm and hello. Um, so you’ve, you’ve arrived, we’ve, we’ve met you here. Ah, how can we be of service to you? Well, I guess we’re just going to passing through at the moment, but we’re going to go visit a new found friend at the halls of erudition. Of course, by all means. Um, by the way, I do apologize for how things have progressed. You know, previous visit here, um, to apologize, definitely died on his returned and notified us of what you’ve all managed to accomplish in recent months. And uh, eh, it looks over to the other monk kind of like, Oh, and then goes in and takes a small, you can see like it looks to be a folded, uh, package of some kind that’s wrapped in twine kind of in a cross pattern and steps forward and hands it to you. These, uh, arraignments of the expositor are yours now? Yes, I was, um, I was expecting these in queue. Um, alright, cool. Cool. Yes, I apologize. [inaudible] I take second. Came through a bit in a hurrying very headstrong last time and um, could have probably explained the situation better. Oh, I appreciate your candor and accepted that shockwave had told Dory. Um, so, uh, welcome to the formal ranks of the quote self. I should say. It’s been a privilege to watch you send us, you have, um, I’ve notified dire on of your arrival and before you head off to the hall or whatever else he’ll go in. Um, I believe I can work with you if you don’t mind. Just both. Well all of you. If you’re goofy, we should to be so even better order if you want to. She’s come up to you. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Yeah, you’ll progress. Okay. And then upstairs come, come on. Did you want him? So are we allowed to go to Porto, Molly now too. And the rec center, all of that has been suspended in the polished you have free reign of the archives. That was a true great. Thank you. Yes, thank you. Thank you. You’re going to go apologize. Some workers. That was awesome. Those are sparing. I understand cause there’s this, you know, I apologize. Pick and choose my apologies. Thank your mind freely and I’m sorry, uh, bird regards. Uh, and our access to the stacks has been reestablished as well, correct? Yes. If there’s any further research you would like to make a that is at your disposal. Well it is within her disposal. Yeah. She can accompany you first. So just, you know, make sure you go through the proper chain of command. Okay. Let me just drinking privilege has been restored as well that no, that’s not a thing. Say to it. I can not. That is not within my Prague. T E you would have to speak to to the high Richter or a yeah. Really anybody who’s involved with the actual goings on with the city. We just, I predominantly deal with the archive itself. My apologies, right? Not correct. Yes. All right. I remember that. Very good. This way. Follow me. He leads you up the stairs. That hurt. Yeah, for me like it’s been a few weeks. I’m, Whoa. That’s what I was thinking. Should I get off? Come on man. What’s kidding can I, I know it was a slow day. We’ll ask him about it when we get upstairs. He was nearly killed. We tore it apart. [inaudible] serious. Maybe we were going to help out. Give them some feelings but I’m just surprised and nobody else has. But you know me too. I was like, Oh, I don’t like [inaudible] but it’s like still still shaking off. I don’t know you guys, he looks like he’s not like bleeding through or like covered in bandages. But he has like, you know, he’s still holding himself in a slower way. It’s not an adventure. He’s not used to this type of hard lifestyle. And you guys throw yourselves into [inaudible] and band. As you lead back into the main chamber of the archive, you step out into the familiar marbled halls, the high libraries, uh, the, the, the shelves swarming from all sides with the open windows and the like. Somewhats, uh, kind of arching glass DOMA on top of you that has all sorts of stained glass, uh, imagery and symbols kind of poured through the, along with like clear sunlight that seems to break through. It is the sun of your day. Uh, then the dash, uh, you know, was last time you came through, um, uh, there is, you’re stepping into the main chamber heading towards the, uh, the entrance and or exit of the archive. You see their arms crossed in the familiar arraignments. Uh, you see Dayron as not in the dark elf guys of which you had been, uh, dealing with her for quite some time in that your Hoss, but her original a oven form. So we had a call. You made it back. I got to see it as well. All of you and, uh, twisted bits of a miss for me to untangle when I arrived. You were not joking when you said you had left it. How do you say sprink Stinkworks is, sorry. I’m sorry. It’s all right. It’s just be a little more careful now that you have some, yeah. You know, authority around here. Yeah. Others, younger ones. And those who come in like you once was, recruits would be looking up to you that doesn’t know what responsibility you have. Oh, I don’t hold you as any major example, but just be aware that there will be other Bullard gods that would come in here acting as you once did. And then you’ll have to show them the ropes. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I hear you. No one will get more detentions and you’ll hold the record forever. It’s okay. Yeah, no idea. Okay, so I’ve taken the inflammation last spoke about, and Dave only told a few trusted in the who and I said about this. Suppose it’s our Crean traitor, the one responsible for the, this beacon being passed into the empire. Uh, I am keeping it close to my chest for now as, uh, currently the, the struggle is seem to grow. Yeah. With the recent attack on hopper, Duke and the D till the time being reclamation of the Ashkar Garrison, we are waiting some sort of retribution from the Korean or the next, uh, use of this momentum further into shore hospital territory from the King. I myself, from so far I moved from that center. I’ve only just arrived here not but a few days before I’m still taking stock of what is going on and figuring out what is the best course of action she’ll being to want to start with her. I’m thinking possibly have, if I can pull some strings by passing much of the bureaucracy and requesting an audience, if not myself, maybe a few of us with King dwindle and his counsel to inform them of this Korean plot with the beacon internal corruption that we’ve been able to [inaudible]. In which case it isn’t. He can, you’ve heard in that regard, please do. Um, I’m just not entirely certain I can give it a range. To me. Take weeks. Have we shared what we know possibly about King [inaudible] the audience he keeps [inaudible] I don’t think so. Yeah. For being scribed on right now. You mean like invisible thing or like you’re right. I haven’t looked in a while. [inaudible] please don’t be alarmed and I have some in the broad tool. Uh, and I will, uh, cast see in visibility. Okay. Ah, you go ahead and uh, cast the spell your eyes focus. You can see that kind of interesting, almost ultra violet extra spectrum of light that overlays that what you grew up with. I may come accustomed to, uh, kind of filters through the chamber. Make perception check 15, 15, you take a moment to scan. I think something to catch your eye seem to be fine. Darren. A lot has happened since last we spoke. We’ve gained a lot of new information. [inaudible] it seems a lot of our leads towards the devices that we’re opening portals towards the abyss, right? And everything leaning towards the chain to oblivion. And the angel of irons is starting to culminate and come into focus. I don’t know. Yeah, I think it’s still to be said King dwindles knowledge or involvement in this entire situation, but it seems of plot for some sort of new rise of Thorrez. Dune is imminent. There’s no angel that can, he was a guys and we know that someone in dwindles immediate vicinity is part of that plot. Can the [inaudible] his name is Vance new Theophilus. He’s an annex to Heather ordinance. I know of him that he is, he’s not the counselor directly. He is, yeah, he is. He is associates assistant if you will, to allude in these studies monthly. Just we know that through scrying means with gestures, talents, pheta he’s had some sort of association with queen King dwindle. I mean it mainly seems like some sort of war front approach with sending the measures out, but we scribed on them and were seems that there’s a third party that is pushing both sides towards each other. Where is he now? Do you know Ben’s? No. No. Maybe. Do you want us fry on button? We should. We should. We shouldn’t we? Well, we’ve got to got a number. We have some fish and chips that we’ve been eating now and might be pertinent to what we do. We do. We have, we have another meeting. Do we? When do we, well, I suppose we have more than one spelling. Hello? He’s crying someone once. When can you do it again? I mean, if we need to know where he is. Let’s find out. Yeah, let’s try it. If, sorry. As I prepared it. Oh man. I did work here. Terrible tonight. I didn’t prepare scrying today. Do you use it literally every day? Well, not on days. I don’t. What did you prepare? So today, are you preparing spot Yuling smells. What if you want to buy food and drink as if a creature succeeds and say it and throw it cannot be scribed off 24 hours. If it fails as a saving throw, you can keep, you can keep scrying until they succeed. Essentially. Never verb. Oh no. I prepared insect the plague. I knew it and one of them, I have modified them. Ugly short villages out the bees, all that. Watch your dog. I’m commune and I have commune commute an hour. That’s a good one to have today. Perhaps we could complete our current business errands a dash and tomorrow. Sure. You know, I could just ask the traveler if he knows where exactly. I mean it’s not an immediate problem. Sure. I suppose let’s just go talk to our person. Okay. What if what you’re saying is true and this is somehow tied in with thought is doing that is definitely worrying. But we need more concrete evidence of this though where there’s not enough in photo to take it to the King. Well we’ll find some evidence then. Um, uh, Laura lice, Soren is um, letting tell Dora know about it. She was there to when we found out these schools as far as territory. Well yes she’s on the council or something. Do you happen to know any other members of the council? [inaudible] unfortunately it’s unfortunate. [inaudible] we’ll know in your meeting with Kingdon cause you asked him if it is pertinent, maybe every other seed from Howard. So what do we know you, who do you know? People on all of its connections span outside of the continent of just our own. It’s quite large enough are able to fathom actually [inaudible] with [inaudible] each hole with each opening and from this realm to the abyss. The realms get weaker and closer together. The divide between them, it’s like termite damage. You know how and then eventually a house will fall. Yep. Hmm. Crack the foundation. Bad news man. Does anything you wish to or look up or research here? The I’ll come visit your disposal. Otherwise gather your whatever allies you have and try and get with information you can before we move forward. I will, I want to see if I can muster some sort of an audience, but I do not know how long it would take. Where are you staying? Where do you stay here for year. Oh, okay. I have a chamber here now. Wait, I’m not in like a bunk like shoved in the corner of a wall anymore. That’s supposed to tell you. You have your own ways here. Ah, furniture too. [inaudible] bathroom. No, it’s a monastery. You out amongst five? Well it’s different. I have not to show you this. Zenith can take you on the journey. I’m all right. I’m, I’m thankful to have made it back in one piece and I’m strangely consolidating my prejudice against the cream. Yeah, you came in like real hot. Like that first night that we talked about it I was actually like planning on like eventually talking to you about it and if it didn’t improve but you kinda, you know, you sort of coming around on your own more or less. Yes. This one is complicated and it’s easy to be blinded by hate and vengeance once everything is as we have told I suppose. So I apologize. I need you uncomfortable. No, sorry to make me uncomfortable. Real hard. That’s true thing. They do it enough for you anyway Bo. Terrible. [inaudible] now I have to go [inaudible] Oh just walk, walk away. On that note I’m going to go ahead and see what connections I can make towards the the crowd. Huh? Good luck. Thank you. Exits the archive. C North leads you to your chamber, which is actually up on the, there is a, there are a series of spiral staircases leave different different levels than the main chamber. The archive there is the, the third floor that goes to the back and which you, you do know you’ve walked around there before but there was like this large loop. It’s like a long semicircle hallway that kind of been around the back about two and a half, three stories up and in there, there are multiple, multiple chambers in there where a lot of the higher up, uh, members of the archive exist. You are given a room that has a very nice bed. It’s maybe I’d say thousand square feet for a singular chamber. Uh, it’s, it’s a very, very nice to hear. I’m much better than this shitty bunk that you had known and trained in. I’m international Bishop, the fall asleep. Here I go jump on the bed. Are you all good? All but there was only one bed. Um, yeah, there is a chamber at your disposal so you do not have to pay for a place to crash it. Um, so the furniture is minimal. It looks like they haven’t finished furnishing it yet. You would only just recently been given your position and these things. So it’s, it’s a fearlessly blend to chamber. You may, you don’t know if more furniture or furnishing is coming or if they’re expecting you to help that, but uh, it [inaudible] secret shopping, get like a Murphy Benderson home and then you could turn this into like a living room and really bad situation. I’m jumping, I noticed, uh, I guess I um, those, those roads, I dunno, I guess I didn’t honestly know. What does your no out there look like? Ah, I pull it out. Um, similar to the previous Raymond’s that you’ve worn, but they are far more detailed. The uh, the elements in the front, it has almost like a, like a more formal and Brocade version of like a subzero type outfit. It has like kind of the, the, the V that comes up over the shoulders, but it kind of curls over with this like beautiful. Um, uh, half of the word escapes me. The shoulder, the, the trim on the side on the, on the road and the curls off the side there. Um, and it’s just that goes over whatever else you’re wearing. It’s just kind of a symbol of your status then an entire house. Your apps though. I slip it on. Okay. It actually comes pretty low and you can actually the abs and the volume of the tree so I saw too bulky and if its over the outfit you current take off my blue belts. Okay. Your pants fall. They’re very tight friends. Should I keep since this was like yeah this is like the starter colors like clean uniform. Yes you should. That’s important. It’s important to know where you came from. Maybe I’ll hand it off to someone else one day so they can keep their pants up. Yeah. Belts are important. God sake. Pick your pants up off of really uncomfortable shoes. Tie a knot in that belt though cause you’re done with it. That’s what they do in karate. I mean [inaudible] cut octane and I tripping over my bed post and take out. Then it’s like a gray, right. It was like a gray belt wrapped around. What’d you get? A black belt? Well, I mean it doesn’t work like that kind of head hi Rick to here we come. It’s like one step at a time taking over. No, it’s like more of an identifier of what your role is in the monastery. So like the librarians have a different color and they exposed her as a different color, but like duh, you know. Cool. Well yeah, sorry. So X positive. Why we officer next to the halls of erudition. It seems that way. Do we need to do any more research before really? I have a quick question for Kayla actually, if you don’t mind. Um, just because we are in your own territory, your own hood, if we should be so unfortunate as to come across any of those Trent hackathon types. Are there any identifying features, clothing, gob, things that we should watch out for? Things that you might be able to know about them and a low key or hiding stealth position. Wow. When I was training we were very, very simple, uh, polo gob. Um, but I don’t think that would be the case. Now you could try to keep an eye on maybe their arms if they are exposed and if you see anything similar to this I can think else wise. I don’t think that I should go with you at all really. I did not study here. I studied in Reckson firm, which is where I’m from outside of [inaudible], but the assembly on tightly knit group and despite useless fondness for this gentleman, I have no assurances of his allegiance to the restaurant. And do you think they would see through like a magical disguise or something? Oh well what if we use like a practical disguise or and well obviously we will honor whatever your decision is. It might be useful to gauge his reaction to you, if that makes sense. I know that’s a risk, but we’ll learn a lot by having you in that room. But either way have the thought has married, could use this, does have interesting point. What if he does not react and keeps his true feelings? Well then we were already in trouble and we would be without one. Very powerful member of the group. Yeah, it would be a clear disadvantage. [inaudible] is really good at reading people pretty good. And you’re really good at talking to these mesh types. Can you talk without an accent? You know, like in normal voice like mine or something or normal voice? Yes. What do you mean speaking a normal invoice? No, but, but not the, the weird, the weird way that you talk the normal way. Would you want me to talk like normal know, like not or like me. Something very normal. One from knee go drown. So you used to do, why would I do that though? So that they will not, they won’t. No, it’s just you don’t feel as smooth. [inaudible] way more obvious way. Like big problems. Wait, wait. I want to hit the dude due to Ford’s old accent. Oh, I thought I had all this stuff. Wow. [inaudible] are you okay? What’s happening? Ah, some bowl. It’s really good. Good. How are you? Are you thinking of coming to the Lord? Your old accents are very weird. I forgotten how weird that accident is. Wow. I can do this guys like a, like a, I can dye your hair. I could like put some eyeliner on you. Either way you can tattoo from either way. Think coming into is fine, but it’s worth considering to me. Everything says no. All right. Okay. Well why don’t you stay outside? I can always message you. If we could take your cat. He loves cats. We can take the cat cat and things like sprinkle, sprinkle. We can turn you into an animal and then you could spy on him once we’re like, Oh my goodness, here’s our little sprinkle and a chimpanzee. No, like what did, they were like friends and just two measles and then you know, we go, Oh you like sprinkles so much here. Take cake. And then he takes carb cake and then [inaudible] you’re with him and then you got spy on him when he’s in his bedroom or you can just go read and we’ll um, I have a cat with us. You can pop in if you need. May I have permission to use the archives here? Exposed to to lie on it. Let me think about it. Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re right. So foster a new process. I had to think about it. My brain. Nice. Very cool. Great guided expositor I’ve got a bunch of them coming up right now. That’s real good boy. I’ve been working on it. No, I’m going to look up a few things. Is there anything specifically you guys need to research while you’re here? Look up thought is doing okay. Specifically there’s all those like books that I like. I was kind of rambling off of that. Like I recommend him a few books that I know first like what are you looking for? You’re looking for like based on the earlier questions that were brought up, is there anything specific that you’re looking for? Like well like what holds him the abyss? What is essence is like where like what, what, what are you looking at? Where did it happen? What it wants, what it seemed want, what its motives were? How is there a way to find it? Okay. Where did he give about or the chair, how, who did it want to get investigation? Check, actually, is there a bathroom that I could use really quick? Is there a bathroom here that I could use? They do have a number of chamber pots. [inaudible] excuse myself quickly and cast Fortune’s favor unto myself out of view of anyone and then return. You got it? Yeah. A investigation check you said correct. [inaudible] I don’t think we’re there. Uh Oh. What did we already leave? Okay. You guys are, unless you’ve left your all now. Okay. Ladies, anything you guys want to look up your kid that’s at, uh, 25, 25. Okay. As far as the essence of [inaudible], um, the, the scribes who got close enough to record what they believe the closest there is to its intent were driven mad. So it speaks a lot to have endless growth devouring. It’s not a God, it is a world. It speaks of it being endless black inky filled with teeth and malice, laughter, hatred. And it just goes into all these kind of esoteric descriptions of something that isn’t like a form, like all of the other betrayer gods, all the other entities in the Pantheon that have different interpretations of how they’re depicted in artwork and tapestries and tones. Uh, every single record of throughs dune seems a morphous and without physical manifestation, um, beyond just the actual symbol, which is these seven chains, uh, and then the black swirling void amongst them, which is the kind of unified symbol that has long been been, uh, held by those that openly worship or the ancient temples and such that were built to it. Um, as far as what the intent is, the best that it can be ascertained is to consume and destroy, to eventually to bask over and devour all that is Xander area and beyond and, and who knows for what purpose and what there is after that. If there is a plan after that, it is, it is said that those who have come to truly understand never came back. Is there any record or, or theorizing on how or why it was able to be, I know that this, the bits that Beauregard has imparted to us, but how Hawaii was able to be overcome, um, when it first arrived in the founding, what little bits of, of information were kept and, and guarded within Bassel Hime spoke of. It was never here. It began to spill through, drawn by [inaudible] the car, the, the arrival of the divine, the creation of life, the imbuing of magic into the world. Something drew it from wherever it came and it began to spill through. And while it was still incomplete in that transition, it was originally banished. Then during the calamity, something drew it out. Once more unseated from that, that banished plane and began to spelt her once more in a group grew and grew. It was through the fast work and the unified power of a number of the prime DOD. So they were able to seal it away. And because you’re old, so high in your research, uh, it is said that there are numerous, uh, chuckles, uh, six in total that hold throughs dune within the EBIS. The locations of each shackled Fein are closely guarded secrets within the highest clergy of the Dawn father and knowing mentor Oh vein or pain, pain, pain, pain, which is like a, a place of power of worship or I can pick a temple. It is feared for the nature of their is dune being not entirely like the other. The Definity could shatter the divine gate itself and funnily sched and no one knows how few shackles must remain to keep it at Bay. And this is what you pulled together from bits and pieces of like scrolls that have been copied over from what is like most of the things you read here are hand copied from what currently is guarded and held in bassline, which is where most of the original remnants of that era’s history are kept heavily underground. Are you shared it with both regard and with the rest of the group. Okay. But if everyone waited, that was the only thing that I was interested in research is. So today, did that take hours for him to do, cause if so we would have left. I’d say it probably took a couple of hours to piece all that information together and to find the right books. Yeah, I would be here doing this one thing. So in the meantime, would you guys like to do, we’d like to go to the holes of every edition. Holiday edition. Yes. Though I’m demoting asleep. Listen. Sorry. You get a lot of jumbly on the timeline. That’s all good. Is there anything that we share? Ask my omit. Awesome. Yeah. Um, you could try to subtly ask what the assembly is doing, um, to ensure the safety of the empire. What that w w I don’t know, be subtle about it, but he is a headmaster, you know, he is not in the field so much. Okay. At least it wasn’t, did you just ask? Probably to be subtle. Yeah, I did. Fucking grave man. Saddle, she’s getting a really good dipping set off. Okay. Thanks. [inaudible]. Thank you. Gesture also for the serve. Very good taco. So you know, feel free to share that button. [inaudible] we had another really good toddlers too. [inaudible] super, super good of talking. Yes. Huh. Alright. Alright. Good luck with your reading. So the whole, I’ll check out old gods and offs. It’s a great read. We’ll be back up. Want to meet back up in general shopping trip afternoons. Yeah, absolutely. Please be back on. Very comprehensive. Great for you. Makes sense. All right. All right. Are you guys taking Frumkin with you? We’d like to. I mean you’ve talked about it’s not going to do what you suggested because it will be too [inaudible] bit too far away and I’ll be reading an extra cuddly animal. Probably. We’ll go, she’ll just like act like a cat or will they be like, we are done, like not like moving here. I’m broken. You’ll do what I was meant to do, um, after you guys are out there. B, um, especially adorable, uh, especially to, uh, us and he looks like this and I think of him and then I hand him to you because you like your paper. Alright. Okay. And you don’t have cat hair on your new road dog. Talk about category as we were walking over there. Can they pull for the side [inaudible] like just to the back of the group. Hmm. Could just walk full working for, yeah. So there is a dash. Yes. And the gentleman is here. Right. Um, you know, she could be my dad, right? Yeah. So, um, I do want to go talk to him, but I, I know what we’re doing is really important and I don’t want to like pull the group there. Do you think it’s stupid of me to want to go? Well all this stuff is going on or Oh no, of course not. I mean, this is, this is incredibly important to you, isn’t it? Well, I mean, I never met my dad that don’t, I mean I did, I guess, but I didn’t know that it was him and I thought about him a lot when I was growing up, you know, so tremendous opportunities. You just say you shouldn’t just devalue it like that. Yes. Yeah. And besides, didn’t we say that we also saw maybe the gentleman, your dad might know some things. Yeah. I mean he might shit, shit, shit. Do y’all go take repeating? Yeah. [inaudible] once you do that, I think if you tell them how much it means to you, they will. I certainly do. Okay. Had to be done not to go now. We’ll go. We’ll go after we talked to this guy, but we’ve been here before. Let’s make sure that we don’t leave without doing that. Okay. All right. Thank you. Huh? Well, they talk. I talk with not, no. What do you think they’re talking about sexy stuff you think? Yeah. I think I’m a pretty good judge of this. I think jester likes four. Yeah, and I think he likes that better. I’m curious, maybe you should check in with [inaudible] [inaudible]. Yeah, definitely. I think she’s confiding in him. I mean she confines them. Everybody just kind of says whatever she wants to say all the time. It’s an interesting point. Okay. Do you want to confide in me? Sure. I’ll tell you a secret. If you tell me one, the flask has been empty this whole time. Now that’s not true. I’m starting to just fucking, that would be cool though. What? Yeah. I don’t have much. Why don’t you secrets? [inaudible] okay. I think you know what? Think about something. Think about something. When you have something come to me all you can think about something too. Okay. Yeah, because like I, it’s not that it was nothing good. And then I went to my bad place, which was like immediate chick of lies. I don’t want to hear that. Yeah. Oh God. I can fighting and you know what am I lie all the time. Fuck. I was at my first thought was like, what can I say? It’s not true. You thought your instinct was to lie to me. Your friend will. No, it’s just, it’s not you and I am getting kind of a bad rap. Fuck, I got bring the fucking public. Okay, look, I’m getting better. But what? That’s just lying. No, just not like feeling like I have to beat something. I’m not being honest. Be honest yourself. Yeah. Boy did we get here. Holy shit. Wow. I feel like I just had a breakthrough. Oh, promote. Can we, can we make a therapy care by the way, as a Bard site. I mean, no, it’s okay. Can I lean over to Justin girl, what do you think there? What’s everybody doing? Everybody. God get Tuesdays. Yeah. It lets out all these toxins. Oh, they’re coming. They’re coming. All right, we’ll talk. We’ll shut up. Okay. You guys are passing through the arches and as the Trice fires, you familiar with the kidney? This is just the machine watching and hearing all of it. Cause I high five everybody. He’s also just hearing some random dude in a second. I’m like, Ooh, first monk, Aw buddy. Fucking rotor on horses and now everything just like Superman. He can never turn it off. Yeah, man. My passenger perception. 19 past perceptions. 19. We’re passing through the familiar elements of the city. You enter the old’s a dash pies district where the tri Spire is built upon the familiar gardens of the aristocracies surrounding. You can already see the, uh, uh, the massive gilded willows neighborhood as a percentage to you. There. You can see the Silicon terrorists, the pillow trove, the familiar, uh, glean of the direction of Chassidy’s. No core, such fine books can be acquired four blocks. Yeah. Uh, he’s, he’s in the pen tomorrow. You guys are in the transpires where we’re going when we’re done. Um, and there you see the halls in addition, the beautiful bits of white and gray, marbled heavy stone towers, the walkways that kind of weave between them. Uh, you can see the beautiful exterior courtyards with trees and trimmed hedges and little cobblestone walkways. It’s like this, this beautifully elegant. You can see kind of loosely inspired by Elvish design, uh, the way everything kind of connects and has an organic flow from one place to the next. You can see what looks to be a small, uh, class of about 10 students in uniforms can have these, these uniform robes with a little bit of it, but almost like got like a fine Tavern at short and just below the belly that’s hanging there. And they’re all clutching their books with them and they’re being led through by some sort of a teacher that’s giving them a lecture. As they walk through the garden to the left, you head up the main heavy staircase that is about 20 feet wide and slowly tapers until it comes to the, uh, the double doorway that greets you at the top of this beautiful arch that starts like a national apex. And it kind of curves up into this kind of carved, uh, ivory spiral on each side before the doors come in. And the doors themselves are cutting a similar shape. So as one of them is kind of, uh, partially open and you can see there are two, uh, they’re, they’re the crown scarred, but you see them dressed in similar attire as some of the students kind of does signify the, the coloration of the halls here. Um, upon approach, they kind of give you all look in one of the gardens glances down. Uh, could I inquire business? Yeah. Oh yes. Um, hello. We’ve been sent here on a mission together. Listen some knowledge, if you wouldn’t mind showing us to, um, the stacks. Nope. No. If you want to seek your research, your better luck with the, uh, the archive. This is a place of learning, not just students. The letters that, um, you said gave us and it’s, um, can you say it’s [inaudible] on behalf of [inaudible] to see someone, so super headmaster or mid Haas, the archmage of cultivation, perhaps you’ve heard of him, both of you to make persuasions. I got a little extra charisma to work, right. I’m going to gun myself beforehand. [inaudible] 11 for me. Okay. Not terrible a rolled out between the two of you, between the two of you. The, uh, uh, the soldier kind of looks at the paper, looks I be quiet if he’s available. Uh, wait. [inaudible] heads inside and uh, as the door opens up, you can see at the, the, the cut portion of the door. It has this kind of nice little, uh, tapering top to, um, the front of the very kind of just smooth, polished, um, the details and more on the exterior of it. About 15 or so minutes pass of you tapping your feet in the ground before you hear footfalls begin to approach again. The other guard just kind of watching you quietly as you all wait outside, um, til eventually the door, when the skin opens, you hear the kind of scraping against the stone or the floor beneath it. And the guard arrives. The secondary guard both flanking to each side or mythos, who you’ve seen once before. You see standing there somewhat short and maybe like five foot six, um, but a stocky, um, humanoid man appearing human. But the skin itself is a, a very dark, uh, Brown with a unique texture to it. With each shift, like dusts seems to almost fall from elements of the joints. The eyes are pitch black, like tiny, polished marbles of obsidian, um, kind of steps out with similar robes to the other instructors you’ve seen though his are much more elaborate. And you can see there’s these two long tassels that go over each shoulder, that drag on the ground behind him, uh, for an additional two feet. It, it, they, they stay clean for as much as they’d like brought across the grounds behind them and the floor itself upon stepping out arms still kinda crossed in these heavy, long sleeves that draped down almost past the knees. Um, looking over all of you, these uh, you know, short, dark King tear. Um, and it’s the kind of bright smile but a stern glare to the eyes. That’d be a little as a social presentation but a very, very intense kind of probing your will. You have needs little way to the holes you have requested. My presence, I booked a few moments in would be quite curious as to what you [inaudible] according to them mouth curls into a smile. You saw you old fool, you wave at the edge. What has he tingled you locked up? Yes, we’ve got you some privacy from this conversation. Is there somewhere secure? We’ll give him two weeks before loom turns around and follows you and you guys watch it as at the each step, not kind of bit of of dust that seems to kind of uh, drift off of the side of the neck. As it turns of each foot fall, there’s this like gentle little trail of almost like gravel or very, very fine powder or like a gray powder that’s left in his wake that slowly just kind of vanishes a few feet after he passes in front of you, leaving no trail behind. Um, heading, heading into the main chamber there. This is a beautiful, beautiful, uh, open like foil type region of the entryway to the holes. You can see it’s multiple archways with pillars all throughout that seemed to give this kind of a lattice type pattern of Archway arch. We have to archery each leading to the next, to the point where everything is connected in this continuous kind of beautiful organic wave after wave, like visual spectrum. Uh, the sunlight that comes in from the side, tall windows, lights, everything with this kind of warm sunlight hue like, uh, like an egg shell and the, and a soft yellow light. Um, you can hear the echoes of voices and I’m just in halls and you can see it splits into three different hallways and medially as you enter the chamber. Um, there is a circular desk of some kindness center where a number of books and records are being kept for those that pass in and out, a students arrivals. Um, anything else as you guys approach the person at the desk, uh, this kind of older woman, uh, looks to be half Ling in, in a lineage. Um, kind of perched up on the chair, lifts a Quill to ask a question or just puts a hand up in and shakes the head and she goes back to her chair. Well, middle like call being you off to the right hand hallway, uh, which is on this hallway. Waltz made me need 20 foot from side to side stands about 80 foot two. It’s eight packs of the whole thing as this gradual arch to it. Um, beautiful. Uh, it’s, you can see why, you know, why this is considered a place of higher learning. And even just looking at this, you can only imagine what the soldiers Academy must look like. Um, about four or five doors down, you were led into a left hand chamber and there appears to be a warm meeting. Uh, the coloration shifts from the, the, the white and grays that kind of, you know, marbled swirl. That seems to be the bulk of the interior and exterior design of the holes. And instead it has a, a dark forest green color. Um, the wood itself is like a deep dark mahogany. And you can see there’s like a, an an Oak Tengler table with chairs that up around or mid goes around to the opposite side and sits down, arms crossed and kind of addresses for you all to sit down. By the way, before we got here, I probably would have disguised myself as something else, I assume. Right. We’re in empire lambs now. You are, but you’ve gotten around before with your maths, but you don’t have your header mask anymore, so you probably would have, yeah, I’ll trust you to have the foresight on that, so. Okay. Okay. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll have made myself a halfway. You got it. Alright. And this was you onto the chamber. So it is strange for such a Motley crew to be so heavily involved with too. Hey, I would say all the bowl as you, sir. So far South and then to be sent to me by name, the ethnicities. Very intriguing. Do tell him, what does your business work? What watches brought you to the office? Well, like you said, trust you very well and [inaudible] what we’ve been through is all right, I can keep going. We will, we, we, we will, sorry for the fate of the empire and uh, here to tell you some information and, and see if you’ve heard, I heard of anything, uh, that, uh, that you could convey to us that would help us protect the empire from impending doom and you know, the world [inaudible] things into line with my personal preference. You to use. Let us continue. Okay. So there was this, um, group of people that were worshiping this angel of ions, right? And they took our friend and she didn’t want to go with them, but this guy was like super powerful. And then, um, we were scrying on them and we found out it wasn’t the Angela bottoms at all. It wasn’t the chain oblivion and he’s trying to break into the world big, the big drops. It was a big Lord drop there. Do you know what goes [inaudible]? Very well aware. You can see this look in the face of like who the fuck are these people to walk into my house and tell me such ridiculous things? But then like you see glances down at the partially unrolled missive that still sits there and kind of looks over at the signature. They seem to be making headway. Do we know where, when who was involved? Well that’s a bit of a larger story. It seems that there is a third party involved in bringing both the dynasty and the empires blows as maybe a means of distraction or as a way to upset the order of things. But there’ve been designed devices planted on both continents to poke holes between here and the best creatures of escapes. We’ve removed or destroyed some of them, but we seem to have uncovered at least the intention to weaken the distance between the planes. I reached into my pouch and pull out the fragment of the homemade portal device to toss it and we believe there are agents on both sides of the war working towards possibly freeing sensity. Most of these were found in Joe hos, but we do believe someone from Joel Haas allowed one of the dodecahedrons to be brought over to the empire in an effort to upset balance. What is is to look at in new speakers, it is an item that the [inaudible] worship. It’s a structure and a geometric shape. They’ve treated as a deity. Go did you acquire this inflammation? We spent some time in joy hos and that is where you learn. That’s one of these two. The he drinks was taken. Yeah, we actually learned a bit here in the empire first. Is that a problem for you or maybe it’s not a problem, it’s just, no, not common knowledge. So you didn’t know. I’m aware. You can see that we are obviously not the type to be, I’m privy to this level of information and I think you know that by possessing that letter, we’re obviously involved in something far above our pay grade. You are, and they would recommend you tell no one else that you know have this agreed. We were lucky you came to me first insight Chen. I was about to say you guys making mistakes. Yeah, I’ve been watching him like top three things that can get us on 19 Oh insight. Hold on. 1927 Ooo. Westberg deal with blueprint photos. Yes, we can tickle it the same time you wrote so much better than I that’s in the shop right now. Laura whispered that there’s not enough. Oh, this lovely blanket. That’s my keeping my button back. More or less. Having right here. It’s still like Sam, but Sam butts. Fritz Mazda pins. Check them out. They’re Chibi layer. SGV what other whispers, I’ve done this. Have we ever done that before? Why not just tell them you’re going to just tell everyone it’s so soft. So soft. I love it. So two seasons. Okay. Oh, see it internationally. One minute. I know as you said, we appear to be quite the Motley crew and you’re not wrong woo, but that leniency, his green has the ability to infiltrate certain lines that that employee, if you’ve been to draw a heart story in this conflict that says a lot about your capabilities. Now there have been rumors spreading for some time within the more private echelons of the empire of Imperial defectors working with the enemy. There is, as far as I know, no identification with this per chance pertained to the journeys you’ve made. Honestly, it’s hard to say. We’ve found evidence of potential defectors on our path as you are an expository. Yes sir. I take it this was part of your intended mission. Yes sir. What I do know is that whatever, whatever, well, this is attempting to ascertain with this beacon, he’s important. I do not know if I agree with ramifications of this, nor can I speak to, is this beacon being pacifically the reasons for this conflict, I don’t think the weakness specifically the reasons for this conflict. There have been many, many things guiding this tension for quite some time. This was just the perfect excuse, but perhaps beyond the two rivaling factions between the empire and Jor Haas and this potential incursion from the best and the Rez dune Thorrez dune seems to have unified certain elements between devils and demons. I don’t think you worrying about the conflict between these two mortal beings should be your main point of interest, so you are agreeing with me that this beacon and these cult are possibly unrelated. Yeah. All right. They’re on the same page. If we we’re to able, we’re able to expose ’em as you called them, a defector. Among your minced, what would happen to that person if there was Imperial members who were, who defected to your house, they would be executed or w what? What if they weren’t defecting to your house? What if they were just working with this strange third organization that’s trying to give their code just within our media? Agnes, they would probably be given the same, they would be haunted by the low structures and torture then probably never seen again. May I ask a question? That’s insanely above my pay grade. And forgive me if it’s insulting in any way. Have you considered at all that King dwindle, might somehow be knowledgeable of this over this cult activity? Yes, of this third party movement. If he’s [inaudible] and there’s not involved, he would voice this. There is a lot of very direct communication between the assembly and the crown and the council. He keeps, if you are insinuating that dwindle himself is part of this cult. Okay. I got no offense intended Miller. I wouldn’t need to evidence for that. Have you noticed anything different with EMEA lately? Reoccurring themes involving the chain, oblivion involve manipulation, not starvation, hunger, hunger. Is anyone on the service assembly like really hungry all the time. All the sudden like all the sudden or just like water brings aggression. Members of the council and himself have been a little more excitable towards conflict like times. Maybe we’ll do you know if too, I don’t know, just um, you said was talking about some of the members and said that was kind of grape Hazel. He’s a straight darn yes, but he is effective and he has his place. We do know that there are people who cannot be trusted who, well, to be fair, I’m not entirely sure we trust you yet from why are you here? We want to trust you then trusted [inaudible]. Look, if this is the extent of what this conversation is going to be, I can carry it through. However, if you’re going to walk into my house, call me here at the, at the words of user and display this very tangled tail. All right, with one, some definitive proof or direction of which I can be of assistance, we would be happy to offer that. We just want to make sure that if the worst is true and if this is even more tangled than it even appears to be, that there’s going to be no trouble. If it’s disturbing information. We, uh, as the assembly weighed deeply in this, there’ll be information at is how we keep it from spilling into the streets of our people. We keep them safe, they keep them blissfully ignorant of the dangers and the challenges of exemplary is darker and more shadowed pits. It can be hard when one is betrayed by someone they trust. Yes. And speaking of, if there is someone in in myths too, his is betraying you. You can’t just go around investigating them, can you? Hmm. No, I would need to begin to rally those. I do trust within the assembly. I would look to carefully build the case, take it to the keynote as well as the council. If we want to [inaudible] to possibly assist you in that effort. How best could we go about doing it? What I can tell you that the cobalt soul’s already assembling a case to take to King dwindle who was assigned to this sponsor diamond by no of these exposes her. I will reach out to them perhaps together we can cut through some of the usual red tape. Um, I will see what I can do. You mentioned that Ludina’s who’s studying the, um, beacon, the beacon. Um, do you know what to what means? He’s trying to [inaudible]. He believes that there is something dangerous and unstudied untapped that the, uh, the Korean have been temporarily with for as long as they have been developing their society. Magic’s old and uh, slightly beyond the understanding of the existing school of seven IGETC I believe there is, as is the case with the assemblies, one of our main concerns is ensuring that any sort of errands or Ibrance, arcane pursuits are studied, understood and contained before they can do damage within. This has been helping the research into this both as a means of understanding, it’s to counteract it as it is being used quite heavily on the battlefield and as a means of infiltration and uh, assaults upon the empire and perhaps not a fight. Well, we have been to know that the Dennis’s assistant, that blonde haired guy bangs. Yeah. He’s kind of working in conjunction with the cultist the lucky dog gamers, one of the cultists. Yeah. Yeah. He was helping with the, the rifting is in fact that was found this fabric swatch to him. And that’s how we were. We found that [inaudible] sometimes I think you guys were out of a dealer. So look like in pyropes to us. [inaudible] this would suffice. It wouldn’t begin my investigation. I can’t keep that up. I would have to, yeah. Okay. Okay. I saw him. Okay. [inaudible] book. It was a book that he kept with him. What to do. No worries. No Matt spells. But if you need us to check you or check up on him and get more information, please notify me. I’ll send you a message. She, is there any minute I know. Anything. Is there anything you can give us to that would help us get closer to his, his circle of, uh, of, um, of, uh, assistance or employees or why are you, you know, maybe you can hire us as your sister, one of us, and then we’ll like hang out as assistance together. Well, look to me. Do you have like assistant, like break rooms? You see, clinic closes his eyes, the, uh, the dark, uh, glare of his colorless, uh, pupils vanishing and you see a faint glow from behind the islands and he speaks out loud. You recognize this as kind of a separate flair to the sendings pallets various headmaster automate. Um, I understand if you still in town, they would look very much to, uh, put perhaps offer you a bit of a personal request if you will. I, uh, I myself am quite the busy in the have some business. Does he felt like he gets [inaudible] teacher, may I ask one other strange question while you wait for his response? Do you have like a little bowl of milk for our kitty cat? Oh, and immediately his face coast [inaudible] to say. What do you see for one? What this, Oh my God. Fuck. Just immediately, like the entire entire presenter re kind of intimidating visitors’ just crumbles like Fromkin Hispanic hidden, just like one side of your locality. And then like the head butts out. This is, this is a [inaudible] who is familiar. This is also sprinkled. I, he’s just a cat. Oh, I’m still, Ooh, I know. This is, we are talking about the very important things. The little thing. Oh, Oh, what is August? Remember I told Fromkin to be extra, just cuddling on. You can see like the shoulders go up kitty biscuits. Oh yeah, like on, on the bag. Yeah. Yeah. This is happening. And like his reaction stops for a moment. Think Vince is not in the dash. Gosh, you said direction three on Portland business for the left. So I mean man, agents, agents of [inaudible], this angel of irons is ARRA moving quickly towards something. Their plans obviously are to free the this thing. Well do that. So I know, I know you to look. If you are hungry, I’ll get you there. All right, good. Bring brings soup. Bring some from the uh, the, the, the, the miss Bri. Bring some of the, the, the chalk. Small. Cute meets please. Thank you. The garden leaves for a bit, I’m sorry. Oh, there’s a, we do know that their plans are in motion and any, any leads that we could have on stopping them before they release this ancient void would be of course helpful. I would be cat. This is supposed to sit Tyler wheezy, this is durable, a bit gone but a season adventurer. So he’s lying to you bring it all and just a little bits and bites his finger but his fingers like the hard and just kinda like double take T I will, I will, I will go ahead and dig in to each other. My contacts I M but I’m somebody I have to make an introduction through my cell phone the time it comes in. But I need to ensure that I don’t have to raise any suspicion or do anything to tip them off. I’m saying, I’m just saying we could go for you if you want of course. But we, I feel like we have different avenues we can pursue. I know different avenues we can put suits and meticulously do ’em so nothing else you need man. I’m so distracted. So curious. I mean, this is, this is perfectly productive, but we, what are the other avenues that we can pursue right now? We did ask for something that would perhaps let us move with a bit more ease. Write something and perhaps a letter or if it’s more important for us not to be affiliated with you, if you want us to move with some autonomy. But independence, make a persuasion check. Okay, well, casting a spell and then a Oh, is that bad. Guidance isn’t just like a, it’s like a in front of a, okay. That’s okay. Just cause I don’t, um, uh, 21 persuasion [inaudible] and reaches back into the inside of the robes and pulls out what looks to be a, uh, a pin of some kind. You can see the shape of it. It’s these, it looks like this with a series of small spires in it. Almost like a imagine like a curved comb with eight spires that all kind of slowly get smaller towards the center and above it you can see three diamonds that face each other. You recognize this as the symbol of the [inaudible] assembly. Day three diamonds referring to the three heads of the Subarus and the eight being the candles of Wrexham tryna crazy, dope hands it to you. Oh maybe. Maybe don’t put it in the same pocket as the other shit. Fuck. He goes ahead and like waves his hand and you can see this like faint glow kind of solidify in the front of it and as symbol kind of splashes for a second advantages. I’ve marked that with my signature. If any members of the assembly give you trouble present that and it should at least lend a bit credibility. But once again, even my influence limitations. Should you do anything [inaudible] toward or a extreme? You are on neuron, not us. No, we’re fine. Speaking of the members of the assembly in Reckson trim, if we make our way up there, are there any members that you without a doubt and all of your experience points too trusting entirely and completely with your life? No. Wow. Wow. These are your coworkers. That’s, that’s a problem. You should have an HR department or something. Well, there is a a spectrum of trustworthiness within also acknowledge the importance of what we do, the work. It isn’t necessarily just for the good of society, the future of the empire. We are a series of checks and balances within our own group and we in turn offer a check to the crown just like the Coldwell sole. Yeah, makes sense. Yeah, and just for clarity, you wants to avoid using your name if at all possible. If we go post the police, but then understand there are many enemies of the empire on exam area. Many of these enemies rushed towards the secrets and dangerous we that light scattered throughout the story and we still use it. The kids, they’re part of our duty is to get to them first to protect us. I told acquires a strange bedfellows at times. I think we understand that. I don’t know. Rolling beyond then time is of the essence. One last thing. Do you happen to know any of the numbers of the tell Dorian council those personally? Very well. I do have names. Just we’re just curious. You know, what does this have to do? We tried to keep like global policy call you. So we were just curious who [inaudible] met her personally. [inaudible] they send out like a yearly photo with [inaudible] or better. Well we must be up mother fuckers. So proud of you Travis. Let’s meet back up. Alright. As you guys are stand up or mud escorts you out and as you come to this, to the steps of the halls of it tradition, there’s that moment of like very good luck and please once again, if anything goes terribly wrong [inaudible] I do not know if I can help but at the very least I can continue the work. You could not finish. Can the pet’s best thing seven. Oh no. Let me suppose back. Can I insight check, sprinkle and see if he wants to stay with Cosmo? Sure. Make an insight check. Oh man, I like her. Uh, I mean spring it comes back to you. The happiest with the forest seem to have enjoyed the brief change of, of scenery. Like gently puts shrunken down and like scratches his head a little more than a second. Feel free to bring them back to anytime. You’ll find me. Usually I’m going to come back. He’s got a fucking cat toy. It was like to sleep in. [inaudible] is as, as a keeper, you can have a small post that you keep over your shoulder and they can curl up in seconds. Second sleep could get through surface warm, uh, otherwise blankets, uh, steam. So there’s a slight bit of deafness, but still warned, tends to be a very, very calming experience for most of these, um, other ways, you know, show that the beats of, of parchments. Uh, I so loose natural cotton [inaudible] will be [inaudible] so like little special treats. Oh, great. I’ve been giving him like candy do, I would not recommend character because [inaudible] kind of leans forward and like opens the mouth. Look, yeah, there’s all these sorts of in black music gum. So I would recommend perhaps like, like pen, uh, meats, uh, you know, dried the jerkies things to help clean. The Peters is truly as well dried flowers, who’s well communicated [inaudible] feed Sue sugar, but they try to keep it minimal. Okay. You guys been looking a little chunky [inaudible] this little, he’s no. John Goodall is super scammers, super skinny, the slow rat mammal and ice age. I’ve got, you know, that’s good to know. Thank you. Of course. Oh, good luck. Good fine to think with his by. Do you think his earth powers, he could just change a litter box just like with his mind. Amazing. I pick up from revelation. Okay. No sugar. Okay. You finished your research. Where are you guys meeting up? We said we were going to meet us the vulnerable thing, right? He said, yeah. We said we’re going to meet with me to poo. Mine’s fucking awesome. All right. Huh? That was make your way back to the Penta markets. The familiar smells of various, uh, you know, pastries and cooked meats and foods along with, uh, the, the, the smell of burning wood. Uh, there’s the black Smithy in the forge itself, building out, uh, its own black smoke and H it’s, it’s very nostalgic to wonder back and it depends to market after the time that you’d spent here together so early in your adventures. Eventually you come upon the, a familiar green and gold wouldn’t exterior of the invulnerable thing. Wow. It’s been a while. That’s for the hot moments. Okay. We’re, we’re about to go in there. We have a lot of money. Well, some of us do. Some of us went out and got tattoos. Really bad ass tattoos. Nope. Super sexy. We shimmer [inaudible] look at this. And the shoulder shimmering diamond does give me [inaudible] diamond. Oh, just pause. Oh God. Just clean it up. [inaudible] so I’m sorry. Yeah, you can’t live there. Yeah, I called up here and here’s your cat. Yeah. Yes. No, dash is fine. We tell the Caleb everything from can visually shows me everything. Was that work? Yeah. Telepathic link man. Fuck, that’s cool. That’s okay. Kim quarter it a cat. It’s like a little USB cat. You enter the USBC, the warm chamber, the a, you know, the lanterns themselves still hanging. The light flickering and the, the nice, a kind of dark green interior with, with these kind of green velvet curtains that took over the, the windows to each side, the little, uh, the lantern light kind of giving this warm field. You can see the uh, the tables set out with a handful of things on them. It’s kind of sparse in here. Um, time we’re talking, um, you step inside door closes behind you there. Uh, you can see there’s one familiar face, uh, who ProMat sitting at the counter and is currently in the process cause he has a gun, like a band across the forehead that’s kind of keeping the hair out of the front of his eyes and isn’t the process with his tongue sticking out of his mouth of writing down on a stack of papers if we’re looking to go [inaudible] well, Hey there. All right. Some familiar faces I haven’t seen here in a long time. All right SHA, what? Wait, what’s going on? You want me to get Brian for ya? Oh, who Matt to say? How do I spin a boy? It’s been a whole Nellie of a few months there, I tell ya. Yeah. So I uh, which, what’s been keeping you all so busy? Oh, travel, lots of travel now. Low works. Great radio tracers. Which Bray series here. Your jacket. [inaudible] Oh, you just look dude, that people work here in Maine somewhere else. What’s your idea to receive reps or like an in order for him? Yeah. Clean claim ticket. [inaudible] okay, we’re here all, let me get pull man. Ooh man. You got some attorney customers here. I been seeing an wire here. I’ll just take this work upstairs in my room here. Oh, it’s been okay. It looks like you were, might’ve been robbed. It’s very MTM. Yeah. Oh no, it’s just at that point, you know the uh, the curtain comes back and then you can see the familiar face of ProMat prime, a sweat in the forehead goggles in front of the eyes. But like the long for attracted lens in the front wearing kind of leather apron or the rest of it goes. Yeah, we’ve been just running the clock. Your own assembly had a lot of orders coming in over here the past few months and it just, uh, you know, has been less of a, well, it’s about a shop as much as it’s been sort of an aid for the war effort. It’s trying to come to the front. What’s up. Sure. Getting supplies to the front desk. Well, yeah, trying to keep our soldiers our life and you know, best we can. At least there’s only so many of us to go around. Where are the other two guys? So you’re like, Oh, they’re nip and it’s like, Oh Hey or it’s fine. Um, anyway. Uh, yeah, just uh, sorry. We’re a little low right? What you’re looking for. What can I help you with? What we’ve come with quite a bit of ways to spend, actually we were quite looking back to returning to your place of business. Any high value items that perhaps unusual, usual or otherwise. Oh, well, just so you know, your previous items have gone to good use and I’ll summon the sword and show the, the health of, Oh, got it repaired. Sorry for sound flipping. I tried it through. I may check. I’ll look at that thick. Huh? Hi. Sorry. I couldn’t make this myself. This is a, this, this mod thing. Craftsmanship. They’re vulnerable. Vagrant. Why? It says just, that’s just beautiful. I’m taken aback. I’m going to get a little, little, a whole teary eyed here in just a road. Puts like the goggles up a bit. Wow. Well, have you ever looked in this South side? Let me know. I will keep that in mind. All righty. I’m here. You guys are, uh, guys, you’re still doing the adventure in Dan, right? Or quite a bit. Yes, yes. I got a great, the problem solvers. So if you think’s right around here, sure, sure. Quite first boy Jimmy able to help me with something you don’t mind? Curious. I got gold. They got discounts for, you know, repeat customers especially in, uh, eh, you know, you can do this whole bag. Oper a favor. I just like they were here, I bet working on a new and chant for months and I finally got most of the way in to finish it, but uh, kinda miscounted my materials and uh, had to hold my progress. Okay. And what are you in need of? What would I need an additional vial of square vein? Vassilis coil. Eh, my usual contact has been delayed up North in a knee assemblies leaning on me to finish this commission for one other members. So it’s important. I can’t tell you, I sort of, you know, privileged through the client. You understand? Um, but uh, I’d be happy to pay like [inaudible] kind of looks to paperwork here about the 5,700 gold for the veil. 5,700 gold. Yeah. Wow. Swabbing best and scores. Yeah. Or you’d probably find it a swerving Ireland’s probably. Oh yeah. Obviously those maps. Well wait, we can just ask it now. What I say. I, I’ve, I the director had done South demonology coolest. I go along the Southern base of wild, not you can find him usually coastal. Um, in regards to rumble CAASPP the swabbing islands. Oh shit. Uh, right next to them. Well, I mean, you know, sooner they’re bitter, but it’s not a huge push. I just preferably in the next couple of months you’re still, Hey, we may be making our way to that direction pretty soon. So that works out today. We’ve been kind of out of commission for a bit. I don’t know. The exact day. Let me get it [inaudible] I’ll get it for you after the [inaudible]. I have to do my math about that. Yeah. Do you have a rough idea of how close we are to go? Time per traveler roughly. I’m have to look at the look at the full countable based on your, your number of weeks off. Okay. Okay. Let’s get in there. Yeah. Anyway, I need a full six ounces of the soil, so it’s going to F off. I get a procure for you. I save file for it. Just don’t touch this stuff. Oh yeah. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this. We’ve been Basler risks through the kind of a sea serpent, Ted creature. He didn’t have about 20, 25 feet long, if I recall correctly. Uh, there bites are hurting, you know, it’s not too bad, but they idea is scraped. This oil around their body helps in the slither and uh, well it touches your skin, kind of started throwing you to stone, may free to sink to the bottom and then they, they eat off of the day. Uh, the corpse, you know, your fight, a real dangerous slats set, pull out a lot of sailors stories about it and you’ve actually at this point and be like, Oh shit. I thought that was just like a story like that. Like a song sounds really clever. They turned them into stone interest me, I almost became a Puma at piece of urban. I almost forgot my gloves working on this thing. Whoa, Whoa. Where’s that glow swing? Anyway? Um, yeah, so you never, you get that around back here. That’d be much appreciated. You have any great anything in right now? And it kind of pulls out like a, he says most of the things up there just for show their basic kind of plus run into champions. Are you guys seem to look around too? You’re putting kind of a kind of came back here and looking all Maddy, not gonna lie. Yeah, I uh, we’re trying to keep up. I got a cup, got some healing potions. Uh, he pulls up. It’s got to healing potions to greater healing potions in one potion is superior healing for sale. I want to take all of them oil. You’re 50 gold a piece for the base healing potions there. Two 50 for the greater and 2,500 a piece for the single beer. You’re healing expensive than matcha to gems. A magic trick. The only superior that we had for guzzled that really fast. Well worth it though. You really care about me. Um, we’ll take the superior and the two greater healing already. I’d actually say, let’s just take them all because even the, even a minor healing potion will wake you up if you’ve got, if you get an up or down and then you can get back up again regularly as well. You’re saying take the whole kitten caboodle. Oh yeah, no worries. There you go. Wait, no. Can I just say again how nice it is to see another fear ball Saturday the empire. It’s been awhile for me to write you. No, never. You’ve not met. I’ve just done trying out. Just being sarcastic. Oh yeah. We read this. Good man. When’s before. Yeah. Yeah, but it’s been a while. You know, I just, uh, yeah. I like in this style. I feel. Thank you. I just just was looking for a bit of a change. Yeah. Yeah. And all you guys kind of really mix it up. 50 goals from everybody. Oh man, I can be that Syriac girl. This lady’s out here for eight. It is, yeah. See fit plus one things. Do you have a plus one leather? I get like a plus one shield over there. I got two of these portions of maximum power. What does that, what is that? Now there are 750 gold one piece. Oh, let me pull it up for you. Excellent. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Bullock shows it to you. It’s, it’s a vial with like a glowing purple liquid that kind of just swirls around and tidy Z spins it a bit in the inside. It kind of creates a small little vortex that calms down. Um, so it doesn’t taste real great to be honest. But uh, it really kinda bolsters a release of our cane power. You know, these are [inaudible]. These are supposed to Ted dickly go to the front lines. But uh, yeah, I can pass it on to some friends here and some repeat customers if you don’t mind. Uh, essentially, just so you know, what they do is you drink it and within one minute after drinking the potion, instead of rolling the dice for damaged self on something, you can choose to instead use the highest number possible for each day. So it’s like I’ll just do maximum damage. Yeah, you use it with an internet. No, it’s whatever. You have one minute to use it. And then if it [inaudible] it’s a 10 rounds of maximum. And then when you have 10 rounds until it goes away. And then once you cast the spell, it uses it. Got it. It’s a scroll. It’s a potion. So if you have one thing, it’s five D 10 damage. You do? Sure. So you buy that 750 gold pieces for the single use in there. He looks at the thing of the tunnel. Not for a single, I should probably keep one of these just because they were ordered. But if you want the one for sure. I think, I think the one cause then I mean that can be a one two combo. That’s pretty impressive cause I can also make things vulnerable from two one attack. So that would double damage you do that. Yeah. Wow. We’ve definitely taken it. At least the one we don’t want to put you in a precarious position with great amateur melee damage or damage. Any damage. Wait, what your ability it’s spelled no, it’s only arcade. This is Archangel. Yeah. But your ability is a is it isn’t firewall would not affect a spell in the suspect. As soon as the spell had to rule to hit what’s fire like a Ray spell or like you know a fireball or something you had to rule it could die, could double a fire to one target as well. You guys want to take that and then if it hits, I’ve already got that one there for you. And I grabbed this other is a, sorry. Everything else is pretty much on order except for this. And he pulls up a looks to be like a, a fixed squat. Um, like metallic a casing it looks, looks like, like what would be like a heavy perfume bottle, but it’s made of some sort of like, like 10 like material with a, with a rubber capper on top. It’s wrapped around. He was, this is a cold oil of temporary. Yeah. You can like rub it on a piece of armor and uh, for the next 24 hours or so, it gets like a little, a little boost. Oh yeah. This one’s got a Springs only got two applications to it. How much of a boost? Well, plus when do you remember class for 24 hours. How much is it takes about an hour to apply it. Um, and this one will run you about a 1200 gold piece. Little rest from my bloom, which is that shield of plus one. Well, the points were in, she’ll let me go in and check there real fast. Let’s do, I’d be all over it. Pretty 24 hours. Yeah. It goes ahead and starts going through the book. In the back of there is, you’re waiting patiently and you’re sitting there. What’s your armor class? Could you say 18 you feel this searing pain in your back. This sudden burst of intense, deep piercing pain. What? [inaudible] your breath kind of halts in your chest for a second as the muscles in your torso sees what? What you did you touch it? I didn’t touch anything. Something’s attacking you suffer. Yep. Who? Mine is the mole. What is happening? Visible. Just gotta be somebody invisible. You’re pain in the back or neck or in your back. My right. Oh my gosh. My thing lasts for an hour and I cast it and take 45 points of slashing damage. Oh shit they can constitution saving. Throw from guys. You’re getting it for Zia. Can we see it happen? Hold on. Don’t take MFA. Constitution saving throw. Correct. Okay. Uh, 15, 15 okay. From that, that is pain. You feel something begin to temper like very briefly. It begins to corrupt into your veins and your body shrugs off. Oh, whatever. Whatever force or or thing is trying to Pearson as detect magic and swing behind me. You guys kind of hear the strange from girls just leans forward. You all spin around and look and they’re kind of just creeping up out of the ground. You see a female form, dull, kind of gray, almost a blue, purple skin, black headband, bright red hair that kind of spills down in front of the face, cloak and armor with a deep Griffin as she draws one of two dark and vend daggers from the back of caduceus and kind of laughs before shifting back into the ground like a ghost. Oh shit. Is that the, is that the, is it the name? Is that that? Is that the fourth worst one? Is that the, is that the what? Who? Matt says, why was that? Are you okay? No. And that’s what [inaudible] pick up. [inaudible] gas and vulnerable. Inevitable inevitable land. Is that what it looks like? I don’t know. Keto guys is that it was fine out that you’ve never seen them. Baltika lives there. The chosen assassin wall. So good Chan. I just took a lot of fucking damage by the way. Fuck hell Oh shit. So I want you to, to keep your hands in your pockets. I didn’t hit anything when my damn swing did I? No, you could roll. That’s okay if you roll. I was so out of nowhere. Like an assassin. It’s like assassins are really good at what they do. 2323 shit. The ground as, as you swing outwards towards it, you swing wide towards this, this kind of strange spectral drought like figure and as it pulls into the ground. Sure it uses this reaction to shooting period out of the way. He does not hit damn 23 Perry though. Yes. You said spectrum. She’s suspected. Never went the [inaudible] specter. Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Alright, that’s fine. So we’ll pick up with whatever’s happening now in the, in vulnerable Vagrant next to her and blitz. We can actually like it. Like everything’s a weapon. Oh yeah. There’s nothing in the, Oh don’t, don’t, don’t call that cam for the end of the [inaudible] and for jackets. I’ll give me a fucking [inaudible]. You guys are [inaudible] so we’ll pick up on that. What is my chair all the way next Thursday until then, guys, thank you so much for joining us. We love you very much. And is it Thursday? [inaudible].

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