TO LAKS PÅ TO KAST – Gaula River | Salmon Fishing

– Yeah, fish on again!
– Again?! – Yeah, and this one is way bigger!
– Whaat.. I’m coming [Girlfriend & Fishingbuddy] – Well, where are we heading?
– Gaula! – Catching huge salmon – How big? – Hmm, 20kg+
– Oh yeah, 20+? – Yeah
– Well I’m going for 18+ – I’m a humble man you know – Now we just need to sail with the ferry for 3,5 hours – And when we arrive at Larvik in Norway we’ll have a 7 hour drive in front of us – Maybe with a little nap along way – That..
– Nope, I’ve brought some Monster so we’ll drive all night – Yeah
– So we can fish tomorrow early – Yeah!
– We can’t wait – Woohuu!
– Gonna be epic – Well..
– The trip will be a success if.. – If we just hit one..
– Above 10kg – Well I was about to say, if we just hit one fish
– Oh damn, haha – But Henriette is always so damn lucky -We’ve been fishing for salmon 6 times and she has already caught 4 salmon – Yeah
– So.. – Let’s hope Well, now we’ve arrived at the Gaula river after a very long ride We’ve been driving all night and Henriette is currently resting a little bit We’ve been driving up here in an actual snowstorm All of a sudden it was like 1.5 degrees
It was really freakin’ cold! So it’s almost freezing right now, and Henriette really likes sunshine and summer.. Back home in Denmark its 28 degrees right now, but here it is 2 degrees so.. It’s a little harsh conditions for her, but we are here and ready to fish! The house is right here and the river runs right in front of it You can actually hear the river roaring right now, so even though it’s cold it is just epic here The water level is pretty much perfect It is pretty low so the fish can push trough the “Gaulfoss” and find their way to our pools Which are located right down here, so let’s go try our luck Well here we are at the “Hindoien Pool”
That’s the one right behind me It’s a bloody awesome pool! Last time i was here, we actually managed to catch a huge pig above 110cm So I’ve given Henriette the permission to fish the pool first And I told her, that trough the whole trip she can fish first until she gets a fish And I’m gonna regret that big time because she is always so god damn lucky you know So I’ll bet she’ll hook a big pig sooner or later Fucking awesome Henriette Let’s go! – Damn I’m shaking!
– You are? – Oh yeah, I’m just so hyped right now! – This will take a while, it’s a good fish!
– You think so? – Yeah for sure, a really good one
– Oh.. – Oh?
– You mean it? – Damn, i just need to catch my breath..
– This is so god damn awesome! – This is pretty wild, we didn’t fish that long?
– No, it was the first run trough the pool! – Okay, watch if I’m keeping the line tight at all times okay? – You are doing perfect – It’s atleast 90cm
– You think so? – Yeah 94cm maybe and a fat pig too
It’s a really good fish Henriette – Well okay, I actually think it looked kind of skinny.. – Haha, it’s just a fucking sick fish Henriette! – Oh.. oh!
– It is.. – I can’t believe these runs – This is real chrome from norway!
– Oh yeah – God damn.. – Arhahaa!
– Yeah, they’ll make you work for it – They really do – No, now it’s running again! Haha – No no no! – Holy shit – I’m shaking
– Haha, I’d do so too – But it is also a huge fish for such a little person – It really is, god damn this is brutal
– Hahah – It’s giving you a beating
– Okay – Yeah perfect, and pump it in – Like this?
– Yes, you are doing very nice – Oh, holy shit it did not like that one bit!
– Hahah – Well I could loose ot still
– Yeah you could for sure – And it is a big fish, so it has all odds in it’s favor – Now it’s running again
– yeah – Should I just let it?
– Yeah! – What if it just runs away?
– God damn! – Now we need to get after it, follow me now!
– Should I come now? – Oh Andreas, just downstream?
– Yeah, nice and steady – Cause now it is too far away from us
We just need to catch up! – Oh, my bloody hand!
– Well.. – You can’t expect me to fight a fish on these rocks Andreas? – I know it is shit, but that’s how it is – Aaaarh! – Nice and easy! – But it’s important that we get down to it now – Arh! – You are doing so well Henriette! – I’m so nervous on your behalf right now – Yeah I could loose it any second
– Yeah for sure – Well I’m really afraid of.. – Of getting slack line
– Yeah – Should I just keep coming?
– Yeah, nice and steady downstream – It’s bigger than you thought at first – Well that’s because..
– It’s a good one! – It didn’t feel that strong at..
– No at first? – No.. – Just keep that line nice and tight and follow me downstream where we can land her – It’s way easier to fight her in some dead water – It’s just so tough to walk here
– Yeah, but that’s just how it is – And it’s..
– It’s also because i need to use my.. – Okay.. – Yeah, that’s right Henni!
You are tough as nails! – Arh, it’s taking another run!
– Yeah – You are doing it just right
– How can it keep on going? – Andreas it just doesn’t get tired? – Oh shit, there it is
– Oh yeah! – Yes – It’s huge, way above 100cm – Are you for real?
– Yeah it’s massive – It’s a freakin’ tank! – Well I’ve never landed a fish that big
It’s just so big – Are you for real?
– Yeah 100% – Yes – Perfectly hooked, try to loosen your drag a little bit now – Got it!
– Arh! – It’s a beast Henni!
– Aaaarh! – It is..
– You sure you’ll not loose it now? – Positive, I’ve got it for good
And it is hooked so well, you would never have lost this one – It’s a giant Henni, haha!! – Congrats, you are so badass!
– Thanks! – Damn this is simply amazing! – Arh..
– Holy shit! – You got your ass whooped, haha!
– Yeah I really did – You lucky bastard! – You’re 100% above my Personal Best with that one – 100% that one breaks my PB – Congrats
– You are really willing to go all in for a fish like that – At a time i was like, I’m just jumping in the water!
– Yeah, hahah! – Oh damn! – Bloody hell, the things you’d do for a fish like this
It’s a fish of dreams you know – This is just perfect – Haha, hell yeah! – I’m shaking so bad
– Well you should – Congrats, damn this is something else
– Thanks – Damn, I’ll never forget this moment
This is unreal! – It’s actually really an incredible experience
– Yeah – Wow
– Welcome to Gaula – I think it’s a meter and.. – Well it’s..
– I think it’s pretty hard to say, a 100-105cm – Maybe even longer – Well I couldn’t even guess
– Like that – Damn I’m so cold now
– Yeah I’m freezing! – I’m so tired now – Till here.. – No.. – What? – What??
– That can’t be.. – Something’s not right here?
– Haha, this can’t be right! – Maybe it wasn’t as big as we thought – Hahaaah!
– 95cm – 95cm, I thought it was waaay bigger – I thought it was like 105-106cm or something like that – Well, it’s not
– Nope, 95cm – Maybe it’s just somewhat fat? – Well it’s not that fat? – No..
– Maybe it’s just because it was such a wild experience – So it seemed so damn big to us – Haha, this is so embarrassing! – Fuck, I seem like the biggest noob
– Haha! It’s a 20kg fish! – Wasn’t on point for sure..
– Well, it’s because I was so god damn hyped – Congrats! Damn this is so cool – Haha, It’s gonna be a looong walk – But there’s this rule that dictates, that if you catch a salmon, you’ll have to carry it yourself – Yeah okay
– That’s just the way it is – Are we ready?
– Yeah yeah – I dont think i can lift it
– Hahah! – Huurh! – Jaaer! – Arh! – I’m ready
– You’re the man! – Feels good eh? – Feels so cool!
– Haha [2nd day at Gaula River] – The fireplace is lit and it’s all cozy – And this is where we sleep – I’ve made my bed like a good boy, but Henriette never does it… – And here is the view
The river runs right in front of us – So sick! – And Henriette taking the annual shower Hahah! – Because the hot water tank is broken
– Yeah.. – So we have to be creative – We boil a little water – And then we use this sexy little salat-bowl to shower in – Hahah – Damn.. – But there’s fresh Chromers in the river
– Yeah, and that’s all that matters Let’s go god dammit! Holy shit they are just so damn strong up here
Unbelievable! Aaarh, this is perfect! So nice! Oh wow it’s so beautiful! – Okay It’s pretty brutal – Is it big?
– I don’t know, it’s hard to day – But it’s a good fish – Noo, lost it! – What?
– I just lost it – Noo?
– Yeah.. – Fuuuck! – How big do you think it was?
– Well a little smaller than yours – Make another cast, there could be more you know
– Damn! – What up? – I don’t know if it is this faggot-ass helicopter rig that fucks me up every time… – What’s wrong with it?
– Well nothing… – It’s just so frustrating – It’s just a shame, it was a nice fish – Yeah! Cast again
– Okay.. – Aaaarh! – God damn! – Yes, fish on again!
– Again?! – Yeah, this one is way bigger
– What!? – Arh, I’m coming! – Holy shit, this one is way bigger
Hahahah – What?
– This one is way bigger – Fuck man, that’s unbelievable
– Shit, they are just stacked up out there! – Well then it’s kinda cool that you lost the other one
– Yeah, actually kind of lucky – This one is waaaay bigger henriette
– How big you think? – Don’t know yet, but damn it’s big – I’ve never tried that before, that’s so busted man! – It’s so lucky that you lost the first one
– Yeah I’m kinda happy.. Never tried this before – Arh it’s a big fish
– How big? – Well, it’s a little bigger than yours – I think so
Approximately 100cm – Oh! – But the one i lost was like 85cm or something like that – So this is perfect
– Hahah – You think it’s a new PB? – It might be actually – Andreas!
– Hahah – Let’s go! – There, there! – Aaarh! – Bloody hell – Arh, put your back into it! – Aaargh! – Fucking tank this one, so blood heavy – Fuck man, I’m sweating so badly – I’m really giving it hell here! – You’re applying a lot of pressure?
– Yeah, a lot! – It’s bloody heavy
A real big fish – You nervous? – Not yet I’m not, but when it’ll come in on a short line then I’ll be trippin’ balls – But there’s still so much power in this beast – But if I want to release it, then there’s no reason to play around – I haven’t seen it properly yet
– It’s massive! – It is?
– Yeah, but that’s what I’m always saying about my salmon – Yeah it is, hahah
– Hahah! – Now I’m really getting fucking nervous
– Arh, I think it’s well hooked – But still – The longer i fight it, the bigger the hole gets where the hook is sitting – Oh i see
– And these hooks are tiny so.. – Let’s see if i can land it here – Yeah, it’s huge – Holy.. It’s massive!
– It’s really big – Oooh! – Wow it’s gorgeous – I’ve got it now – Oh wow, what a fish man! – What up man!!!
– Hahah – Shit man
– It’s really really.. – How big do you think it is?
– I think it’s around 100-102cm – It’s a male – God damn it’s a pig – Now don’t you dare cheating?
– No no – Isn’t it exactly one meter?
– Perfectly one meter – Or 99?
– Yeah 99cm – Really nice fish! – Shouldn’t we let it..
– Congrats! – Thanks! – Shouldn’t we let it swim again? – That’s all up to you
– Damn it was barely hooked – We ready? – I think it is ready right away – Like that – Wooooh! – Yeeearh!
How sick was that? – Thanks for helping me out Henriette – My pleasure
– What a day! – Woooow.. Well, last evening at the Gaula River
Or actually it’s night It’s 24:00 o’clock but the sun doesn’t go down So it’s fairly bright still
And I really like these bright nights Because you can sit around the bonfire and you can even see what you’re doing all night We’re celebrating this amazing trip That really has been something special With some nice food on this very last night And Henriette is trying her luck with the Pool one last time To see if she can snatch the last fish
She just cant stop now Now we just need a little bonfire and some delicious food A little stew, which will be epic Find the recipe in the video description – Thanks to all of you out there who’s been watching – remember to give Henriette a thumbs up – For her beautiful fish! – And because she is badass – I think it’s pretty cool to have a girlfriend that wants to come all the way to Norway to chase salmon – You should also give yourself a little credit – Oh yeah, remember to give me a like, since it’s pretty cool that.. – That i want to go to Norway and catch huge ass salmon – That’s so cool that I’d actually do that – Well, not much more to say except – Remember to subscribe for more salmon fishing movies – Together with this one here – because I think she might want to go for more salmon after this trip – And then I’ll see you guys next time – Yeah – Bye bye!
– Hey hey

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