Tohoku earthquake and tsunami Japan 2011

There was a sever earthquake yesterday afternoon. Let’s talk to a rescue worker. What’s the situation here? About 15,000 people died, and the earthquake triggered a tsunami There was a disaster for three cities in Northeast Japan. And what did you do to help the victims? We have been carrying out operations continuously. And there are also many charitdeat that bring food to help the victims. We also let sniffer dogs to find the location of the victims buried in the rubble. We figure out that a large part of the death is due to drowning because of the powerful tsunami. In addition to the earthquake, it also triggered a tsunami. The highest altitude reached 16.7 meters. Let’s talk to a witness who was near by when it hit. What did you see during the tsunami? Due to the strong wind, many things was blew like toys. Everyone was scared and we never encountered such a serious disaster. And many people was drowned because they were trapped in the house. What was the impact? The biggest impact is that amount of people who drowned because they were too late to be rescued. In addition, it also caused a series of explosions and leaks of nuclear power plants. The only airport in northeastern Japan was attacked as well. It caused supplies can’t be sent to the disaster site. Let’s listen to the staff for more information of the situation. Because the tsunami hit, the car rushed to the airport runway. And the sea surrounded the entire airport. I saw a 10-meter tsunami rushed to the lobby floor, and the airport flooded to 3.02 meters. You must be very scared. Of course, this experience is too horrible. And I don’t want to go through the second time. I hope that such a thing will not happen again in Japan. We can’t predict when will an earthquake happened. But we can do something to reduce the damage. For example, we can prepare a first-aid kit in case we get hurt. And we also need to have some Bandages, cotton swab, scissors, gauze, iodine, flashlight, batteries, non-perishable food, bottled water, and.more. Remember to check every half year that all the food and supplies are ready. And put it in the right place. So when a disaster comes, we can quickly grab it and run away.

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