Tokyo’s Best Cherry Blossom Spot: Meguro River 初めての目黒川花見

Hey guys! It’s kind of noisy in here because me and Kelsey are in the subway But we are headed to do some hanami! (Cherry blossom viewing) Our first hanami of the year! Well my first, you too? My first too! So I’m super excited because I love hanami! And I thought I would show you guys the subway I don’t usually include my train ride in my videos So I thought maybe you guys would find that interesting So we are going to take the train just for 1 stop actually It’s super close Asano-san!

100 thoughts on “Tokyo’s Best Cherry Blossom Spot: Meguro River 初めての目黒川花見

  1. The guy from the train was great xD I'm going to be seeing Sakura for the first time next month in Washington D.C so I'm really excited


  3. kawaiiฅ(º ロ º ฅ) i going to take photes of sakura blossom today ,too

  4. I am Alpha. I have a new video entitled Cherry Blossom Viewing. If you are interested please visit my channel. Thank you!

  5. Hi Sharla! I strongly recommend you to visit Hirosaki, Aomori for sakura. I think Hirosaki is the best and most beautiful sakura place in japan. You can see soooo gorgeous sakura there. it will be the season within 2 weeks i think:)

  6. Lovely Hanami ! So beautiful ! Want to know, who's the guy ? He is so funny and look cool !

  7. oh my god. all your of your drinks and foods look like super yummy, and I'm just like super jealous because we don't have anything like that here in Finnlad. Also i love the sakura although i have never seen it in real life.
    PS I'm sure you are just sick of hearing this but still you are pretty much the biggest reason why i started learning Japanese so thank you. It's probably the most beautiful language i know. Eaven though it's a bit of a strugle, cuz there weren't any courses i could take in highschool or the college, so I'm just learning by myself.

  8. wow..

    honestly, I've been looking around and seeing the Japanese, and you guys are the only ones with blonde hair 😂 I don't think I would go to Japan anytime soon, because I'm African American and I would stick out and have peety eyes looking at me everywhere I go.

  9. I enjoyed watching your video!
    Felt like wanna fly to Japan asap after watched your video T_T

  10. sharla can u help me not precisely but just what you think, do you think on april 3rd there is sakura tree blossom in nakameguro river near station?
    Thank You
    anyway that is the date im there in Japan this year.

  11. Thank you for showing the video of the cherry blossoms. My favorite tree. Is it really hard to speak and write the language of Japanese? I can understand a few words. Again thanks for the video 🙂

  12. I thought you were supposed to not make noise on trains but I always see people vlog on it? Just a lil confused also the Sakura are beautiful and I would really love to see them.

  13. カナダは2カ月も桜が咲いてるとか。桜の咲いてる間は桜のことが気になって仕方がない。2カ月も桜のことが気になって仕方がないので、日本の2週間だけに短いのも良いかも。

  14. i just saw the meguro river the other day with shivers and pheonyx787 ,and a few other people it was amazing !

  15. Today is Sunday, April 9, 2017Now in full bloomAs a Japanese who grew up looking at the scenes of the four seasons born, I will be pleased with the people of the world. Thank you So much

  16. sharla, when does de cherry blossom season start and when does it finish?

  17. love this! great video! im in japan right now. the cherry blossom in Hiroshima was AMAZING!!! Plus I was so lucky with clear blue skies. Unfortunately Im probably going to be in Tokyo a bit late for Sakura!

    Lol at the guy on the train!

  18. All the rivers in Tokyo have a history that there are civilians who drowned in order to escape from American air raids during the war. (100 thousand dead, about 1000 in Meguro) so not only love cherry blossoms, but also pray for them.

  19. Personally I really dont like the Meguro River much. Its dirty and brown and sometimes doesnt smell that good either. And right and left od it everything is just grey concrete.
    The river itself has no spring but is made of rain and waste water I believe. Maybe thats the reason why it doesnt have the best water quality.
    The further you go down the river the less pretty it gets I think. But I have to admit the part north of Nakameguro Station is quite nice, because the trees there are everywhere. So, because you are in kind of a pink cherry blossom tunnel, you cant see much of the grey buildings for example. The river in that part also looks a bit nicer than a few hundred meters further south.
    I my opinion, the part of the river just north of Nakameguro Station is the most beautiful, but its best in the evening when everything is lit up. I your video there were not that many people but its usually more crowded than that.
    Nevertheless, because of the circumstances itll probably not become my favourite spot for Hanami in Tokyo. For example around the imperial palace its very nice too. And I believe if you go a bit further west in Tokyo, there are probably many other nice Hanami spots at some cleaner rivers and some more nature around. 🙂

    By the way, why is the English title always so different from the Japanese one..? :/

  20. Heaven life 👍👍👍👍👉☝👆☝👉👌👌👌👌😴😴😴😴👉🌏

  21. So, I had to drive to Atlanta, Georgia last week and decided to search for a Japanese grocery to visit after my appointment. I found the store Tomato in Marietta and while there, I found some Sakura Mochi! I wasn't the spoonable type as in this video but as you tried in one of your other videos but since I was here, I thought I would share. It is so yummy.

  22. Japan national flower Cherry blossom , very near to us just Tokyo. Meguro. 👍. 🌸🌸🌸 Lot of tourist wanted the flower almost every year

  23. The way she said Sakura it sounded like sakra. Now I know what the girl in the anime Cardcaptors was named after.

  24. I was expecting kimono wearing, games & stuff. I guess not.

  25. I liked the video. Your so original. Loved it. Hope you continue making more videos. Really good job. Well done

  26. Cherrytrees are so big and they are full with blossoms. They are so beautiful.🔝.😀.

  27. if you take the train for 1 station and just 3min travel you aint worth a second of our life to spent on your videos. lazy cow!

  28. Going to Japan and seeing cherry blossoms is my biggest dream 😍 unfortunately that’s not gonna happen any time soon tho 😕

  29. I visitied Japan as a teen. I want to take my family to Japan sooo bad but I have failed to find any reasonably priced Japanese hotels for our family of four.


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