Tomoe River Paper

Tomoe River Paper is a luxurious lightweight
paper developed by Tomoegawa Paper Company, a 100-year old paper manufacturer from Japan. Leaning on it’s expertise in the construction
of electrical insulating and telecommunication paper, Tomoegawa Paper Company spent over five years in the 1980s conducting research on various materials before finally producing the Tomoe River Paper. Tomoe River Paper comes in two colors:
white and cream. Among its fine qualities, fountain pen users prize most its unusually high resistance
to bleed-through and feathering. Using a variety of nibs and inks, we’ll show the paper’s great versatility via writing tests on the white Tomoe River Paper. No matter which size we used, nibs simply glided across the page. At only 52 grams per square meters, the sheets are quite thin and shows ink through the page. The translucency of the paper allows one to place a lined sheet underneath as a guide to write in straight lines. The JetPens exclusive Kanso Report Pad includes a lined sheet for the user’s convenience. Aside from translucency, the Tomoe River’s thinness makes it a lot more compact when stacking many sheets together. Shown here is the difference between a 100-sheet stack of Tomoe River loose leaves at 52 grams per square meter and Kokuyo Campus Notebook Paper at 70 grams per square meter. Tomoe River Paper is also suitable for gel
ink pens, ballpoint pens, roller ball pens, felt tip markers, and highlighters. Experience the luxury of Tomoe River Paper

61 thoughts on “Tomoe River Paper

  1. This is Honestly the best paper ever created! Hands Down!!!!♡♡♡♡

  2. Not related to the paper, but what is the difference between a 'Ballpoint' pen and a 'Roller Ball' pen?

  3. Very impressive, and nice to see in a video like this.  You can see the dot gain is completely even around the line, which is why it doesn't feather or take forever to dry.  Can't see that in still photos.  If only they had a thicker version.  Price aside, I'd still rather write on both sides of a 100gsm sheet than use two of half that thickness.

  4. I could watch the close up shots of nibs on Tomoe River Paper all day long. Great video!

  5. Wow, the photography in this video is mesmerizing. Really, really beautiful! I love this paper, too!

  6. I REALLY love your video. i know nothing about fountain pen. but i want to buy it.
    I think i found beauty of calligraphy.

    and your thoughtful links are also amazing. thanks for sharing !
    i enjoy it.

  7. I just tried Tomoe River Paper this year, and it really makes Emerald of Chivor worth it. Impressive what a good paper could do, I wasn't expecting such a difference.

  8. I think it's pronounced more "tomo-eh" instead of "tomo-ay". Nevertheless, great products and video! So satisfying 😀

  9. guys, I am gonna need to know what ink you used 1:34.
    also, wow… This video, the camerawork and just the caligraphy, it's like I am watching a romantic movie. Just amazing!

  10. You should show the sheen! Some (if not most) fountain pen users are actually choosing Tomoe River because how easily the sheen appears on this paper!

  11. This is easily one of the most beautiful videos on the internet. Outstanding camera work!

  12. Although it is pitched as being great for use with Fountain pens, I've found that nearly every ink I use with this paper has a longer than usual drying time and is prone to smearing.

  13. i wish jetpens had a store near me if they had i would be continusly buying there products

  14. Love seeing my pens and inks in videos like this. I mean the ones I also have. Trust the review more

  15. I'd like to see some writing with these wet looking inks by a leftie. I have a feeling it just wouldn't look as nice…. ??

  16. What a great paper quality and smoothness. Such paper instigate us to write more and more.

  17. Thanks for the review. For fountain pen users, although there is ghosting on the back side of the paper, is it still usable to write on it, or does it become distracting? Also, I'm curious to know what track is the piano piece in the video 🙂

  18. Beautiful. ???? excellent video. This is why I only use TR paper with my fountain pens.

  19. How does this paper hold up with pilot friXion erasable pens and markers? I’m considering moving into a hobonichi techo but I’m not sure if the thin paper can withstand my favorite writing utensils!

  20. The macro shots in this gave me a whole new appreciation for paper, oh my god.

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