TomPepe ∞ The River Runs Deep ∞ CupaTea (2010)

100 thoughts on “TomPepe ∞ The River Runs Deep ∞ CupaTea (2010)

  1. Fuckin hell I’ve been listening to this for 5 years now, really shows how fast time go’s 😌

  2. Hey colton, I know you'll read this. Fuck you you methhead junkie. You shoulda did right by me bitch and you'd be cash makin. But nah. You ruined your life bitch. Keep smokin that tweek bitch

  3. How has it been 8 years since this song cam out. What a trip life is.

  4. Fuck faze adapt who's from Seattle and been listening to knowmads for years🔥

  5. Just lost my tio and my baby brother is going down the same path breaks me

  6. anyone know any other rap songs like this? ones with a message/story

  7. I used to watch this song tonnes 3 years ago. I was thinking of a holiday I had then I remembered this song and honestly I’m really happy I found this again 🙂

  8. Best decision that he made, quittin beer twistin logs. Absolute masterpiece, one of the few that keeps me coming back

  9. i have struggled with crack meth xanax and everything you can think of this song is one of the things that gave me the hope and courage to get into treatment i'm now 3 months sober and back in college

  10. Dope to know These dudes mad love pep still listening to your shit -Boyle heights ayeeee

  11. Never fucked with tweak, coke keeps me up enough to feel like shit, cant imagine what meth puts you through.

  12. I've been clean from heroin and meth and am on my way to college to get a degree in game design and have me a perfect girl and my absolute best friend just passed away from heroin just last night… this cuts so deep..

  13. i've been struggling with meth addiction for years, i remember listening to this in 2014 when i was just self medicating with adderall. crazy how time flys and how much life changes. fuck meth it has twisted my mind in ways I can never undo

  14. Thank you. I love this song. I’m in a Constance state of cognitive dissonance.

  15. This song is amazing I’ve been listening to it for 3 years and just recently started listening to your new songs they’re amazing

  16. I been on gear for 5 years now an 23 been escorting homeless the lot. I'm trying to do college now. Along side this addiction. Left all my friends behind or they died. I don't come from a bad background. It can happen to anyone. I don't blame the world for my issues. That's on me. But I am a product of my society. And society had deffo failed us.

  17. Its not about fame or money, it never has been. Authenticity rules all

  18. 9 years later and I still come back to this masterpiece. 9 years after I’ll still be listening to this.

  19. A few years ago I was bad into pills living in my sisters house constantly dugged out of my fucking mind. One day my sisters man showed me this song when we were going to town one day and it hit me right in the feels. He told me he knew I could do a lot better for myself. That was two years ago. This song helped me get clean but more importantly it was my sisters man who showed me that someone knew and cared enough for me to get clean. Love you brother.

  20. I was going through one of my old Spotify playlists and this came on and this song really brings me back ! It’s been so long

  21. Fuck I can’t believe it’s already been 9 years. This song got me through so much shit growing up. knowmads forever

  22. First time I heard this song I cried. Relate way too fucking much 😈💯🔥

  23. Been 10 years…. Remembering walking home from hs and now….. Stuck at a fucking methadone clinic, people please listen and don't make the mistakes I made. Fuck I never thought this song would be so relatable, still I love you knowmads!

  24. My coworker showed me this.
    And I've struggled.
    He's struggled.
    So many people I know.
    It hurts my head to think about this.
    We're all so similar but feel so alone

  25. knowmads this song saved my life bro thank god for you bro. I still strive to become a artist myself and is now going to school for music production and been clean from drugs for 3 years now. again thank you bro.

  26. I listend to this as a Dopehead i finally broke free 3yrs# Sober# from Hard Drugs,

  27. Well well well i have found vinson and logan im vinsons xbox friend my bame is drake or cgmax 6661666 on xbox

  28. Came back in 2019 to hear this and it still touches the heart strings deep deep song classic

  29. This really hits home – listen to this for years and my love for it never changes, wish this guy made it big man. DESERVES IT! <3

  30. I will bang this fucking song through 2020 and on, this is a song that can change someone’s whole perspective on life. In any scenario that they are in. This is truly art.

  31. Been listening to Hip-Hop for almost 10 years, never heard of this guy or this song. This shit is why I will be a hiphophead for life. Gems like this are why this genre is great

  32. this track tears me up man, first time i heard it i nearly burst out in tears, lyrics are too deep

  33. I listened to this when I was 14 and addicted to Xanax 4 years later and I tried to find this gem of a song and I found it “ the river runs deep” one of the best songs I’ve ever listened to

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