Tool Stand – Part 1 – Build Process

well in this video I’ll show you how I
built all seven of these metal tool stands for my small shop for less than
100 bucks so with the welding torch you’re kind of
making a sea and filling in normally we’re just going up paws down up paws
down but with some of these bigger gaps they’re a little harder you can see
that’s a lot tighter and here’s the settings we turn the wire feet up if you
need more wire turn the voltage up or down depending on if you’re burning
through time to take them home clean them up paint them and now we’re and a half a grinding later
and ready to take them downstairs and pay them okay I just got done spraying and wiping
down all the stands with sprayed it with wd-40 and I wiped it down this road
looked like this when I started I probably should have washed all these
off first but it’s February and it’s zero degrees outside all right this is a
test the first actually the first time I put the tools on the stands and checking
them out I really like the height I like the height of the bandsaw it’s right at
a chest level it drills a little lower which is nice
vice is even lower animal is even lower right it knuckle height when you’re
standing put your knuckles down that’s right where you want to be and the two
Sanders are good height and the grinders the highest one off the ground and
that’s good too so I’m happy with all the Heights I made them and the holes
line up which is good kind of goes on like pile your like a
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