Tool Stands – Miter Saw, Grinder, Vice, Bandsaw, Drill Press, Sander

you well in this video I’ll show you how I
built all seven of these metal tool stands for my small shop for less than
100 bucks so with the welding torch you’re kind of
making a sea and filling in normally we’re just going up paws down up paws
down but with some of these bigger gaps they’re a little harder you can see
that’s a lot tighter and here’s the settings we turn the wire feet up if you
need more wire turn the voltage up or down depending on if you’re burning
through time to take them home clean them up paint them and now we’re and a half a grinding later
and ready to take them downstairs and pay them okay I just got done spraying and wiping
down all the stands with sprayed it with wd-40 and I wiped it down this road
looked like this when I started I probably should have washed all these
off first but it’s February and it’s zero degrees outside all right this is a
test the first actually the first time I put the tools on the stands and checking
them out I really like the height I like the height of the bandsaw it’s right at
a chest level it drills a little lower which is nice
vice is even lower animal is even lower right it knuckle height when you’re
standing put your knuckles down that’s right where you want to be and the two
Sanders are good height and the grinders the highest one off the ground and
that’s good too so I’m happy with all the Heights I made them and the holes
line up which is good kind of goes on like pile your like a
thin polyurethane staying organized in a small compact
space has always been an issue trying to find where I can store things up in the
rafters and things like that but one problem was I would always keep tools
down on a shelf so if I needed a grinder or a sander I would have to take it out
set it up plug it and use it clean it off put it away and I would immediately
need it again so I needed some way to have the tools out and ready and for
something like my miter saw I had a wood stand I made it out of two by fours and
that’s fine for that because I keep moving it around when I need it but I
saw a mine some people were building stands out of Steel they were using a
car rim for the base there’s two places you can find them I found seven of these
rims we’ll just buy the set of tools stands on Craigslist for 30 bucks
so we guy was selling them they were bent and 30 bucks I got seven rims
otherwise they were gonna be ten bucks each from a junkyard the next thing was
finding steel for the actual stance now before I wasn’t bought the steel I had
to determine what tools I was going to use how high the plates needed to be and
how high the tools need to be if you look all of these tools stands are
different heights and the plates on here in different sizes so I got all the
tools out that I wanted to do I laid him on a big sheet of brown construction
paper I traced out the base plates where I was going to mount the bolts and I
determined the height so drill press I wanted it to be this height the the
balance of this eye which meant that the bases had to be different heights
themselves I went to a metal scrap yard nearby and I was able to get for $70
total I got 12 feet of this schedule 80 heavy heavy duty four inch steel pipe
and I think a 14 foot by 11 inch wide thick quarter inch steel plate like so
for 70 bucks I got all the steel two tools that were laying around and so all
of this together was a hundred bucks now when I went there you do have to bargain
if you’re gonna go to scrapyard they weigh it out they say okay that’s that
weigh so much it’s gonna be $200 and I was like I’m not spending that I talked
to the manager and he’s like how about 70 I said sure so definitely don’t spend
whatever they tell you at first kind of bargain
say hey what about this what about that now if you’re gonna do this I have a
small little the $90 flux core welder from Harbor Freight I could have done it
with that but I have a buddy that’s a welder and he is a really good welder
and he has an oxy-acetylene torch and there’s no way I could have made these
without that oxy-acetylene torch a cutting wheel and a grinder it would
have taken forever we made these working together where you can make a couple of
couple stances it’s gonna make seven you better have the right tools and after
coming back from his grudge the next day I had to clean up all the rust these
pipes have been sitting out for who knows how long they’re all covered in
rust so I had a couple grinding this I got these from Harbor Freight I got them
the multipack there’s a pack of two of these brushes and two of these for nine
bucks I got four of them from Harbor Freight and they look to be just as good
and they work great so then I had all the rough stuff I brought them down here
and I put oil and wd-40 on all the pipes just to found a really cool trick that
you can do for clear coating steel and that is with this right here
it’s penetrant called flood and a lot of guys that do rat rods
and stuff like that rusty metal painted hoods you just paint this right on top
this stuff went on and it’s rock solid and smooth shiny and it has a great
finish to it and I’ve totally changed my mind about painting though I just clear
coated the metal and that’s what you see the last thing I did was on the bottom
I took some felt and my hot glue gun and I hot glued and felt a felt ring on the
bottom of all these that way when I settle down because sometimes I have to
pull them out and slide them around I don’t want to be scraping that metal on
the ground sometimes I have to pull my bandsaw out to cut with a big board so
with the felt on the bottom it allows me to slide I just really like how this
setup works its mobile it’s customizable they’re gonna last forever it’s not like
something I go a lot of even though this is pretty good and I
like beside wheels for my miter saw being able to flip up the extension I
love how these turned out I’m glad I did it so let me know what you think thanks well I hope you liked the video you just
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