Top 10 Best Arches of Red River Gorge

Is the Johnny bluegrass here with the Red River underground we’re gonna do something a little bit different today We’re gonna give you a top ten of the best arches of the gorge. We ranked them We took a vote we decided on a list of 10 that if you can go see these 10 You’re gonna be experts in the gorge Okay, so number 10 is adena arch the reason why I love adena arch is one. It’s a great hike to go onto You have the sheltowee trace there you got Indian arch Which is very close to it as well the arch itself is a really cool. Shape it’s kind of small and homey And so it’s really cool. Come in at number nine is double Andrews arch Double Andrews arch is a very unique Rock feature here in the gorge it kind of looks like a keyhole that goes in between a Giant rock slab. This is a hidden trail so it’s very difficult to find, but once you do, it’s one of the rare treasures Okay moving on number eight Silvermine arch This is on a marked trail. It takes some of the mystique away, but At the same time it’s a spectacular arch the arch is shaped almost like a crescent moon, and then underneath there’s like a cathedral of small rock ledges and Little waterfalls and ponds, it’s shady and peaceful, and it’s an excellent arch Alright coming in number seven. We’re lumping these two together because they’re so close It’s a snow arch and double deer arch reasons while like these two arches one It’s very hard to get to and then once you get to the top snow arch the way It’s said is the Sun hits it and it gives off a white glow It’s a it’s very interesting and then to get the double deer arch you walk around and actually have to crawl over Like a really terrifying ledge to get to it, and then you kind of come out at this like little small Double arch you can go through it and get on top of it. You know it’s very endearing and that’s why I love it all right number six the elusive Ledford arches Finding them is a discovery in itself You have in that area you have Hansen’s point, which is one of the most famous overlooks and all the gorge The ledford arches themselves are one of them is very rare arch It’s a kind of a squat arch that it only has a very narrow entrance But it leads to the second arch. It’s a nice big Sweeping arch that overlooks a ravine. It’s one of the most spectacular arches and all the gorge We’re going to break in and talk about our favorite sugary snack of the gorge It’s called the Scotcheroon, made by Miller’s bakery, amish treats. It’s basically chocolate on a peanut butter rice crispy treat everything coalesced together to form a great taste. Number five is double arch This is on a well-marked trail in a well-traveled area of the gorge And this is a great landmark that people go to a lot it is high on a rock ridge with a large Arch in front of you and then a smaller one that kind of actually looks like a window on top in addition you can climb to the right and Go up to the observatory Where you can see obviously a ridge from the other side? All right coming in at number four is Gray’s arch We got Gray’s arch number four for multiple reasons one accessibility got its own parking on its own trailhead all Ages and fitness levels can get to it and Gray’s arches You know the biggest and most popular famous arch in the gorge got a really good pattern underneath it in the summer There is a little mini waterfall that goes through there. I’m recommend it for everybody number three Hopewell Hopewell arch is one of the most difficult Arches to find in the gorge, but when you do it is also the most rewarding You have to make a very steep climb you get to follow and very lightly marked trail But when you get to the top Hopewell has a large cavern with the arch itself going over top of your head Go and check out Hopewell alright guys. We’re winding down here We’re down to number two and we’re talking in star gap arch Arch that’s simply out of this world you can wind your way down through these brushy areas and then all of a sudden Come to a clearing and there’s this massive arch that spans Dozens of feet in front of you with like an overlook on the other side you can also explore nearby areas There’s what we call the living Wall which is neat. You can go on top of the arch and explore all sorts of areas Jailhouse Rock is in the area But the arch itself simply has to be seen to be believed so you need to check this one out Red byrd arch is # one. It’s in a really cool area So you actually have to drive out out of the gorge and then hike back in and it’s a little difficult to find But then once you do, it’s awesome. There’s a waterfall in the spring and summer The arch itself is like a medium to large-sized arch There’s so many things to explore over there large river at the bottom A great reason as to why we like it so much as how hidden it actually is it is one of truly Hidden arches at the gorge, so we hope you enjoyed our list red river Underground’s most badass arches in the gorge List us your top 10 arches in the gorge in the comments and tell us what you think

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