Top 10 Craziest Things Found After A Tsunami

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up this video and leave us a comment. OKAY. SO Tsunami is a seismic sea wave, usually
caused by an earthquake or some kind of underwater explosions. Tsunami’s can be devastating and can sweep
through inland areas, drawing things into the sea then displacing them. So, here are 10 crazy things that have been
found following a Tsunami…. 10 – A Whole Dock
Following the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, a  66ft-long concrete dock from Misawa drifted all the
way to Oregon. The 66ft long dock travelled over 4 thousand,
600 miles across the ocean and washed up in the United States just over a year later,
carrying 5 thousand pounds of sea life with it. John Chapman, a Biologist at Oregon’s State
University said That dock looked to me like a chunk of Japan had floated across the ocean
and landed on the Oregon Shore.” 9 – Creepy Fanged Creature
So this unidentified fanged creature washed up on a beach in Houston Texas following Hurricane
Harvey. It wasn’t a Tsunami, but the effects of
the high winds and rain were similar, chopping the oceans up and throwing creatures to the
shore that otherwise would have been happily swimming along in the deep. Preeti Desai took a picture of the mystery
creature and posted it on twitter, asking what the heck is this. The tweet went viral, and the internet answered
– it is a fangtoothed snake eel. 8 – Another mysterious creature from the deep
up next… Footage of a strange, big white creature emerged
on the internet after being shot on what we assume as a camera phone. The creature looks kind of whale like, although
it had people on social media totally stumped. 7 – Slipper covered in Barnacles
Woah, I can’t even conceive of something as flimsy as a slipper surviving over a year
at sea, but it did. Sadly swept away during the 2011 Tsunami,
the pink female slipper could have come from a victim of the tragedy. The solo shoe travelled all the way to Cannon
Beach, Oregon, where it was then taken to an Aquarium. The slipper is now on display with other fish
brought over to the Island by the Tsunami.. 6 – Mermaid
So this was actually a tasteless viral hoax following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, but
I thought we would mention it as it was big news at the time. So this picture was part of email hoax, and
it shows what people were saying was a real life mermaid that had washed up in Channai,
India following the Boxing Day Tsunami. 5 – Football
A football washing up on a beach might not seem like a crazy feat, but when you think
about the journey this ball had to go on to get to where it washed up in Alaska, it is
pretty insane. This ball belonged to 16 year old Misaki Murakami,
who’s home in Rikuzentakata was swept away in the 2011 Tsunami. When David and Yumi Baxter found the ball
on Middleton Island, they translated the message on the ball, which had been a good luck gift
to Misaki, they were able to trace the boy and reunite him with the ball! What a story! 4 – Toxic Waste
Eesh… this is not what you want washing up after a Tsunami …a whole load of Nuclear
Waste! Following the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004,
it seems chemical waste was dumped along the Somalian coastline. The UN confirmed that some somalians had suffered
from what appeared to be nuclear poisoning. Similarly…there is concerns about how much
nuclear waste being dumped in the ocean by the Fukushima nuclear plant that was sent
into chaos following the 2011 Tsunami. 3 – Ghost Ship
How this ship managed to stay afloat and cross 5,000 miles of ocean without anyone living
on board….well… it is nothing short of a miracle. Sadly for the boat, though, the unmanned journey
was to be its last. When it was spotted a year after the Tsunami
off the coast of Canada, the decision was made to sink the ship. As it drifted up the coast to Anchorage in
the United States, US Coast Guards pelted the vessel with machine gun fire. 2 – Harley Davidson
Following the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, a Harley Davidson Motorbike was found washed up on
Canadian Graham Island in British Columbia. Luckily for the bike, it was in a shipping
container so sort of survived in one piece, however it was no longer functional. Using the registration number, the bike was
traced back to its owner, Ikuo Yokoyama, who then donated it to the Harley Davidson Museum
as a haunting memorial to the 15,000 people that lost their lives as a result of the Tsunami. I picked this for number one because it seemed
the most poetic…a real sign of how much a natural disaster can destroy lives. 1 -Village Sign
I mean, this is sad, isn’t it…that’s how savage a Tsunami can be. It can totally destroy a village, then send
the village sign across the ocean, washing up on a beach thousands of miles away, a visual
reminder of how savage the elements can be. A sign from Shimanokoshi Village Housing was
swept out to sea and found 3,728 miles away to Oahu Island, in Hawaii two and a half years
after the Tsunami. The sign was flown back home in 2014, where
it is now on display as a reminder of the tragic events. So…. That was the top 10 craziest things found
after a Tsunami….. which of these did you find the craziest? Have you ever been affected by a Tsunami? Let me know? OUT.

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