Top 10 People Trapped In Scary Tsunamis

Tsunamis are very terrifying tidal waves that
are also known as a seismic sea wave that causes flooding’s around the world. Sometimes they are unexpected and when it
happens we panic and we are not really sure what to do in that moment. We are in the time of year where Tsunamis
are happening especially on the east coast of the states. I really hope everyone is able to safely evacuate
there homes and stay warm and dry. What your about to see are some pretty frightening
moments people had to go through when a Tsunami hits. So this is the top 10 people trapped in scary
Tsunamis. At number 10, I think its time to abandon
ship and leave your car behind because there isn’t much you could do and also a car isn’t
worth risking your life for. So what you just saw were a bunch of people
trying to save this car. I was really confused to why there was so
much effort to a loose cause but as the video played out things took a chilling turn when
you see a woman trapped inside of the car. Is this real life right now, the water is
super powerful. You shouldn’t under estimate water. I recently went overboard while white water
rafting and now I think I am terrified of water at the moment. Getting back to this video these people were
risking there lives trying to save another while these idiots were filming the whole
thing. It would have been easier having a whole bunch
of people help out of calling 9-1-1. Eventually more and more people stepped in,
and again you can see the whole thing on video because those dumb dumbs never wanted to put
the camera down. Water rising really fast comes up next at
number 9. The water seemed to come out of no where and
it raised up pretty quickly. Not only was the water rising from behind
these vechiles but it also raised up in front of the vehicles as well. The people inside were completely surrounded
and trapped. I am going to play the next part of the footage
and this is just seconds after the first take I showed you guys. This just became the deep end of a pool you
never wanted to go to. This took place in Japan. The Tsunami was triggered by a powerful 9.0
magnitude earthquake. This Tsunami did take a lot of lives that
day on March 28, 2011 at least 10,000 people were confirmed dead and another 17,000 were
reported to be missing. Japan is known to have many Tsunamis because
of the many earthquakes they get hit with because Japan is situated in a volcanic zone
of the Pacific Ring Of Fire. Destructive earthquakes often resulting in
tsunamis occur several times a century but it seems to have more often than that so at
number 8 we actually have more footage from the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. this footage really
shows you how aggressive and quick this all unfolded. Without warning People in Japan found themselves
fighting for there lives. Many people were trapped in there homes in
there vechiles. I don’t know whats scarier. Next up we have a Family vacation trip that
went horrible wrong and results in a tragedy in at unlucky number 7. This was suppose to be a family video but
instead it became a video that recorded a massive Tsunami that hit Malaysia. This video hit over 18 million views on Youtube
and I was looking at the comment section and I see comments like Oh Look a Tsunami is coming. Lets stand right in front of it at ground
level and film it. Or this one. Oh look a gigantic wave is heading out way. Lets stand here and look at it. “Please grab these comments” I don’t
know if I agree with these people. It looks like the waves were coming but it
didn’t seem like it would rise that high that fast. I mean we have seen small waves and than a
few big waves, we don’t expect a Tsunami was about to hit us. So I don’t blame this father for having
this on film. It looks like he was ok and the kids was ok
as well. They are probably really shaken up but it
least nothing bad happened in this situation. Its time to abandon ship at number 6. I am not sure why the first instinct for this
is to whip out a camera but it is. This guy was trying to get to that side road
but the water became to powerful and to deep the current just took this truck away. The truck did manage to get itself stuck into
the bushes instead of drifting right down the stream. I know the guy is probably super pissed of
his truck got ruined but it least he was able to get out of the vehicle safetly. He looked pretty calm getting out of his truck. Alright moving on things went from calm to
very dangerous in at number 5. This was a Tsunami that hit a beach in China. The waves just came out of nowhere. No one expected the waves to hit over the
massive wall. This Tsunami hit on boxing day back in 2004. It is believed to be the deadliest tsunami
in history killing more than 230,000 people across 14 countries. The Tsunami was caused by a 9.1 magnitude
quake that struck off the northern tip of Sumatra which is located in Indonesia. Some waves was reported at 80 feet high. Deadly and very terrifying. Number 4. In 2011 Japan had another Tsunami. The footage I am about to show you is from
Miyako City, which is located far north of Tokyo. This Tsunami was caused by a 9.0 magnitude
earthquake. Japan actually has a ton of earthquakes a
year, they have about 1,500. Obviously not all of them are catastrophic. A lot of them are disastrous but most of them
are just minor tremors that occur almost on a daily basis. Well here is a footage of the whole city being
flooded out. Its very scary seeing footage like this and
in this video you can really tell how high the water. The water level rises above a ton of buildings
and these buildings are not that short. The clean up after a destruction like this
must be months. The power lines are all destroyed everything
just looks to be erased. Let me take you guys over to New Zealand where
a Tsunami hit, and this comes onto our list at number 3. This was actually one of the most recent massive
Tsunamis to hit. This took place back in 2016. The footage I am about to show you is of a
parking garage this struck and the vehicles just gets totally destroyed. There are also people trapped. I am not even sure where to begin with the
clean up after this devastating destruction happens. There has to be hundreds if not thousands
of vehicle’s just destroyed. How do you even go find our own vechile. There was over 900 million dollars in insurance
claims. There was 2 deaths and 57 other people injuried
during this tsunami. Number 2. Whats scary about this situation is yes there
are people inside of the vechile. People are trapped inside and there isn’t
anything they can really do. At this point the question is do they get
out. I don’t know, it seems safer at this point
to stay in the vechile for as long as they can. I am hoping before this person started to
record this he called 9-1-1 he called for other help as well. Maybe call a ton of people and ask someone
to run to the store and buy rope, maybe life jackets or anything else that floats or can
save these peoples lives. But it doesn’t seem like any of that happened. This Tsunami footage was also taken from the
Japan Tsunami that was deadly. All of Japan was in panic mode, sirens were
going off to warn people of danger. 1:35- 1:42 Finally at number 1, we have a very scary
moment of a school bus being trapped in the water with school kids on board. This one is frightening to watch. Is this real life right now. I have no idea why the bus driver kept on
driving forward. They should have turned the bus around and
drove the other. It’s obvious that this was going to happen
the water is so aggressive and the water level was rising very quickly. I know this is the time of year where hurricanes
are happening especially in the carribean and the states so make sure you all stay dry
and please stay safe from all these Tsunamis. Thanks so much for watching this video I will
see you guys all in the next most amazing top 10 video.

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  1. My freind goes to a private school and apparently there’s a story about a girl who was on holiday in Alaska when the highest tsunami in the world came at her. Her family got in the car and forgot her. The family survived but sadly she didn’t.

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  3. Not sure whether I want to know what happened to the school bus or not know because most likely someone died…

  4. This hosts catchphrase is "is this real life right now?"

    Yes, it's always real life bruv

  5. I’m laughing so much rn yeah there was a tsunami in New Zealand but that was only like a tiny one that was like 1m high the video was the Japanese tsunami in 2011 that video was not the tsunami in nz I know this cos I live in nz

  6. Um these happen on the west coast of the states not the east coast… But great video!

  7. I dont know why he keeps aaying call 911 even 911 is trying to save their own lives lol unfortunately in a crisis like that its a so the best you can to preserve your own life

  8. To all of you saying you’re glad you don’t live there——what natural disasters do you have????
    I spent a lot of time in the bathtub as a kid because of tornadoes.

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  10. Tsunami's happening in the east coast of the states? As in the United States??? Cuz haven't heard about any of that happening… We've had hurricanes.

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  12. Europe has been suffering from a tsunami of non-Europeans that are all too willing to bring death and destruction with them.

  13. Who says the bus driver was still driving forward? You can't tell that from this video. It looks like the bus was just getting swept along.

  14. Wow. This really should show people how blessed they are to not experience these devastating disasters.

  15. Why are you commenting on people filming it? What do you mean "Call 911 instead". It's not like they are completely unaware a tsunami just hit the city.

  16. Omg I just watched this and there was a tsunami in Indonesia idk if today or a few days ago

  17. That tsunami no. 3 wasn't in New Zealand. That was the Japanese one.

  18. How do you expect them to run out to the store for life jackets and rope when they are clearly at a higher point in the middle of a massive flood where all you can do is sit and watch. Cops can't respond to that and the lines are likely flooded with calls. At least they can show the cops the footage they recorded so hopefully the bodies and survivors can be found and named. I'm responding to Landons criticism of the people filming #2.

  19. Ps you should make a top 10 animals saved during a hurricane/tsunami. Plenty of YouTube gold there including an awesome video of 6 dogs and one of a cow being rescued during the recent and still damaging hurricane Florence.

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  22. No 3. Isn’t New Zealand, it’s a parking garage in Japan which is apart of the 2011 tsunami. Who wrote this? because you made Landon look like a Fake Newser. Fake, lies and untrue.

  23. Tf is wrong with the guy filming the school bus? He just laughs, like is this real life right now?

  24. Landon is so dumb he thinks 911 is an international number for emergency services?

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  26. in number 10 all we saw was you talking, the editor never played the clip.

  27. Sometimes people just straight up aren't in a position to help…not that there probably aren't people out there who could be providing people with aid instead of videotaping, but even that footage can be potentially useful in figuring out what happened during the event and how it might be better prepared against in the future? I know my comment isn't very strong here, but some comments this video made (the one about going to get life jackets and rope…I don't quite understand! Can't exactly hop down to the store in that situation, and it'd be odd for every place to be equipped with that type of equipment) seemed kind of unexpectedly harsh on it. I'd appreciate it if anyone could better explain why this is to me

  28. One more tip should be "And don't just whip out your camera and then stand around like a bloody idiot."

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  30. When I was small we counted waves. My gran told us the 5th wave was the biggest .

  31. Landon DO-NOT-SING, hey man, how's your dad been, haven't heard you say much lately

  32. Anyone else do dis? :/
    When they say a man died or something my reaction is that awwe thats so sad! But when they mention about babies and kids being hurt im like Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooo!!

  33. I had an uncle who lost his life in the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Thankfully his wife & daughter survived

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