Top 10 Scariest Tsunamis Caught On Camera

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the Internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
we are talking about the Top 10 Scariest Tsunamis Caught on Camera. Tsunamis are large displacements of water
and are generally triggered by underwater earthquakes, landslides or volcanic eruptions. Over the years, they have contributed to some
of the biggest natural disasters in history, killing millions. On this list are still and moving images taken
of some of the most devastating tsunamis of all time. Stay tuned for some true chaos. 10 – Tidal Wave Destroys a Boat
Uploaded to Youtube by Multi Movie Player, this insane Tsunami video has had over 4.7
million views. Watch as the GIANT WAVE absolutely decimates
the boat. I don’t know who was recording this and
from what distance, but this is far out. We assume everyone on board lost their lives. 9 – Boat on House
How does a boat end up on top of a house? A tsunami, that is how. This picture is of the aftermath of the terrifying
Japanese Tsunami in Fukushima in 2011. The Tsunami came from an earthquake off the
Pacific coast of Tohoku, which registered as a 9 on the Richter scale. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded
in Japan and the tidal wave that came reached heights of 122ft. The water traveled 6 miles inland and caused
15 thousand 895 deaths. This image of a huge ferry boat on the roof
of a someone’s home goes to show the power if the waves and has become an iconic snap
of the devastation. Check out this scary footage of a Tsunami
wave in China at number 8. Captured on a camera phone, we see the moment
a giant wave sweeps over a barrier in China. Shot in 2011, the wave is absolutely huge
and knocks people in the street over, and a motorcyclist off their bike. I have no idea why people are standing there
and staring! Like… there is a tidal wave coming at you! What is happening! Why aren’t you running to high ground! Put your camera away! This next image is of a man walking his bike
through his former neighborhood. It is so moving at number 7
This man got very lucky…while caught up on the Tsunami, he was on higher ground and
not swept away with the waves. He can be seen in this picture going to survey
the wreckage of his old home and neighborhood which has been totally raised to the ground. Not only is the physical Tsunami devastation
caught on camera here, so is the emotional ruin caused. Heartbreaking. 6 – Fukushima Tsunami
This photo captures the moment that waves breached the flood wall on a street in Japan. We see the wave coming in over the street
and it is so scary… In one still image, there is so much damage
to be seen. It is presumed the photographer survived,
but we don’t know for a fact. If you thought that picture captured was scary,
check out a video taken of the same Tsunami at number 5
Going one step further and recording the deadly waves, this footage is heartbreaking and the
videographer can be heard screaming. At first, we see the tide sweeping boats away
in the current, watched by onlookers and the camera holder from a higher floor in a building,
then nobody can believe it as the water crashes over the banks and starts destroying everything
on the ground. It is presumed that everybody not on a rooftop
or higher building level, everyone in the street or in a car, was washed away to their
deaths. Buildings can be seen being swept away and
cars float in the water like bobbing ducks. 4 – Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand
On Boxing Day of 2004, swathes of the Thai coastline – although it wasn’t just Thailand
affected. In fact, we will be seeing a number of pieces
of footage from the Boxing Day Tsunami on this list – it was the deadliest Tsunami
in history, killing 230 thousand people across 12 countries. A tourist shot this footage in Patong, filming
the huge wave coming in from the beach. We hear them freak out when they realize just
how big the wave is. They run inside from their balcony to try
and get away. 3 – Man Swept Under in Thailand
This is some heartbreaking footage right here. In this footage, we see people huddled on
a rooftop. The camera catches a man, someone who looks
to be a white tourist, clutching on to debris and trying to stay afloat. Sadly, he is lost to the water. We have another person swept under at number
2 – This is some of the most dramatic Tsunami
footage I have ever seen. This horrifying footage is such a symbol of
man vs nature. It is terrifying. So here we hear two locals watching the waves
roll towards the beach during the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami. The guys recording point out a tourist still
on the beach who doesn’t realize what is about to hit him. Just as he realizes how high the waves are,
he stands up stunned…. But it is too late. He has swept away. There is zero chance
he survived. 1 – CCTV from around the Iwate Prefecture
This is the final piece of footage from the Japanese Tsunami of 2011 is absolutely insane
and heartbreaking. One moment you are looking at a road, the
next you are looking at a road turned into a river. Literal houses are floating down the street. Later we see a car driving up a road. The driver is met with water on the road and
turns around. Quickly, a whole ocean of water and debris
comes at the car, which goes out of shot, but presumably, it couldn’t outdrive the
gushing water. So there you go. That was the Top 10 Scariest Tsunamis caught
on camera. My thoughts are wholehearted with the people
that lost their homes, were injured or killed in these devastating natural disasters. Let me know your thoughts on the video in
the comments section down below. Before I head out – I want to draw your attention
to some similar videos – we have Top 10 Crazy Things found after a Tsunami. On that list, we have a few very weird things
that have washed up after the huge storms. We also have a list of the Top 10 Worst Natural
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  1. It's China they wouldn't run

    But still very horrifying and sad poor, people ?

  2. I feel very horrible for what happened to these people. I’m very sorry for them

  3. Sorry to say but some of those tsunamis are not even tsunamis. That one from China was a river refilling after the dry season. It just happened that some water got out and splashed those people, otherwise they wouldn't stay there to watch the water come. And the first one from the boat, I don't consider it a tsunami but a regular big wave produced by the strong winds of a storm. And the boat was safe, they weren't slammed.

  4. Tsunami's are powerful enough to easily destroy my positivity…

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    I don't have any positivity when it comes to EVERYTHING :]

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    I'm sorry lord please forgive me

  6. When i was 7 my dad took my sisters and myself to California. While we visited the ocean i was running from the waves and was caught by a sleeper wave. All i remember is clawing at the sand while inhaling salt water. Luckily my dad was close enough to grab my arm and save my life. Very scary memory

  7. Me: Wow!
    Mum: Are you watching murder?
    Me: Uh no
    Mum: Then show me
    Me: Okay..
    Shows her that I’m watching tsunami’s
    Mum: I told you NO MURDER!
    Me: It’s Tsunami’s!
    Mum: And people die from Tsunami’s

  8. I can't handle that voice anylonger. Omg ? and all tbese videos copied.

  9. 2:28 Makes me want to cry. 4:53 I want to cry too. Anyone who got swept away I’m sad I’m sorry for you I want to cry.

  10. I watched so many Japan Tsunami videos in my Geography class in college.
    They're gut wrenching and we watched from a birds eye view as a person driving a truck was struck by the wave and another video where an older man was cut off from everyone else by the rising water.
    Rip everyone who lost their lives that day

  11. I read a book about a kid was on holiday when the 2004 tsunami came in. He was riding an elephant when the wave came but the elephant knew it was coming and it saved the boy.

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    but there could be a chance a tsunami so it ruins everything ?

  13. 1:11 I know its sad but i laughing at the boat on a house just imagen coming home and see a boat on your house

  14. The first shows the boat not capsizing. Why would you assume they all lost their lives? You're an idiot…

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