Top 10 Scary Flash Floods Nobody Saw Coming

Im sure a lot of you guys have seen a flood
before, maybe a river burst its banks or a storm sent waves crashing into a town. Most of the time, theres no serious danger. Flash floods are a whole different thing though. They happen quickly, because of human or natural
reasons, and sometimes there is no time to react before immense amounts of water destroy
everything in their path. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top
10 Scary Flash Floods Nobody Saw Coming. Just to let you guys know, these arent in
order of death tolls or damage, Ive tried to keep it varied so with that said, lets
start at number 10 with 2010 Pakistan. In July 2010, heavy monsoon rains in Pakistan
cause the Indus River to swell to unprecedented levels, flooding the low lying areas around
it. In one area, 10.8 inches of rain fell in 24
hours. The resulting flash floods spread over 20%
of the entire country. When the waters subsided, the damage was astounding. 1.89 houses had been destroyed – leaving 6
million people without homes. 1,781 people were killed with a further 2,966
injured. 17 million acres of land was submerged, killing
200,000 livestock. A government minister called it the worst
flood in the countrys history. Next up at number 9 now we have 2016 South
Africa. In November 2016, 3 and a half inches of rain
fell in just 3 hours during a storm. The floods hit hard and they hit fast. Check out this clip of a car being pulled
by the waters, it really shows the true power of this flash flood. 6 people died in the floods but the number
could have been a lot worse. One of the uplifting parts of the story were
the clips of people working together to save people trapped in their cars. Coming in at number 8 we have the Johnstown
Flood. This is thought to be the most deadly flash
flood in US history. On May 31st 1889, the South Fork Dam broke
near Johnstown Pennsylvania after several days of extremely heavy rainfall. 14.55 million cubic meters of water was released
– hitting the town in full force. A 30ft wall of water destroyed everything
in is path. It pushed debris all the way to the other
side of the town where it caught fire. 80 people died in those flames but the total
death toll was even more shocking. Its though that 2,209 people lost their lives
on this fateful day – American laws were changed forever to make sure it never happened again. Next up at number 7 we have the Nebraska Hospital. This one is from August 2014, when flash floods
in Nebraska hit the town of Kearney. To fully understand just how rapid and powerful
they were, the Good Samaritan Hospital in the town uploaded this video onto their Facebook
page of the waters bursting through the doors and onto the ground floor. Luckily, nobody was hurt – you can see people
making their way cautiously to the 2nd floor. Moving on to number 6 we have Southern Utah. The clip youre about to see was uploaded by
YouTuber David of -Rankinstudio- in 2013. In July, about 3 inches of rain fell in a
short amount of time, causing a flash flood full of debris to sweep across Southern Utah. It turned the dry barrens into a raging torrent
in just a few minutes. They knew where the water was heading so they
set up and got this incredible footage. Next up at number 5 we have Big Island. The rolling grassy hills of Waikoloa on Hawaiis
Big Island are usually serene. That all changed in April 2011 when heavy
rain caused an unprecedented flash flood in the area. YouTuber -i reporter hawaii was in the right
place at the right time to capture this footage. This isnt a swollen river or anything, it
was genuinely just grassy land that quickly turned into an aggressive flash flood. The hardened lava rocks turned it into ferocious
rapids. The guy filming goes closer to get a better
view – this is something I do not recommend. If you ever find yourself witnessing a flash
flood, run and find higher ground. The clips are not worth it! Moving on to number 4 now we have the Uttrakhand
Flood. This province in Northern India experienced
devastating floods in June and July of 2013 after a cloudburst caused the worst natural
disaster since the 2004 Tsunami. The footage youre seeing shows just how bad
it really got. 4,200 villages were affected resulting in
the tragic deaths of 5,748 people. The Indian army had to be called in to help
rescue 110,000 people from the flooded area. (2:00 building collapse) At number 3 now we have 2016 Nepal. Nepal has faced a number of brutal flash floods
in its history, including one in 2016 that left 64 people dead and 20 missing. It happened during the monsoon season where
rainfall caused two major rivers to burst their banks. The footage youre seeing now is from a viral
clip on YouTube that has since racked up over 2 million views. By any standards, this flash flood would have
been enough of a disaster – but it was made even worse by the fact that many Nepalis were
still living in makeshift tents after a devastating Earthquake hit the country. At number 2 now we have Little Wild Horse
Slot Canyon. Were going back again to Utah in 2013 for
this one where the same flash floods we talked about earlier resulted in this incredible
footage. It was uploaded by UtahMotoTrails to YouTube
and in the description, they say it shows just how fast things can get ugly. They were panicking a little bit because the
forecast had said there was a low chance of rain and now they found themselves in this
narrow canyon with only one way out. They said it was lucky they remembered the
way back because there was no chance of out running such a rapid torrent of water … And finally at number 1 now we have the Machchhu
Damn failure. This is considered the worst flash flood in
history – and for good reason. The dam was completed in 1972 and for 7 years,
it did its job – holding back and regulating the flow of the Machhu river. But then, on August 11th 1979 – after days
of excessive rain – the earthen walls of the dam began to disintegrate. The flow of water was 3 times higher than
the dam was designed for, leading to its collapse. The water hit the town of Morbi and other
nearby villages. Government officials put the death toll at
1800 but some experts say there has been a coverup and the real number could be as high
was 25,000 people. To this day, people are still fighting to
find out the truth. Well, that was a real eye opening to the immense
power of nature. Theres also a lot to be said for how much
climate change is increasing the rate of flash floods in vulnerable areas. What do you guys have to say on that? Im Danny Burke, thanks as always for watching
and Ill see you all in the next video.

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    On a lighter note, Danny, that hairstyle looks great on you!

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  4. Yeah… the 2010 flood was destructive. I was blessed to have not taken damage. The river near me also flooded, just didn’t reach us.

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  11. We had a flashed summer storm from nowhere before in the East Midlands,where I'd used to lived.The garden was trenched even we had that before too but, not a summer flashed floods!! I came out of the front door to go to work….OMFG never seen it my life first time there are some floods at the front!!! Strangely enough I'd found it slightly exciting like a little girl do.Maybe it's to do with the summer season, and the water was warm too.I loved every minute of it by walked through it in me shorts and flip flops….:D

  12. I was kinda expecting a dutch flash flood to be on here. I forgot the year but many years ago there was a flood that flooded a lot of the netherlands and it was night so most people sadly died not waking up sooner

  13. While flash floods can be more scary and certainly more dangerous in some ways, I find any kind of flooding can create a particular sense of fear and mistrust. Back in 1994, I was at school when Hurricane Gordon crossed over Orlando. Driving home, a good 30 minutes, was made intense feeling, by the sight of the water crawling over the edge of lakes

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  19. I live in Utah but not southern Utah. Our washing machine flooded in September b/c there was a hole in a pipe. I discovered it & my roommates were like "What happened?" we didn't have a mop so we cleaned it up with a vacuum. There's still a dark spot by the washing room on the carpet.

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  21. My house was flooded because of a flash flood near the ameet river in Watson Louisiana

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