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Welcome to TFC Media Planet Leaf… This nature is not only a home to the tranquillity… It is also a centre for the disasters… It can be confirmed by many that misfortunes happen as part of several natural disasters. As part of these disasters, no need say how dangerous the tsunamis are… No one would wish for Tsunami occurrence… If it occurs, the loss will be unimaginable. As a result of the tsunami which takes place due to volcanic eruptions and rapid displacement of ocean water on a massive scale… Not only a huge property loss… It would also cause great loss of life more than that. Already in several countries… Many dangerous tsunamis not only showed a great impact on the economy of those countries… According to the magnitude, the areas took few months and years time to recover from the loss… With this, the worldwide effect of Tsunamis can be understood. The locations where tsunamis that caused a huge loss occurred until now… What is the intensity of loss created by them? Due to which tsunami does the countries faced the various terrible situations… In this video, I am going to tell you the information about the areas affected by tsunamis. No. 1 7 years ago… On 11 March 2011, near the coastline of Japan… A huge earthquake triggered under the sea. Its magnitude was recorded at 9.0, later upgraded to 9.1. While the magnitude of the tsunami occurred due to this huge earthquake triggered under the sea extended across the world… Surprisingly Japan is still struggling to recover from the loss caused by this. When this tsunami occurred, the sea level raised and 40 m-high waves came ashore. With this, the intensity can be understood. Due to this tsunami, while thousands of people lost their lives… About 1,20,000 buildings were washed away by water. Not only that… The violent shaking resulted in a nuclear emergency, in which the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan began leaking radioactive steam. No. 2 14 years ago… On 26 December 2004… Due to the earthquake triggered undersea that struck the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia… This tsunami occurred. At first, scientists confirmed the magnitude of this tsunami as 8.1… Knowing that its magnitude is more than that… They recorded the magnitude of 9.1. This tsunami disturbance originated in the Indian Ocean gradually reached Bangladesh, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and Maldives. The tsunami which occurred at 7 o’clock gradually occupied Indian ocean. While more than 2,25,000 people lost their lives due to this tsunami… In this disaster, along with the local residents… Even the thousands of tourists from various other countries were killed. Here another thing is… Due to the famine caused by this tsunami… Hundreds of people lost their lives due to the lack of proper food and water. No. 3 On 28 December 1908, a huge earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 was caused in the sea at Messina in Italy. As the result of the tsunami caused due to this… While 91 percent of structures and buildings in Messina were destroyed… About 75,000 people have died. The earthquake which caused this deadliest tsunami is said to be the most destructive earthquake in Europe. Due to Tsunami, Messina and nearby cities were completely destroyed. Because of the tsunami, the ocean waves raised up to 13 meters height. As this destructive tsunami was driven along the coastline of North Sicily and South Calabria… An incredible loss occurred. After the occurrence of this tsunami… The port was filled with the dead bodies of human beings and animals… With this the intensity of tsunami can be understood. No. 4 In 1868, the earthquake occurred in Arica recorded 8.5- 9.0 magnitude and resulted in a huge loss. This tsunami caused near Peru was a Pacific-wide tsunami. Hundreds of residents of nearby villages and cities were stuck in the tsunami and lost their lives. When this tsunami occurred, the waves have raised up to 14 metres height… Creating an immense loss, surrounded the residential areas… More than 25,000 people lost their lives. People of Peru consider this tsunami an unfortunate disaster in the history. No. 5 A deadliest tsunami occurred in 1498. This is called as Meio Nankaido tsunami. This tsunami hit the coast of Nankaido in Japan. This was caused by the powerful earthquake triggered with the magnitude of 8.6. During this tsunami occurrence, 56-foot-high waves came ashore… The reports confirmed that between 5,000 – 41,000 people were killed. So, on the whole… As per the reports, Japan is in the first place among the countries which faced the most dangerous tsunamis across the world. So, friends… This is the information about the most destructive and deadliest tsunamis. If you like this video, hit the like button and share the video. If you want to share your suggestions, please do comment. To know few more such interesting facts… Do not forget to subscribe to our Planet Leaf channel. Thank You!

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  6. Brother, Poompuhar port (Tamil Nadu) is vanished centuries ago due to Psunami. Thousands of people, means survives forced to flee from the area and settled many other part of India. Its not recorded in history. Vanika Vaishya traders are the main victims of that time.

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