Top 5 River Canoeing Tips to Help Make You a Better Paddler

This episode of Paddle TV is brought to
you by the ACA—improving the paddlesports experience for over a century.
Learn more at American canoe dot-org In this video, we’re going to reveal five
river canoeing tips that’ll make you a better paddler, or at least save you from
having to learn important lessons the hard way. First off, it’s critical that you understand your limits when you’re
paddling, because even though river canoeing is a relatively safe activity,
when things do go wrong situations can become very serious, very fast. With that
being said, when canoeing in flowing rivers, it’s essential that you always
wear a lifejacket on the water, that you’re aware of any potential hazards,
like low-head dams, and that you’re conservative with all your decisions. In
fact, when making decisions on the river it’s always better to wish you had done
something, than wish you had not done something. The next tip is about how the
canoe travels through the water. The tip is that whether you’re paddling solo or
a tandem canoe, all turns or course corrections should be initiated from the
stern of the canoe. Why? Because as a canoe moves forward through the water,
the bow wants to go straight because it’s effectively being held in place by
the resistance of the oncoming water. On the other hand, the stern of the canoe is free to move side-to-side because it doesn’t experience the same water pressure. the third key River canoeing tip is that
even though canoes have comfy and inviting looking seats you should
strongly consider kneeling in the canoe when you’re paddling on flowing rivers
kneeling is a much more stable position because it lowers your center of gravity
and it also gives you better contact and control or for the canoe of course if
you’re going to kneel it’ll be much more comfortable if you have foam pads or
something else soft and the Elan the fourth river canoeing tip is that
any event of a capsize the river can separate people and gear incredibly
quickly and so it’s important that you have a plan in place before you head out
on the water and that everyone’s on the same wavelength of course the most
important thing you can do to prepare for an unexpected capsize is to always
wear a lifejacket when you’re on the water a lifejacket can not only save
your life but it’ll make dealing with your canoe and any other gear much
easier the fifth and final tip for canoeing is simple and has a unique
ability to have your canoe trip end on a high note
since canoeing flowing rivers typically means setting up a shuttle plan ahead
and make sure you have everything you might need in the vehicle that’s waiting
at the take-up this means having things like towels warm and dry clothes drinks
and snacks most importantly though make sure you have the keys for the takeout
vehicle well I hope you found this video helpful and if you did enjoy it please
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