Top Rated LED Wall Pack From PLT

🎵Music Hi my name is Paul. I’m with I wanted to share with you today one of our
highest selling wall packs. This is a 40-Watt wall pack and it might sound
a little bit crazy but I am so excited about how well this is packed. I wanted to share that with you too. So when you get into this, you find these really
nice cardboard constructed corners on here. You’ll also find instructions and whatall
there. But this packaging right here is just really
nicely shaped to fit the wall pack. And inside here, this is just really really well put together. So what you’ll find is a nice borosilicate
glass lens and a 3-foot cord right here that can be wired up however. And also there’s something else in here. Here it is. I’m going to put this down for just a second. And right over here is a shade. So with wall packs, like this style is by far
the most common in the industry. It’ll be on your wall like this and you’ll
have light coming out this way and that way all over the place. But in this day and age, a lot of folks are
really big on Dark Sky. And so with that type of thing to keep the
you know the stars more visible at night you can have this shade attached. And then that will keep the
light from going up if you will and just have your light going out on the parking lot. So it’s a really nice handy addition that
comes in all of these wall packs that you buy from PLT or the PLT brand I should say. This is the other little mount thing that
just you attach this to the wall and the wall pack just slides on there on the back side
like this so it’s really not that hard but it just works out really well. So that’s enough about the construction. I’ll tell you a little bit more about the
wall pack itself. This has a rating or it’s listed with Design
Lights Consortium. Put this right here. Which means that you’re utility will probably
have a really good rebate when you buy this from us. And so whatever the cost is on our website,
which is always going to be low you’ll get an even better deal through rebates with your
utility if you pursue that direction. This is one of our highest rated products
in terms of customer reviews. Our folks just really love them. And let’s see if there’s some other really good
things I wanted to share with you. It’s also one of our higher selling products,
highest selling. We sell many of these each month. So, gosh great LED product. It’s 40-Watts if I didn’t mention that and
puts out 3600 Lumens. We’ve talked about DLC. So it’s a good product. If you have any questions about this, then
I encourage you to place check bases with our sales professionals at 1-800-624-4488. Thank you so much. Take care.

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