4 thoughts on “Top Stories: 11 p.m. 2-13-20

  1. This is the kind of nonsense that Ted Wheeler has allowed and even ENCOURAGED to take place in our city:


    Since KGW won't report on it, the people will!!


  2. I am the person with the lift truck on the sidewalk and Lane Marten passed me as I tried to get out of the way of this organized murder fest and Lane Marten stated out loud as he passed me that the cops killed someone he knew and stated out loud the cops were going to kill him!
    The so called "audio" released by the Portland police don't jive at all to what I am a witness to, Lane Marten was not constantly shooting his mouth off, and the cops were not constantly warning him to stop either!
    Their conversations if you want to call it that all took place at the bus stop alongside the closed down Safeway store!
    After Lane Marten walked away from these cops while carrying a hatchet from that point forward there is almost no yelling or screaming!
    When Lane Marten passed me on the sidewalk he stated out loud to anyone within hearing distance that the cops killed someone he knew that was in the military and that they were going to kill him!
    The cops followed behind Lane Marten and I seen their faces and seen that they all were grinning and smirking and saying NOTHING OUT LOUD! as they followed after Lane Marten on foot at walking speed!
    I did not deem Lane Marten as a threat and no one he passed that I am a witness to deemed him a threat either!
    Me and other pedestrians were more concerned about getting out of the line of fire by these grinning smirking cops!
    When I seen the facial expression on these cops I knew then and there that their going to kill that man and I focused on getting out of the way of these people!
    I would like to point out that in other jurisdictions in other cases there have been examples of people pulling weapons on cops as an act of self defense and were acquitted and not convicted so it is legally possible that Lane Marten was acting in self defense, he did after all state out loud he was under the belief he was in danger of being killed!
    Is it not odd that when cops ambush people and kill people that cop watchers are never on the scene until after the fact yet when cops show up to slap handcuffs on people cop watchers seem to always be there to catch the "perp walk" on video?
    You don't suppose that cop watchers are just relatives and buddies to cops and aid and abet them by picking and choosing what they document and what they choose to ignore?

  3. What about Doubleclick the body double and Mrs Dash the county jail kitchen prep cook and poisoner?
    Doubles and photogenic photo's to frame people and poisoning off witnesses against them are the Multnomah county sheriff and Portland police trade mark signature and their very fond of using nick names!!
    Why did Dick Connor's murder off the owner of Oaks Park and spend a decade sabotaging the amusement rides in repeated attempts to cause huge deaths and disasters?
    Could it be because local GOV wanted the waterfront property for themselves and that they wanted their excuse to permanently close down the park and deaths and disasters would give them that excuse?
    Cops and sheriffs and their buddies/relatives/girlfriends talk about using doubles and photogenic photo's to frame people and talk about poisoning off anyone that is a witness against them and using their power of influence at hospitals by coercing doctors into NOT TAKING TOXICOLOGY TESTS!

  4. Why did Joe Norling spend around a quarter million dollars in improvements at Oaks Park after he and his maintenance team and general manager are caught in sabotage of the rides?

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