Tornado caused by Hurricane Dorian levels homes

-Lived here all my life, so you
go through these hurricanes, and, you know, it’s bad,
but you kind of get through it. I just moved back in my house
eight days ago from the last hurricane,
from Florence. We just moved back in,
and now here we are, waiting to go again. It’s always a concern, ’cause,
you know, I’m right on the water. House is right on the water,
so you’re always worried. But ain’t nothing you can do
except ride it out. Pay your insurance premiums. I pay mine, thank God. -Florence literally sat
on top of us for three days. It was the rain
that killed us last time, just drenching everything. But I didn’t count on this. Did not count on this. I didn’t think you could have
a tornado where it wasn’t flat
like Kansas, you know? But, obviously, you can. -This was supposed to be mine. I went from my parents house
with my children, and I had children and,
you know, other relationships, and this was gonna be
the first time I ever lived
on my own, so… But maybe it was meant to be. I don’t have a lot of memories
attached to it yet. I’m just kind of picking out
a few things to salvage. We were planning to ride it out,
and I just happened to see on the news that a tornado
had touched down on the island, and I figured it would be down
close to the pier, you know? And I happened to be looking
at video that somebody shot
on the Channel 7 News, and I thought,
“That’s my couch!” ‘Cause it’s pretty
distinctive — pretty ugly
and pretty distinctive. I don’t know what I can
personally do from a standpoint right now, so I’m gonna pick up
a few of my mementos and go fill up a gas
can for the generator at home, and it’ll probably
hit me later tonight when I have a chance to sit
and think about everything.

47 thoughts on “Tornado caused by Hurricane Dorian levels homes

  1. "I didn't know there could be tornadoes where it wasn't flat like Kansas or someplace." I feel sorry for her, but the stunning ignorance of so many is just difficult to understand

  2. Now a tornado I'm from Oklahoma a tornado produced by a hurricane that's pretty bad but thanks for the update

  3. The tornado will get a rating from somewhere from EF1 to High-end EF2
    100 to 130 mph. That's my guess

  4. So that's two interviews of people who had just rebuilt their lives only to have everything gone. I feel terrible for her especially, but this is what we are all faced with – climate change is forcing big BIG changes. We can't have all we had before. We did not take care.

  5. Move inland Republicans don't believe in Climate Change ?Water is getting warmer storm gets bigger

  6. Maybe house Democrats will donate some of the newly found Trillions of green deal money… nope cuz their are no votes involved.

  7. Mother nature is trying to do the world a favor and eradicate people that live in Trailer parks….. Thank you mother nature

  8. Didn't someone famous say you will build and i will destroy you heathen nation? Asking for a friend.

  9. What a brave and stoic lady at the end. I hope her night is not so bad. Ugly couch aside… she seems to have a survivors heart. I wish her and all the others affected by this only good things. Peace,

  10. She's sounding like Trump now w the Cat 5. Tornadoes only exist in flat areas?

  11. Does that woman not realize florida is flat like kansas? I feel sorry for her

  12. I didn't even realize there was this much damage ,I live around the area of Emerald Isle but I had no clue. This is crazy!

  13. I know it's hard but don't put yourself in harm's way. Get yet insurance move to the Dakotas. Chances of tornadoes rare and no hurricanes. Take care dear people. We feel your pain

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  15. Look I pray they're safe, but this hurricane is being embellished a lot. Also, it's a mobile home… there's really not much to say there.

  16. My heart goes out to all the victims of hurricane Dorian. I have family in Puerto Rico and I live in Houston. I do know what it’s like. I’ve also lived in Kansas when I was a kid and tornados was a yearly danger. We had strong communities back then. Especially military families. We always helped each other out. With our current president today, you’re going to have to depend on each others. He’s to busy right now trying to build a 🤬 wall. If you’re lucky, you may get some paper towels.

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  18. I think the highest part of Florida is 18ft tops Kansas is not as flat as Florida!🌪🐸👁

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