Tornado, flooding, heavy rains hit Montana

severe storms hit much of north-central Montana Thursday many areas saw a variety of severe weather conditions that included this tornado that tucked out touchdown just west of Judith gap in Wheatland County around 5:30 last night fortunately the tornado stayed in the rural area and nobody was injured now to the west this is video captured by Michael Gray down in Clancy when the first storm hit around two o’clock yesterday afternoon now by the time the system hit Helena it brought lightning rain and a few strong claps of thunder but luckily not much hail compared to other areas and closer to home a severe thunderstorm brought high winds estimated around 70 miles per hour to the belt area the wind toppled trees and knocked out power for part of the town the National Weather Service in Great Falls will be surveying the damage in that area later today and here in the Electric City strong winds and quarter-sized hail were reported at the Great Falls International Airport but it was the torrential rain that made the biggest impact leaving streets flooded and some impassable yesterday evening and to the east it was a nerve-wracking situation for nearly 40 people at the little Rocky’s Christian camp near land uh ski in Phillips County 2nd and 3rd graders spent part of the first night of the camp waiting out that tornado warning [Applause] [Music] [Applause] damn staff said that they were getting alerts while they were eating dinner and then decided to move if everyone into the cellar where they tried to pass the time and just keep everybody calm so he sang songs we told a Bible story there was a few tears but overall I think the kids their chants and we kind of have a story to tell now McClenahan says that they spent about an hour in the cellar now she says that the Wi-Fi is pretty spotty at the camp but they tried their best to keep parents and friends updated on their safety by posting on Facebook

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