Tornado Siren?! Cat Reacts to Emergency Warning Alert System! Cute & Funny! Cat Blep!

69 thoughts on “Tornado Siren?! Cat Reacts to Emergency Warning Alert System! Cute & Funny! Cat Blep!

  1. * dog barking *
    Cat: I sleep.

    * Burglary *
    Cat: I sleep.

    * Air raid siren *
    R E A L S H I T

  2. when I am in the shower and it was cold and I didn't care
    Mom: Mija dónde estás
    Me: No se thinking that I'm in trouble but she was making sure I am at home
    Me: o in a bath

  3. Love the tongue sticking out and hiding part, what a riot 😀 😀 😀

  4. 1:18 I first noticed the voice a few years ago. That's what they were saying? But then what's with those weird beeping sounds?

  5. I have no idea how the person filming this did not absolutely lose it at 0:20

  6. 1:06

    When you hear ur takis bag shaking abd it's not ur sister or mom. Or dad
    And y ou hear crunching

    Oh meh something eat meh takis

    Edit: no joke this is a story that actually happened to .me I heard crunching in my talks bag and I FOUND A MOUSE EATING IT!!!!

    Yeah I threw that bag away <:|

  7. Awww adorable cat! My cat just bites me and he bites my hand at night

  8. 0:20 When the teacher says "alright put all of your stuff away, it's quiz time"

  9. Aw ฅ^◕˛◕^ฅ
    ( • – •) />?You want my cake?
    ( • – •)
    ?\ No my cake
    ( • . •)
    />?Just kidding you can have my cake
    ( – _ -)
    />?But just a bite
    ( • – •)
    ?\ No you bite to much! No more cake for you

  10. "Simon recognizes the warning siren but doesn't understand it is just a test."

    no… the cat does not understand anything about the siren other than it being a noise they don't like. You make it out like the cat understands the siren = warning

  11. clears my throat well at least i am a animal lover of myself <3 🙂 ^_^ 100%

  12. 0:20 when the microwave goes off for my hot pocket.

  13. I would have thought it’s the scp siren head, what’s the other cats name and gender.

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