Tornado touches down in Chambers County

and what you’ll notice is as we go back in time you’ll see some very bright reds and greens next to one another so right here this was in the vicinity of barbers Hill Road where it intersects fm 1942 that’s the tornado that picked up by the radar and here’s a look at that video that comes to us from Deepa seeing out of Bay town and there you can see that very well-defined funnel cloud we saw a lot of these during Hurricane harvey these tropical funnels that usually the clouds hang very low to the ground and you see these wide bases and then a short funnel comes down normally they don’t last very long but this one appears to have tracked for at least a few miles into Chambers County so that’s the view of the tornado confirmed that has touched down in eastern Harris County northeast corner of Harris County and has now moved eastward into Chambers County let’s go back to the radar we’re not seeing that sign of rotation on the radar anymore and so that’s a good sign but the treinta warning continues until 5:45 p.m. Anahuac this potentially could be impacting you and even if the tornado has gone back up into the cloud a new rotation could possibly develop meanwhile a different problem now beginning to develop across Houston and Harris County we have some pretty heavy training thunderstorms that have popped up and these storms are tracking off in a west to east direction and so they’re throwing down rain at a pretty cool

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