[Music] and good goodnight I guess I would say I’m chief meteorologist Nick big events gonna be started up with a tornado warning that has just been issued about about seven minutes ago for Livingston County that’s Livingston County in southeast Michigan here right now it’s a tornado warning it’s a tornado warning in effect until 10:30 p.m. this is right now are they’re continuing with the tornado warning for Livingston County it’s a radar indicated and I will show you this okay you can really see the knots right here in Livingston County if you are looking about okay they have they have trimmed the tornado warning down but you can right now see the notch in this storm this is for Livingston County they have trimmed down to tornado warning just as I was speaking my live scan is uploading here of okay live scan is uploading so I will not be able to get a okay here it is live scan okay you can see the very very tight hook excuse me you can see the very very tight hook in this storm and the storm is moving at about it’s moving it about let’s see here – it’s about 68 miles an hour the storm the tornado itself I believe is moving at 25 miles an hour the tornado warning tornado warning is in effect for Livingston County we’re going to leave that up here for a little but here let’s go back to the diet live Doppler radar getting another sweep in you can if you look at this closely you can definitely see right here I’ll you can see the hook right here this is where is this a tornado it’s gonna be right in this area if there’s a tornado it will be right in that area the next County that’s a warning will be for will be if there was a tornado warning extended it will be for maybe an extreme lower south extreme south eastern Hawass are awash the county but here’s the rundown here if they do actually do another morning they would most likely continue it for maybe lower Genesee County at this time so again we’re gonna be looking here this is we have a severe thunderstorm warning right here we have a severe thunderstorm warning this is it’s until 10:30 they didn’t mentioned earlier a possible tornado I’ll loop this here for you and you can see how this let me get the I’m gonna slow down the loop here 140 okay here we go it’s just slow enough here my person just texted me they just said we are expecting to get nailed badly and I will show them this here this is very tight circulation on this storm no kidding this is very tight circulation the severe thunderstorm actually has a different track than the tornado warning itself whoopsie-daisy here whoa what did I just click with what am I on here definitely not it it’s um loading okay that’s why it’s loading it is loading uh we’re having a little waiter trouble here okay there we go okay we just got our live scan in okay taking them okay we’re good we’re gonna do a manual storm track hear of the storm you know it’s really kind of hard to tell we’re gonna give you a minnow storm track on this storm they said it’s about 60 about 63 miles an hour I believe at about northeast and northeasterly direction believe it was about sixty miles an hour here about 63 miles an hour about northeast okay so basically if you are in Argentine Lyndon Fenton Holley go touch Ortonville metamour or Emily City this storm may not have a tornado when it comes to you but definitely is something to watch out about you’re gonna clear the storm track take a look at the official storm track that our radar is giving us it actually includes tool appear and this this is it includes appear for about 1050 p.m. the National Weather Service has not updated the warning yet here they’re still continuing it as a tornado warning for the city Livingston County and actually the storm has just passed over flower love the Fowlerville not less than about maybe a few minutes ago here here’s a Lupita Doppler radar here and you can just see the storm has Edie it’s moving pretty fast here these are these are fast-moving storms don’t don’t get that wrong I think the next city in the path of the storm is gonna be Fenton which is right here and this storm could this could be a very dangerous storm and act I mean there was a possible tornado with it so it’s very dangerous right now don’t get me wrong but what I’m saying is it could be more than it it can be extremely dangerous we’re gonna be getting a live scan here in the next minute or two looks like it was already trying to do a live scan but it kind of didn’t kind of fail to do that the National Weather Service did say that any break in the storm would contribute to the possibility of a tornado and I’ll tell you right now the break in the storm started appearing a little bit after the warning was issued about right here you could see a let’s see a break right here in the storm and as we move it back it was starting to bow in right here and then that just actually kind of progress here okay we just got something to shoot here we have a tornado warning continued for Livingston County at this point it is still radar indicated we do not have anyone on the ground at this time reporting a tornado on the ground this is strictly a radar indicated which means they are looking at the Doppler radar and they are seeing that there is a tornado hour possibility of what it looks to be appears to be a tornado right there we are getting a our latest sweep is coming in if you can see this beam moving ever so slowly this beam is moving and that is our latest sweep coming in we just got a warning we just got a severe thunderstorm warning for Tennessee and Oakland County again genesee in Oakland County you are now under a tornado [Music] brighton brighton brighton brighton okay I will answer your question in a minute okay severe thunderstorm warning has now just been issued in the last few minutes seconds here Soweto snow morning has my radar my radio my radar radio excuse me is talking okay [Applause] Oh okay so the national issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Auckland in Genesee County that’s actually upper Oakland in the lower Genesee County until 11 o’clock there’s no tornado with this right now the tornado warning has actually been canceled by the National Weather Service they apparently are not seeing any more rotation with this which I still do see a hook echo right here but it is not as bad as it actually was now brighton brighton brightness right here brighton brighton is going to be pretty soon hit by some severe water brightness and under the thunderstorm severe thunderstorm warning uh okay so the storm is moving to the it’s gonna hit Lapeer now this part of the storm right here that we see Oh where’s that around the bird front area is starting to bow out there could be some straight-line winds in this part of the storm okay we have just gained rotation by Doppler radar we have just gotten our rotation back if it just popped up seconds ago if you can’t see it I’ll circle over here we have our rotation has just been indicated by Doppler radar low level rotation but nonetheless it’s it’s it’s still there and it’s it’s showing up on radar nonetheless so we have our warning right here and then we have our second warning we’re here this until 10:30 this morning right here is until an o’clock rotation has just been found out or detected by Doppler radar taking a look right now it’s normal to velocity normal to velocity what will that show us hold on one second okay doesn’t look like it’s gonna load here there doesn’t apparently apparently my radar is lagging a little bit because I am seeing that the storm is being showed as yes that is why that’s the cell icons if you look to cell icon so right here the storm is right here the storm is supposed to the radars lagging the storm is supposed to be actually right here and the rotation icon would be somewhere in here but on this part of the storm so the radar is lagging a tiny bit and that’s because well I’m live-streaming what do you expect but this is live continuing coverage of so with us the morning started out or preempted by a tornado warning we’ll be keeping an eye on this as it goes on it needs to update to the winds even after the storms go away the winds will still get stronger and stronger throughout the night because of the cold front coming through just to let you guys know it’s a past loop of the Doppler radar that we’ve seen here we’ve seen the well it’s not only the new warning has this finitude severe throw so morning has definition for Saginaw and Tuscola County my radar is lagging hold on one second Maria Reiter did not go off about the other way too okay the severe social morning for Livingston County the severe thunderstorm warning for Livingston County has just been expired and the severe thunderstorm warning has this been issued for Saginaw at Tuscola counties until 11:15 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time I’m going to actually end this stream right now and we will get back on here later and once it updates now we’ll get back on this has been


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