Tour Diaries: LA / Phoenix

hey guys what’s up Guess whose birthday is it (it is) happy birthday! ♫ happy birthday to youuuu ♫ one two three – FOUR! let’s do this guys (vocal warmups) all done Today we are in Arizona – Phoenix! And today’s our last show Last show of the tour Yeah man Last show guys how you feeling? great it’s been really great I’ve been enjoying every gig of it, seriously Nate – BED! Take me to my bed It’s been awesome, it’s been great. I don’t know what to say End of tour, how you feeling? That was insane, yeah, really good And really nice way to end the night
with these guys just so much passion in the room It was great! very tired but my heart’s full Tour is done! Really tired I think it’s all just hit me at one point and all I want to do now
is just this So how was it for you mate? Awesome! Been wanting to come to the west coast
for ages finally made and it was worth the wait it was just awesme, so fun touring with like so many friends as well and artists
that we’ve been connected with online and listening to for a while, but to actually tour together and hang out – we had even LOVKN and Jon Webster danced with us tonight, who was in the Overflow video yeah it was just awesome Got a good crew of people including our friend LOVKN who is, like, the man and Jon Webster – how’s it going? If you guys have seen the Rivers & Robots overflow music video You might recognize Jon he’s also
an amazing artist, dancer, performer, all kinds of amazing things – photographer! I just finished up a year of being on the road, and that’s how I met good old Jonathan on the One Big Family tour and I’m just getting settled and excited for some projects and rebranding
and just refocusing just getting healthy spiritually, mentally, physically, so yeah yeah you can check out his music and Instagram, itsjonwebster I’ll put it somewhere on here And this guy, Mr Steven Lufkin This guy literally like like pulled together
the first one big family tour – yes I feel you were really instrumental in
actually pulling everyone together and like making the whole community thing happen and connecting people in real life, which is super fun Steven’s a musician as well Yeah – I do, I release music of my own as LOVKN and yeah but I also do the, organize
the one big family stuff and I just love connecting people and connecting amazing artists that the Lord is using right now and just bringing the community together and so it’s been a
it’s been really fun to be able to do that with the one big daily tours hoping
to do another one so keep an eye out for that – yeah awesome so good to hang out you guys I’ll probably finish the whole tour diaries here before we fly home, so thank you guys for watching, goodbye internet!

15 thoughts on “Tour Diaries: LA / Phoenix

  1. Guys i love your songs.
    God bless you all.
    Greetings from Portugal.

  2. Amazing Group!
    Saw you in Phoenix, you guys did great!
    I really hope you guys come back soon!!!

  3. Lovkn is amazing as well! Thank you for having him, I will never get tired of this music.

  4. Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎈 to whomever she was hehe
    I'm so excited to know you guys! Yahweh has blessed you guys,and you guys bless me with your music and faces and talent and faith!
    The first song you all sang is one of the best you guys have sang. It has such power
    I am so excited and happy to see so many,you guys are amazing.

  5. Waiting you guys here in Florianópolis, Brazil! God bless you all ♡

  6. I'm so happy because I'll see you guys here in my country🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷. I'll go to Salvador to meet you guys.😄😄😄

  7. So good to see brothers and sisters worshiping the same God that I do. And so blessed by the work you all do! <3 I suddenly missed that time I saw you here in the Philippines. I hope you can come again. 😀 God bless you guys!

  8. So fun to follow the tour diary! … hoping for some Euro tour dates in the future though!
    … + Canucks hat spotted! God bless Vancouver!

  9. I was at the LA show! You guys were a blessing hopefully you guys can come back soon!

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