Touring the Modern Rogue World Headquarters

>>Jason Murphy, we freaking did it. The beginning,
the Modern Rogue World Headquarters.>>I’m excited.>>It doesn’t look like much right now.>>It’s a fixer upper.>>That’s an understatement.
Yeah, yeah. It’s going to take years
to get this up to speed.>>Might be haunted.>>There is a murder shed.
>>Bodies.>>Exposed wiring. Cesspool, there’s a literal cesspool.>>I wouldn’t have it any other way. [chilled music]>>So real estate in Austin is insane and finding seven acres,
pretty much undeveloped in West Austin is unheard of.>>Well, it is all in one block, the moment I saw it I was just like, this is a blank canvas, blank canvas, like over there we
could put a croquet set, we could learn cricket.>>A fighting pit.
>>A freaking movie screen.>>We could do movie nights. We could build a stage over here.>>Paint ball course.
>>Yes! [laughs] There’s the murder shed, you
want to see the murder shed?>>Murder shed. [laughs] We’re keeping that. I wish I had a bathrobe,
just step out in a bathrobe. You’re not going to knock? You’re supposed to knock three times. [knocks]>>Spirits that be, please don’t murder us in the murder shed. It’s definitely a murder shed. There’s saw blades up
there and implements.>>And lots of chemicals for
us to huff because you know we do that a lot. Huff chemicals, not on purpose.>>This area here,
eventually, a beautiful green, this tree bears fruit, I don’t know if these are crab apples or what.>>Huh, you should eat one or cut it down.>>Like all of this is a
really nice green I think.>>Usually when I hand you things and say you should eat it, you eat it! You should eat one.
No, no. All right, fine.
>>It’s dumb.>>Is this staying?
>>I hope so.>>The previous owner might
have sold it, I don’t know. But the story is, this
genuinely used to be a train, that was converted into a bus and at some point the
engine broke and the guy, the only engine that he had laying around was a race car engine. So this is a train that’s a bus with a race car engine in it. And the people who did all this to it, apparently got in a fight,
one of them killed the other. And I guess the other one
is in jail or some crap, I don’t know, but like
genuine haunted property.>>I’m going to kill somebody if we don’t get to keep this thing.>>You got a cheque? So a big part is the story, right? I bought it from an acupuncturist, who got it from a qi gong master, which is basically the
freaking force, right?>>Sure.>>Before that, it was,
no lie, a nudist colony.>>Yeah!>>And I don’t know what
this was, I think this was, I don’t know, a soaking pool or something. But it feels to me like a fighting pit. Did you ever see the movie Dragnet? With the pagans?
>>Yes!>>Of course.>>We just like to dance
in our goat skin pants around this ancient ruin. So imagine like we do an episode
where we’re, I don’t know, fighting in a pit.>>Can we get enough
blood to fill this up? [vocalizing] [laughs]>>I was doing the double,
the kirk double fist.>>Come at me! You’re doing the Kirky?>>Okay, so this is all
the back seven acres here and the thinking is,
somewhere around here, because there’s actually
a really good view.>>Is this where the tower’s going to go?>>I don’t know. You can tell there’s
almost a view out there. But number one, we just got
to get above the tree line. But it feels like this
could be where the tower is. Two or three story tower thing that has a tiki bar on
top that’s where we shoot Scam School with beautiful
views and all that stuff. Have a podcast studio warehouse 2.0.>>Also in the tower?>>Also, put a tower on a tower.>>Multiple towers.>>And lean it just for
grins, just because we can.>>It should look like
Orthanc or something.>>I don’t even know what that is.>>And shoot a giant flaming, the eye of Sauron at the top of the tower.>>Now you’re talking my language, now you’re talking my language.>>We can do that.>>Yeah, yeah I’m in. This is where it starts
to get really good for me because this back area is all in a valley so all the traffic
noise, it’s dead silent. And we’re right in the shadow, you can see the 5G LTE tower right over there. So there’s like five bars
of signal this whole time.>>I can’t wait to experience
all this in the fall.>>Oh my gosh, it’s going to be great. Or when it’s really wet or rainy.>>Yeah.>>We should call it Rainy Street.>>Good idea.>>That night that we spent the night and found the old trash,
like I felt like we’d found the Ark of the Covenant, it was so great, like ancient, orange crush cans.>>Yeah, all of them had
the seventies pull tops.>>The pull tops, yeah. So this is the wet weather creek that empties into the wet weather pond, I’m told differing accounts, I don’t want to promise anything, but I was
reading up on making ponds, and apparently you can mix something called bentonite with all
of this, that makes it just like a giant bowl
and retains the water, and there’s like a whole
pond crafting community, like this could be and m-fing pond, like our own little lake, right?>>I can’t wait to see this
after a torrential downpour.>>Dude, ducks, should we
have Modern Rogue ducks?>>Of course.>>There’s the tower, I
love the idea of being like, on a rubber duck, on a lake here. Just with five bars LTE.>>Every time he runs out there, I think he’s going to sink
like right into the water, or into the grass, just like, woomph.>>What?
>>No, it’s fine.>>So here’s the back edge of everything.>>Oh yeah.>>This looks, like I don’t
even know what we do with this, if this becomes like an archery range or if we take wedding photos here, or shoot a sequel to
the Blair Witch Project.>>Yeah. I’m going to have to get busy hanging some doll parts around here.>>Oh my god. Oh dear, that’s a spider web. I just walked into. I got to do the dance.>>Ah, so did I.>>Do the dance, you got to
do the world’s least sexy, sexy dance, where you make
sure there’s not a bug on you. Oh, oh, oh. Did I tell you about all the fire ants that ran down my face?>>Tell me again. Because I love hearing it.>>I was sawing off, I was pruning a tree, and the saw got wedged and
the branch started shaking, and suddenly everything was on fire, that’s where, I got bug bites all over, look, we’re country folk
now, this is a real thing. [laughter] Oh yeah, poison ivy,
all of this, poison ivy.>>Oh yeah, that’s right.>>So, all right, this is the creek, when it’s wet, there’s a creek here.>>We’re going to need a bridge.>>Yeah, we do need a bridge.>>And a troll to live under that bridge.>>All right, so we need a
bridge, and Danny Devito. So here’s the part where
hopefully, if we don’t get lost, again, pretty sure it’s this way.>>Man, you still don’t know?>>Looks a lot creepier from this view. Coming in over here, looks
like the house has eyes.>>Well that’s one thing
that needs to be installed in the house, is those
like Amityville windows.>>Also like Arduino controlled eyes, “who goes there?”
>>Yes.>>Fire-pit, I guess we could go camping, do you ever, you probably
don’t like camping.>>I don’t, but we need to do it.>>We got a world headquarters,
and a sweet ass flower patch.>>Just keeps getting better, right?>>I don’t know what to do
with this pavilion, but like, I don’t know, picture it gets
cleaned up, and there’s like, I don’t know, those
Christmas lights and stuff, we hang out and smoke cigars.>>Tables, barbecue grill.>>Oh my god, this is
where we learn to barbecue.>>JASON: Yes.>>BRIAN: Okay, yes yes yes.>>Barbecue grill, picnic
tables, pavilion, yes.>>This is going to be a great spot.>>And, small stage.>>Is this where the stage goes? We get Mike TV and friends of the show.>>Possum Posse.>>The Possum Posse, are you kidding me?>>Got this little lagoon over here, which is really just a
mosquito breeding pit.>>There’s like a waterfall, underneath, you hack all this away, and
there’s like a waterfall, we just fix the pump on that and there’s water, running water.>>That’s amazing.>>All right, so now we
are back where we started, man, this house is weird. This house was originally
built 50 something years ago.>>It was in the fifties, right?>>But there’s a house built
around the house, right, so you have the tiny house,
that’s on the inside, nothing makes sense, but there
are parts that are beautiful, and other parts that are broken.>>Matter of time that
we find a secret chamber.>>Okay so we’re going
to start with the part everybody who watched the
livestream, Periscope, saw. Was it a Periscope? No, it was a Twitch.>>It was a Twitch stream.>>But this will, like you
can hear how echoey it is. This used to be the Kung Fu studio, these are the inflatable
cots where you and I stayed overnight, to prove
that it’s not super haunted.>>JASON: The jury’s still out.>>Only partially haunted.>>Partially haunted.>>So we got to soundproof all this, but we can install grid lighting in there, and we make it, I figure, different shows can have different sets, like all of this background is
Modern Rogue background, maybe there’s a regular studio, and everything’s on castors
and so we’re able to spin, you know, be able to set
up pointing any direction, and then over here is
where Night Attack happens, and Cordkillers and all that stuff.>>Yeah, and you can get those backgrounds just like stage props
where it’s like okay, collapse this, roll it out of the way.>>Right, exactly.>>Nothing, the reason we
haven’t shot in here yet is this.>>The sound.>>The sound, it’s as echoey as can be. But it’s all the space we need.>>Oh here, does this light turn on?>>BRIAN: No.
>>No?>>BRIAN: Not anymore. That’s worrying. Oh, you know what? I think this is the one
circuit that’s tripped.>>This is going to be like
the science kitchen, right?>>Well, okay, the idea
is this is meant to be like a bathroom or a
laundry room or something, we don’t need it for either, so the idea is what if all of this was a lab, like we made a set that was Walter White’s Chemistry lab over here, and then.>>That’s actually the bus out there.>>Oh [bleeps] we should. That’d be pretty good.>>JASON: I mean, it’s right there.>>So this area in front also, again, this light also doesn’t
turn on, which bums me out. But in here, working space.>>JASON: Was the couch always there?>>BRIAN: Nope, it’s new.>>Okay.
>>Did that freak you out?>>I was like.>>All right, this will
forever be the place that Macaulay Culkin
solved a murder, with, or I’m sorry, Jason Murphy, only his name’s not Jason Murphy.>>His name’s not Jason Murphy anymore.>>So one of the things
that made very happy as you can see Cat6 cable
running through everything, we already have gigabit fiber, so this’ll be like fast production. I guess this in the original house, used to be the living room because there’s a fire place here, I guess this was the window outside but now it’s got a delightful
view of this ducting, so if this is the kitchen, rather than do any kind of traditional residential place, what we should do, in
fact everybody at home, should see, if there’s an auction, because restaurants are
closing all the time.>>Oh, sure.>>What if we had all the stainless steel, like, commercial grade
restaurant equipment in here?>>Chuck e Cheese robotic band.>>[laughs] Not exactly where
I was going but that’s fine, I’m not opposed to it.>>Agree to disagree. [laughs]>>I think this sunroom is
supposed to be the laundry room and there are three bedrooms,
and what I figure is we’ll set it up so that
they’re combination like production suites and also rooms, so if somebody wants to stay,
like a Murphy bed comes down, a Jason Murphy bed, but
also there’s a workstation so if somebody wants to come in and edit, they just log in and work. And then we could do like a,
you know, bee boo boo bee boop individual codes for all this.>>Because I’m planning being
here writing, like a lot.>>Yeah.>>And working on Modern
Rogue, planning new episodes.>>I hope nobody’s here. Hello?>>What if there’s someone squatting.>>Like literally squatting?
>>Oh god.>>He’s like “Hey it’s me, squatting Joe.” [laughs]>>”I don’t know if you guys know, “but this is the poop room.”
>>Yeah. [laughs]>>”I’m squatting Joe.” Is this like some conjuring
nonsense going on here, or?>>Yeah, get inside,
I’m going to close it, and you’re going to disappear.>>Oh it’s Narnia, that’s the more widespread reference, Narnia. [claps] Man, I watched that the other
night, that [bleeps] creepy. It’s such a good movie.>>Uh, this’ll eventually be a bathroom, this’ll eventually be, I don’t know, a data closet or something.>>Okay, so point of interest. I left this blood here, and there’s less than there was when I left it.>>[laughs] Don’t mind that. Also, look at the
different types of masonry, like you’ve got this thin,
this thin stone over here, over here you have cinder blocks. Outside you have traditional,
regular acme bricks.>>This is like the Winchester house, only without any of the money.
>>It is.>>BRIAN: Phew, okay. [laughs]>>Oh good.>>Oh yeah.>>All the important stuff.>>I did bring the megaphone.>>It’s.>>No, it’s dangling and
there’s no batteries. I got a megaphone, and I got fireworks.>>I have fond, hazy, very hazy memories.>>Oh, of a satanic bonfire at the, with the Roman candles?>>Yes. [laughs]>>Shhh, this is where the drone sleeps.>>JASON: Um, hey.>>BRIAN: What?>>JASON: Come here.>>BRIAN: What? Oh that, pencil sharpener, in the closet, that’s not weird, that’s not haunted. That’s not super [bleep] haunted.>>One of those old fashioned, like pencil sharpeners,
just in the closet.>>This is the drone room,
where the drone lives, plotting my demise, again,
I think these studio spaces are going to be
just the right size.>>JASON: Yeah.>>We’re going to have
to replace the ac though.>>Yeah. [Jason yells]>>BRIAN: You son of a [bleep]. Here. I don’t know man, this
might be a shoot-able area.>>Like in here?>>Well yeah, it’s so
long, imagine you know, you’ve got some kitchen crap back here, but standing here and look that way, and you can kind of
see a set of some sort.>>Oh, like right there?>>Yeah, or just break-room
area or whatever.>>Yeah, because we are going
to need like some sort of.>>This could just be
covered with one big ass TV. Okay, so next steps.>>A lot, it’s a long list. First thing is fixing
the sound in here, right?>>Yes, and then number two, so to speak, is to install the septic system.>>We got to be able to poop.>>But we have internet, we
have electricity obviously, but then it’s going to be
a good two or three months of having contractors
make everything safe. We got to build out that kitchen, then next step is we
start designing the tower, the steel building, the barn-dominium. But, I suppose now’s a good time to mention that all of this is based on you guys, the patrons.>>Yes.>> that’s how you can support the show. We spent a lot of time
over the last few days, talking about some really special ideas to reward our $30 and up patrons.>>Oh yeah.>>Right now at the $30
level you get a free t-shirt, every quarter we design a new
t-shirt and send that out, but like, we’re starting to
think of some next level stuff, and it might even be a new
tier, even higher than 30.>>Sure, sure.
>>I think it’ll be worth it.>>I think we’re going to
be really kind of juicing all of the tiers, really, and
just providing more content in general, us being out here, enables us to unlock so many cool things.>>That’s the other thing, is right now to do anything, we all have to coordinate like can we all show up at the
same time in the same place, we’re all waiting on each other. But once this becomes a
living, breathing space, and everybody’s here all the time, then all of a sudden it becomes super easy to make more behind the scenes bonuses, content and all that stuff, again, we want to make the Patreon
area the secret playground, with twice as much content
as is on the main channel.>>Absolutely.>>So here’s the important
question, what do you want to have the Modern Rogue
world headquarters have? Skeet shooting?>>Mud wrestling pit?>>A gun range? I’m only doing gun stuff.>>A gundom?>>An actual robot that
converts into a plane?>>We’ve got the space man.>>You’re right, you’re right. You tell us in the comments. [static] [laughter]

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