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G’day guys, Keithy here thanks for joining
me. I’m going to try and make this a real quick
one, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I’ve had a couple of comments on the Dam Video,
the FAQ video that I released on the night they opened up the flood gates fully, and
I’ve seen a lot of stuff on the Community pages around Townsville about what’s going
on now – so post the “event”, even after the recap that I did the other day. Some of the stuff, people saying things like
“the Burdekin and Paluma Dam are our main source of water, and where’s the infrastructure
upgrade”. First and foremost – get that out of your
head. Ross Dam feeds Townsville, Paluma Dam feeds
the Northern Suburbs, and the Burdekin Dam is our backup dam, that’s where we pipe water
to the Ross Dam and that gets us out of trouble when the Dam is really low – dispel that myth
right now. Something else I want to touch on right now,
people are saying “Why didn’t they just open the gates fully when the Dam hit 100%”? I’ll tell you why they didn’t do that, and
why they’ve got those flood gates on the Dam. Like I said in that previous video, 0 – 100%
of that Dam (Ross), and that’s for drinking water, hosing, washing cars, hotels, water
parks, things like that. 100% up to 369%, that’s flood mitigation. And that’s what we saw the other day. What they are designed to do, once the Dam
hits 100% (and there’s an automated process for this that can be overridden only by authority
from the Emergency Disaster Management Team), once the Dam hits 100%, the gates will open
up a little bit. Once they hit another percentage (there’s
different percentages here – I don’t know the exact numbers, but I can tell you this
is how it works), next step it’ll open a little bit more, and so on, and so forth, as that
Dam fills up. Because obviously it’s getting close to its
maximum capacity, if it was to just release 100% open (which it used to do before the
spill gates were there – there were no gates there, so the Dam didn’t open because there
were no gates), so every bit of water that comes over after 100% went into Ross River,
and you see what we had the other day, those low-lying suburbs flooding, and that was really
terrible. With the gates in place, it can be a controlled
release. They couldn’t predict the type of rain that
we had, and the amount of rain we had, but by releasing it slowly in increments it protects
the suburbs that are vulnerable when that Ross Dam comes up. The idea behind it – it worked completely
as designed, anyone that’s bagging our Council out for the operation of that Dam, have another
think about it. Everything worked as it should there with
that Dam. 100%, it got to the point when a trigger level
in that Dam and the only option was to open the gates fully and let it all out. That’s a pure last resort thing. That and only then were the gates opened fully,
to let that 1900ML/sec out of that dam. If they were to just let all of the water
continuously flow over the spillway with the gates completely open, above 100%, at the
rain we were got, you’d wipe the town out straight away. So what they’re doing, is by holding a little
bit of it back, and slowly opening the gates at different percentages, above 100% of course,
they are preventing those low lying suburbs from getting inundated with water. Last resort – and only last resort, that’s
when the gates were to fully open. And that is a pure “Lets save the town”. It’s really really sad that the low lying
suburbs copped it, but, the idea is to save the whole town from a massive flooding event. That could have been a lot worse if there
were no gates there, and all of that water came down in one hit, that got us from 60%
to 250% in a matter of one or two days, it would have wiped the town out. Two days – *whooshing noise*, everything gone. All the way down – the riverway, where as
soon as you get a bend in the river, that’s where things back up. It can go over and it’ll start to cause trouble
in all of the suburbs rather than just some of the suburbs. And also, the tide plays a very big part. They can control the release of water based
on what the tide does. I don’t want to go too far into it guys, but
any questions please comment down below. Subscribe if you would like to help me out
here – it costs nothing to do, and a bit of a thumbs up. I really appreciate your time, and any questions
please let me know. I’m happy to answer them. I’m not an engineer, I’ve done my research
and this is just trying to clarify. In video you tend to be able to get a lot
more answers out for people who don’t understand. It’s a lot easier than sitting there typing
for half an hour. Thanks very much for watching guys *thumbs

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  1. i used to live in leigh street west end, just wondering how that area is…. thanks

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