Toy Stories: Lights, Camera, OH NO (Season 1, Episode 5)

Introducing Toy stories Lights, camera, OH NO A tale of a toy documentary production [Music] (Cheering) This is so much fun! (Cheering) What’s this heater do? It’s cool. Come on let’s get warm Hahaha Aaaaaaah Don’t look at what we’re doing okay? Sorry were so so sorry [Music] So what do you want to do? Look over there! What is it? I think it’s a camera guys (wondering) Over there Hey let’s go see What’s that thing? It’s a 360 camera What do we do with it? I don’t know any of you guys know? No I know what to do let’s film a documentary! Great idea Officer bill Okay everyone get in position I’m gonna film in a… …few seconds. Okay let’s do this Oh whoops! Forgot one more thing. Triplets Oh sorry Sunday (SNORT) (giggling) ooooowwww OUCH! Cuuuuut (camera click) Triplets your supposed to hold the board properly now stop it! Sorry (Giggling) sorry Okay (laughing) let’s try that again Okay here goes Scene 1, take 1 rolling and Action hey guys it’s the toys Today. And today we are going to uuurr….. We’re going to flood the hall house Hahahahaaaa! OUCH Cuuut (Camera click) stop it triplets your gonna have to come with me now It’s all your fault. Your fault. Let’s try that again. Shall we? Here goes Scene 1, Take 3 rolling and Action! Hey guys it’s the toys and welcome to our documentary Today we’re going to be showing you around The house. Yes! Yay! Now let’s Get started shall we? And cut Perfect without those silly triplets. HEEYY! Okay ready for the next scene guys? Ready. Now [Music] (Saying hi to the camera) [Music continues] (Train noise) I like 360 cameras. don’t you? (Train noise) yaaaay. Okay next scene covered (Barking) This is the kitchen as you can see [music] it’s pretty cool. Isn’t it? Yep come and see [Music continues] Here goes the next scene guys [Music] get ready Here goes (Chatting) Argh this yam’s heavy (Laughing) [Music] Okay good job guys Let’s stick some. Yay Come and see it’s great. Now come forward Forward, forward Perfect Now So how about we check The bathroom first okay, come on Okay here goes. In here every body…MAL HAHA AAAAAAH RUUUNN Run AWAY! I know what to do with that (screaming) (Screaming & chatting) Oh no, the camera uh oh… AAAAAAH! Charge, Charrrrrge AAAAAAH BABY! Oh no help me HELP ME I’m coming billie. Grab my hand and the camera Owww! OUCH! Oh No, their gone (Gasp) The MONSTERS huh (Cheering) billie oh I missed you I missed you too. Thank you so much Baby your the best hero We could ever have Thanks and your welcome Baby your here BABYYYYY Get of me….. NOW Your welcome. OO Our documentary’s finished That’s a rap (Cheering) let’s watch. Here goes (Laughing) That’s me We have good smiles. Don’t we? Yeah It’s me It’s me Oh no it’s the monsters Thanks for saving me Baby Your welcome It’s the end Hooray The end. And…. cut.

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