Toyota Rav4 LED Interior How To Install – 2005-2013 3rd Gen

What’s happening everyone, my name is
Phil with and today we have a 2012 Toyota Rav4 we’re
installing LED interior lights on. Now this installation is compatible with
year models 2005 to 2012, that’s considered the third generation. Today
we’re using a kit from, we’re using our premium 5730 style
LED conversion kit. And each kit comes with three interior trim tools you’ll use
for the installation. We have a fork-shaped wedge tool, a pointed wedge tool, as well
as a serrated knife tool with a flat end on the back. Now for the install today
we’re doing our front overhead map lights, as you can see we’ve already done
one here on this side. We’re doing the overhead vanity mirror
lights, the rear dome light, the trunk light, the license plate lights, as well
as the backup reverse lights. Let’s get started. We’re taking a look
now at the front overhead map lights right here. As you can see, we’ve already
changed one over to LED. We’re going to show you how to do this one on the passenger side. We’re going to use the fork-shaped wedge
tool. And, if you can see, this is the side that depresses in, so this is the side that
pivots. You’re gonna insert the tool, push down, insert here where there’s some space. You’re going to pry back and that lifts off the clips that hold it in place. Turn this
button, push the button, to turn the light off. And depending how long you had this
light on it may be a little bit hot so we’re going to use a cloth
here to pull this out. That removes the old halogen bulb. We’re
inserting a new 5730 style premium LED. This is a T10 style. This one goes right in. Now this is not
polarity-specific meaning it should work in this orientation as well as in the
opposite orientation. There’s circuitry in the bulb that lets it work either way.
There you go. Now to put this back in, see how there’s a tab here on this side? That tab
lines up and goes right in here. You put that in first and you push down on the
edges, snap it back in place. And you’re all set. We’re looking now at the vanity mirror light here on the driver side. And we’re going to take this one out. Now the
wiring is coming from the center side here so you don’t want to insert the
tool on this side because it’ll catch here on the wires. You have to do it on the
opposite side here where it has some freedom to move. We’re using the flat
side of our serrated knife tool. Coming in from the side here, pushing up, and
that comes down. Now this one’s a bit tight, you have to move it – you have to turn it actually – 90 degrees for it to drop down. That’s because this connector here is so large
it won’t go out this way. You have your T10 style bulb here. Just going to remove that and replace it with our premium LED. Similar style, same
circuitry, it’ll work either way. The way to test this is to open up the light here
and now we know it’s good. The way you reinsert this one. Again you start at
a 90 degree angle. You bring it into the wires, go up, and then you twist it to get
in. Now in order to get this thing to snap in, it’s a bit tight, so I actually use a
decent amount of pressure. And now that one’s in. Same process on the passenger
side. We’re looking now at the rear overhead dome light here. And to remove the
clear lens here there are four tabs – 1, 2, 3, 4 – and you want to get…we’re gonna use the fork-shaped wedge tool here. You wanna get the tool in between, or actually around, the edges
of this clip. Push in and pull out and that releases. You can slide the tool
around to get it to release from the rest of the clips, like that. In there you have a festoon-type bulb. And, if you can see here, this is the side that has some give to it. You actually need to
rotate the bulb 90 degrees to get the pins to line up. And then when you pull
back on here it should pop out. Just help it out here. Just a little bit, and here we go. Now the reason it has to move 90 degrees, as you can see, the edges of this are flattened. So it only goes in when the edges are pointing upward. And then they twist them
to keep it in place. When you remove it you have to rotate it to get it out. Alright. The new LED doesn’t have the flattened edges
so all that needs to go in is this side first. And then you put pressure on here
to lock it in. So we’ll do that now. There we go. You want to make sure that
these LED boards are facing down, that is where the light’s coming out of. You wanna
make sure it turns on before we go and put the lens cover back on. Lens cover,
the back side here goes in first farthest away from the switch. And you
just apply some pressure here to lock it in place. That’s all there is to it. We’re looking here at the trunk light here on the door for the rear door. We’re going to use the flat end of our
serrated knife tool. Going to come in from the side closest to the switch. The wiring is actually on this side. You’re going to pry up to get in. Pry up, and
that gives you access to the back here. Now for this section here, you just need to remove
this gray cover. You go from underneath, just pop it up, and that gives you access
to the festoon bulb. Now this is actually one of the best upgrades because it
really helps out your trunk light. You’re going to grab the bulb with your hands,
pull it back, remove it. And you’re pushing it against
the side that gives. This is the switch side, that’s the stationary side. Replacing with the new LED. Go ahead and insert that one, turn it around so that
the light is facing the clear lens, just like that. Now that that’s all set, we’re going to put this cover back
on. Place it down on one side, line up the indentations here, and then just push it
down on the other. And that’s fine. Wire side goes back in first. Make sure it’s
snug against the wall and then push it in. There you go. We’re looking now at the license plate
light here and we are actually going to use a flat head screwdriver. This is designed where you put the
screwdriver here in the open space. You pull back and that releases so you can remove the assembly. Looking here, we have just a single light. Turning counterclockwise to
release it. Just going to manually remove this bulb. Replace it with new LED. Now this
one we do need to test. This is a canvas style LED, this is better served for license
plates. That one does turn on, I think in this orientation it does not turn on. You
wanna be careful about that and test it before you put this panel back in. All
you have to do get that one back in, turn clockwise, lock
it in place. This side goes in first and then you push this side in til it clips in. And that one’s all set. We’re looking now at the panel for
access to the backup reverse lights. Go ahead and unlock these clips. And we’re gonna go inside and take a look all the way near the bottom. Right here is the backup
reverse light. You’re going to turn this one counterclockwise. And that one removes. Now we’re going to take the old bulb out, replace it with the new LED. This is one of our premiums so it is not
polarity-specific. That one goes in. Right now we’re going
to go ahead and test the lights by putting the vehicle in reverse just to see if it works. There we go, good to go. So now, we’re gonna go ahead and put it back in. Feel around for the open space and once it’s in, it has to line up. You turn it clockwise and that locks it in place. Go ahead and try those lights again to see what it
looks like in the socket. There we go. Same process on the
passenger side. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions
or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us
online and submit a support ticket at Please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It
really does help us out when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out
there watching the videos. Have a good one!

31 thoughts on “Toyota Rav4 LED Interior How To Install – 2005-2013 3rd Gen

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  3. this was helpful. I also liked that you showed which panel tools to use. I have a whole set and never really knew how to make use of them. everyother video shows it using a screw driver but it's much easier amd safer (for me and the car) when using the right panel tools.

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    R. Kott

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