Toyota Tacoma LED Fog Light How To Install – 3rd Gen | 2015+

What’s up guys, I’m Brent from
and here we have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma we’ll be performing a fog light LED installation on. So the 2017 is part of the third generation so this installation is compatible with all years 2015+ Now as you can see,
we have already converted the low beams to LED, which we do have an installation
video that you could check out. And so we’re just gonna be matching up the
fogs with the lows. Today we’re gonna be installing an H11 PrecisionLED conversion kit which come with two LED bulbs and two LED ballast as well as a couple 3M mounting pads
in order to mount the ballast. So let’s get started. So we can access the bulb just right here
through the wheel well, we’ll just have to remove a few of these bolts here in order to gain access to the halogen bulb. And you can do so just with a 10 millimeter socket
and socket wrench. Or, in our case, we’re gonna be using a power drill So we just have to remove these three nuts here as well as this one last clip. And you can remove this clip right here
just with a flathead screwdriver. Or, in our case, we’re gonna be using our
fork-shaped wedge tool. And once you have all of the bolts and clips removed, we’re just gonna pry the inner paneling outward. Like so. And here we can access the halogen bulb
just right here through the wheel well. And so here we are inside of the housing
and we’re gonna remove the halogen bulb. The first step to remove the halogen bulb is we’re gonna wanna disconnect this power connector here. And you can do so just by pressing down on this tab and then pulling away. And next we’re just gonna grasp the halogen bulb. We’re gonna twist the bulb counterclockwise and then just pull out very gently to remove. And so here we have our LED bulb and our ballast. Now what we’re gonna wanna do while we have the products outside of the housing is we’re gonna wanna make this plug connection
right here. So we’re just gonna take this power connector here that’s coming from the LED bulb and plug it into the corresponding connector coming from the ballast. And once that connection is made, we’re just gonna wanna screw this seal here
over the connection just to make sure that it’s a nice tight seal. And also one last thing, while we do have the products outside of the housing, is we’re gonna take our 3M double-sided sticky tape, we’re gonna remove one end and then we’re just gonna apply that to the back of the ballast right here. Now just be sure that you do have a nice clean surface
and the ballast is free from any dust. And once the bulb is installed into the housing, and this plug connection is made right here, we could just remove the opposite side of the 3M mounting tape and then we’ll be able to mount the ballasts on a nice, clean, flat surface. So let’s go ahead and install the bulb. And so here we have the LED that we’ll be installing. Now we’re gonna be installing the bulb
matching up the tabs here and we’re gonna be matching them up in the
10 o’clock position and then twisting them into place in the
12 o’clock position. So then we’re just gonna insert the bulb here. And once everything is sitting flush, we could just twist the bulb clockwise
in order to lock it into place. And so next we’re just going to take
this plug connector here that’s coming from the stock harness to the vehicle. And then we’re gonna be connecting that to this power plug here that’s coming from the ballast. Now it’s important to note that LEDs
they are polarity-specific. So if the bulbs do not come on the first time around I would advise just to swap this plug here. And now let’s just test the lights to make
sure everything’s working properly. And now we can just mount the ballast. Now we’re gonna mount the ballast just right here
on the sidewall. But before mounting we’re just gonna wanna be sure to clean off the surface with a bit of degreaser. And so we can just take the ballast here that we’ve already applied one side of the 3M mounting pad to. And we could just peel off the opposite end. And then you just wanna mount the ballast
right here on the sidewall. Just be sure to apply some pressure so that you have a solid connection. So now that we know that the LED is
working perfectly fine, let’s just go ahead and put everything
back together here. We’re just gonna wanna pry this paneling back inside of the bumper here, like so. And once everything is in place,
we can go ahead and put the bolts back in. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] or you can reach us online and submit a support ticket at Now, like we said before, please like or subscribe if you enjoyed the video or enjoy the process for what we do. It really does help us out
when we make the next one knowing that there’s people out there
watching the videos. Have a good one!

4 thoughts on “Toyota Tacoma LED Fog Light How To Install – 3rd Gen | 2015+

  1. Do you have any fog lights for a 2017 Nissan Rouge SL AWD Version?

  2. The lights appear to have a little fan at the back for cooling purposes I guess, I noticed on mine that the fan wasn't running on either bulb, do you know if the fan comes on only when the bulb starts getting hot or should it be running all the time..??

  3. You absolutely do not have to do any of this, if you have hands all you have to do is pop the hood and reach down to access the bulb. No reason to start taking apart your truck.

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