Tractor Dual Grapple Buckets to Help Clean A River!

Recently I came to the riverbank to eat
lunch and I happened to see an osprey in the trees. I’ve never seen one here
before and so when I walked up to get a better look at the osprey it flew away
and I was watching my footing and in doing so I looked into the river and as
I looked into the river I saw I said wow there’s a tire
I said now there’s two there’s three there’s seven there’s 14 there’s 21. So I
start counting these tires. Being an avid outdoorsman and a bit of a
conservationist I thought I just can’t let this go on so I started calling
friends and so as I called my friends everybody started saying that they
wanted to be a part of it in some way My goal in doing this was to take at
least a hundred tires out of the river. I didn’t know how many was there. In all
honesty I think there’s more than 100 here but I wanted to get a hundred tires
out My name is Jon Deitz we are at the Tuscarawas River in Massillon Ohio. I’ve always been involved in my community
wherever it’s been and I’d like to take some pride in my community and when I
looked at this river it made me sad I wasn’t proud I was sad. Why people would feel that they could do this and get away with it, I’m not sure but I wanted to
least attempt to do my part to just help my community help the river help the fish
help the birds help the ducks just to help At one point I called an old dear friend
of mine Nan MacKenzie at Ventrac and I explained my story to her and I
just said Nan do you think you guys would want to be a part of it in any way
and she said not only do we want to be a part of it we can bring six Ventrac
if you like and I said uh huh I was hoping for one. Two would be more
than enough and so they agreed and was gracious to bring it out and work
miracles because this place that we’re at it’s very difficult because of the
steepness of the levee and so it’s very difficult to get for access and egress
and when the Ventrac showed up they were able to save a ton of man-hours
back-breaking just because of what was it was able to do which was impossible
but it did it. One of the friends that I called was a
friend of mine that’s a judge, Judge Elum. The Elum family has been integral in
Massillon for a hundred years and they too are very proud of their town and so
when I called him and I told him the the situation because he’s a judge he was
able to offer community service workers and so they came out and worked hard and
did a great job and got dirty and muddy and wet and all that stuff and pulled
the tires you know out of the river and up to the bank where the Ventrac you get
to it. And then there was Boy Scouts here and
there was just citizens just people who wanted to help. My wife and kids were here. There again even Nan MacKenzie came out and worked and got dirty and tried
to do her part too so it was just a culmination of a lot of people that just
came together to try to do something. I coined a phrase some years ago that goes like this “There’s nothing wrong with what’s right” I believe it I live by it
and I think all that happened today was a bunch of people that was just
trying to do what was right

82 thoughts on “Tractor Dual Grapple Buckets to Help Clean A River!

  1. Litterbugs are such contemptible slime. The Grapple Bucket will remove lots of trash, tires, brush or firewood. I would definitely have to have one.

  2. That's great, good job and God bless to all involved in the clean up.

  3. That’s fantastic!! I’m dying to know how many tires were removed? I was really into story waiting to hear then nothing. 😂😂

  4. I applaud everyone involved in this project! It’s amazing what a few great people with the right equipment can do!

  5. I'm surprised the State Troopers didn't stop you because you didn't have a permit to clean the river. Thank you for caring enough to do something about it.

  6. I wish the "climate change" people would look around and see that this is happening everywhere. This is what we need to do. Our waterways and air is disgusting, concentrate on that. That will actually make a difference.

  7. Thank you for bringing this problem to the front pages…big thanks to Ventrac for sharing the story with us…

  8. that was awesome that was a good dude doing good things and I'll say it again using the best of the best ventrac is the shit and will always be👍👍🤙🤙👊👊

  9. Wouldn’t it be better to do this work in summer? Or would the river have a lot more water in it then?

  10. That is great and all but you just took away a bunch of habitats for fish. They may be ugly but fish use tires as a home.

  11. You know local government should do that but there sleeping in a truck somewhere…. nice lawnmower

  12. Completely unrelated to your story, but I noticed the Salty Dog sweatshirt. I grew up on HHI, and know the guys that started that business. I remember when it was a couple of guys selling beer out of a cooler to tourists and fishermen, before South Beach Marina was anything more than a doc and a few small stores.

  13. Thank you for your work and sharing it with others. I wish more people would actually do work and share than try to get on some political bandwagon on creating legislation and forcing others to live a certain way.

  14. Likely these tires were used many years ago to stabilize an area. At some point, it washed out and the tires ended up here. My great uncle used to do this on hill property he owned 40ish years ago.

  15. If he asked the state or township it would have taken 3 months for paperwork alone. Best way just do it with friends and say nothing. Great job nothing pisses me off more then trash left in the wild. Only lazy slime balls do it.

  16. The Native Americans took care of their land with love and respect!!! And then the Europeans come over and they disrespect the land! How sad.😤😤

  17. Respect.
    You are amazing and good people.
    Chapeau Ventrac.
    Thanks for sharing this .

  18. This is the American spirit at work. Well done to EVERYONE involved. NOW, to all those who have poor character and threw those tires, etc., into the river, SHAME ON YOU. STOP IT.

    This is how companies should advertise their equipment. Doing projects like this, putting it on social media. Doing good deeds, helping the environment all the while showing how good their equipment works. BRAVO to VENTRAC. @t

    I'm re-posting their website because this is such a good deed. Americans, helping fellow Americans all the while helping, America….win, win, win.

  19. its funny because the US GOVT chains tires together and throws them in the ocean to create artificial reefs.

  20. Just because tire shops don't want to pay about 1 dollar to dispose of them probably.

  21. Excellent work ,the world needs more people like you and far less of the scum who pollute the river.

  22. Lol i throw all my old tires into the river next to my house cost to much to dump them

  23. That real heroes right there thanks so much for care in the water river and the fish’s and for the future Gods bless

  24. Jon, Thank you from a citizen down river. I live in Bolivar and what you did is very admirable. You are one of those people making a difference! I recently saw a Bald Eagle nesting and flying along the river down here – these type of projects make this possible. Thank you!

  25. try this in Oregon and you will spend first 6 months filling out the paperworks for taking the tires out!! than the next year to get rid of the tires!!

  26. That Makes me MAD AS HELL! I've devoted a Whole Day staking out rivers around where I live and caught 6 scumbags like that trying to dump their Junk( tires , Refigerators) and vido tape them doing it and call the Police and they would be waiting for them and actually?> ARRESSTED them , put them in Handcuffs and in the back seat of their Squads( SUV';s) and take them into Jail with $ 500 Fines! Now you can mount a remote Wireless Camera and monitor it.. we raised $ to Donate 20 Camera's to monitor 5 different Rivers now.. set your rivers up doing the same.. Ours was raoised thru our VFW/AL hall by a bunch of Veterans! Donation of the US Army!

  27. And, man, you are right! Good man, good citizen, good neighbor! Thanks even though I never heard of your river.

  28. It's a crying shame that people are so sorry and lazy that they dump their garbage in our rivers and lakes. Kudos to you guys for doing your part to clean it up. By the way, what a beast that tractor is! WOW!

  29. Thank you for your service not only to your community, but to our environment. All the way from Florida!

  30. …i guess it's true…sometimes people do the right thing…even when no one is watching…

  31. Of course I respect this man, and what he did is a great thing. However, you would not believe what human garbage provides to wildlife. Snakes have lived inside tires. They give cover to smaller fish. I have seen crabs living in bottles of ever size and cups and cans. Steel dumped in the river does not hurt. Iron is found everywhere and we have to eat it to be healthy. Chemicals, and plastics are the worse things. Plastic bags. Six pack holders, used fishing line is a big killer.

  32. Toro, just bought the company that makes this equiptment, I wonder if they will move any production back to Minnesota where they are located.

  33. Amazing people doing amazing things with the help of amazing equipment. Thanks Ventrac for helping out.

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