42 thoughts on “Traditional: Deep River (Arr. Coleridge-Taylor, Kanneh-Mason)

  1. Such a beautifully talented family.
    Thank you all for sharing!

    Wishing you the best for future gigs and dare I say royal performances.

  2. This is absolutely breathtaking. I feel so blessed to be a musician in your lifetime so I can appreciate the absolute wonder that is your playing. I played this song today by myself, and listening to you three play it made me cry. Please please never stop being amazing <3

  3. Each musician in this very talented family is visibly moved by their music! Their feelings and passion for this beautiful music is contagious! Very moving performance. I love the eye contact between siblings and wondered what they were thinking? If anyone made a mistake, no one noticed! Love you all and hope to see much more!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️

  4. Sheku… Isata… always an exquisite experience with you two. Braimah, very nice to see you’ve joined them on this. Coleridge-Taylor is a favorite of mine… Very, very, very beautiful Kanneh-Masons. Sincere thanks for using and sharing your gifts for our enjoyment as well as your own. God bless you each as you continue to live and grow. 🙂

  5. waow
    yu quite an inspiration
    now tht am heading to Canada September for music/Cello studys
    I pray tht I’ll be able to get you as my Mentor💯
    I feel as tho starting off from 19is quite late…
    but I think God’s gat all the reasons y..
    thank ya for your Talent nd Your Fam too..!!!
    I hope to get one such beautiful Musical Fam.

  6. Absolute Perfection! Thanks for sharing your talent and passion and this amazing Composer!

  7. Great to see a Coleridge-Taylor piece getting an airing.
    A priceless gem of a composer that doesn't get enough love in this country amongst the Elgar's Delius, Britten's etc…

  8. COLERIDGE-TAYLOR hardly ever gets a mention. Nice to hear this delightful piece.

  9. Exquisite as always from this family and thanks fir the background on the composer. I play your music over and over again!!

  10. From the first note this hit me in the middle of my entire being and just continued to blossom. Cleared out all the negative energy inside and outside me.

  11. This is so awesome! Is there a sheet music for cello/piano/violin? Would love to play this with my friends.

  12. 영상 정말 너무너무 아름답고 사운드도 너무 좋고…세사람이 어우러지는 아우라가 정말 좋다..

  13. the cellist and pianist were outstanding. Frankly, the violinist is only okay in my opinion but I know he tried

  14. I wish I could find the midi for this arrangement. Looks like I'll be attempting to take dictation off of this for the next day or so. There's a spot at 1:30 to about 40 seconds with this beautiful imitation /voice exchange and with the rhythm of the piano chords that I just love so much and want more of it, almost as a chorus with some new sounds I've synthesized. Brilliant interpretation/arrangement there. Great work man, I don't know if this is appropriate to say either, but as a cellist and pianist for school, it makes me really happy to have black classical musicians that could perhaps inspire more to carry on this wonderful music. I hardly see it at school and performances, and it's great the black community can have great role models to look up to and begin playing with an ensemble or orchestra at school and see this music is for everyone, and never to exclude.

  15. I am transported as I listen and the music goes through me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the whole world…it’s a taste of heaven, I imagine, to experience this kind of beauty on earth. ♥️

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