Trail 6 Flash Off-Road LED Light Installation on UTV

Hi I’m Brandon and I’m Jeff and were
from J.W. Speaker. We’re here today to spend a little bit of time talking to
you about your new Trail 6 Flash. How to install them and set them up. So what comes in the Trail 6 box.
You’re going to get a set of lamps and three sets of lenses. For this setup
we’re gonna recommend using the wide flood lens because that’s gonna give you
the greatest dispersion of light. To complete this install you’ll only need a
few basic hand tools a 5 mm hex key, a t20 Torx, and a 13 mm wrench. The first thing you notice is the unique red outer bezel this signifies
this is no ordinary Trail 6 lamp. We’ve gone ahead and already pre-installed the
wide flood outer lens to give the widest dispersion of light. The unique
daisy-chain harness comes with four wires black for your ground, red for your
power, green is gonna be your sensitivity select, and white is your brake override.
The type of vehicle you have determines which sensitivity selection you might
want to use. If you have a slower type vehicle such as a tractor, you’re gonna want to use the highest sensitivity. If you have a faster type vehicle like our RZR 1000 here, you’re gonna want the lowest sensitivity to prevent false flashes. the Trail 6 Flash has a user selectable three different sensitivity settings low,
medium, and high. To change between them you’ll need to ground the green wire
before powering the unit up. Will demonstrate that here on the bench. We connect the ground, we add green to ground, and then we apply power to the
harness. What you’ll notice is the units will start flashing it is going to go through all three modes several times When it’s at the mode you want, simply
disconnect the green wire and it will save in the setting. One flash is for low,
it will do that five times. You want to leave it on low Jeff, or we going to crank it. Let’s take it to medium. So now you see
it’s switched to two flashes that means it’s set to medium so we’ll go ahead and
disconnect the wire. And now it’s saved to medium setting. once your done setting your sensitivity simply cap off the green wire iand set it aside. The white wire
is your brake override. Take that splice it in with your brake wire for one of
your two rear lights here and that will override the deceleration signal and flash these in unison with your brake lights. Then we’ll take
the trail 6 with the stainless steel bolt put it through the back bracket and
tighten it on with the stainless steel nut. That wraps up our Trail 6 Flash
install. We like to pay a very special thank you to our friends at Don & Roy’s
in Brookfield, Wisconsin for lending us this great RZR 1000. If you
liked this video make sure to check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and all the
other social media. Make sure to tag us in your photos would
love to see your great installations.

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