Transformers Made Simple by Hinkley Lighting

Hi, I’m Doug Prexta from Hinkley Landscape
Lighting. Here at our world headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Today I’m going to talk to
you about transformers. To operate a low voltage landscape lighting system, you’re going to
need a transformer. Hinkley offers several sizes of transformers to fit every lighting
design. The pro series, the three hundred watt shown here, which is also available in
six hundred, nine hundred and twelve hundred watt models. The one hundred and fifty watt
model shown here features an on and off switch, a photocell option, or four hour, or six hour,
or eight hour timer setting. This unit is usually used for small runs, pathway lights,
or LED fixtures. Shown here is Hinkley’s twelve twenty two SS transformer. This is a twelve
hundred watt transformer, it features four three hundred watt commons and multi-taps
twelve through twenty two. Also features the timer receptacle, photocell receptacle. It
has a toroidal core, which is a round core so it’s very quiet in operation, does not
buzz or hum. This is Hinkley’s standard twelve through fifteen volt multi-tap transformer.
The purpose of the multi-tap transformer is to get more voltage out to farther fixtures.
So basically, on longer runs you want to move up a tap as needed to get the right voltage
to the fixtures. If you need more information on transformers or if you wish to see videos
in our series on low voltage landscape lighting, please visit us at Thanks
for joining us today.

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