Transporting Interceptor 004 to the Dominican Republic | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

We’re finally going to move the Interceptor
towards Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic We’ve been at the Maritime Museum over
there for the last 4 months and the system was looking very good over there But ofcourse we designed it so that it can be implemented in a dirty
river so we’re gonna set sail towards the Tweede Maasvlakte the big Port of Rotterdam load it on the big transport vessel and then set sail
towards the Dominican Republic then we can start cleaning the Rio Ozama
in the city of Santo Domingo. We are going to sail alongside the Interceptor
and Jeanne, the pushboat to make sure that we can follow everything properly We’re prepared for cold weather.
It’s going to be windy out there. So, there is a bit of wind. It’s quite cold… So there’s different working temperatures than what we’re used to for instance in Indonesia or Malaysia But I’m more than happy to
be here again and start the day. It’s going to be fun That’s Interceptor 004 over there It has been here in Rotterdam for the past four months Since we unveiled it.
This is the one we had at the unveil event Now that everything has been signed
we can commence transportation Never seen it go this fast! There’s a lot of wind, and there’s a lot of water… The Interceptor is getting quite a beating right now Mostly the barge
on the side of the system is moving a lot… Due to the waves and the wind. The guys on the tug know how to control the speeds and will try to keep it as level as possible Sun is shining.
It’s all clearing up now! I’m good, man! I’m good. It’s been a really choppy adventure… The Interceptor is moored alongside the
Gusta Luna the transportation vessel that will bring it towards the Dominican Republic.
To Santo Domingo. And we’re going to offload it over there,
get it in water again and actually get it into the dirty river the Rio Ozama, where we are heading to and start cleaning it up over there… Wind down + Sun Down=System up? That sounds like a good formula, right? Lift one out of two has been finalized.
The barge is in the hold over there just down, just here. Lift it over and lift it in. And over there the system is currently being
positioned a bit more forward So that we can position it
underneath those two crane hooks And then we start lifting it… It’s going to be fun! Looking good! Still, some final things to do but I’m
happy that we’re loaded lifts two out of two went well… I’m on the deck. We’re going!
It’s finally happening!

52 thoughts on “Transporting Interceptor 004 to the Dominican Republic | Cleaning Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

  1. Wow, i'm first!
    Thanks for all you are doing! I can't wait to see the Interceptor 004 in action!

  2. We've towed cleanup technology under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam – what iconic bridge do you want to see an Interceptor towed under?

  3. Beautiful guys seeing things coming together.. this is much more efficient than the screaming Greta…

  4. Please INTERCEPTOR 007,,,, 008,,, 009 to be dispatched to KINGSTON HARBOR

  5. The environment doesn't get much attention in the U.K. We elected a racist sock puppet into government. Because the past ten years of human rights abuses, killing the poor, austerity and lies just weren't enough.

  6. When is the ETA, how will they unload and transport to destination? Hope next video covers that!

  7. i know you mostly do rivers but please start a programm about cleaning greek beaches pleaseee

  8. How do you plan to install an interceptor every 2 days in the future? (1000 rivers by 2025)

  9. Good job everyone! You are all amazing🙌 I am also wondering where the next Interceptor is going to opperate? It would make sense to place it in the Ganges, because it is the most polluted river in the world. Anyway, you should all be proud of the work you have put in! Good luck in the future😄♻️

  10. @Ocean Cleanup – where has Interceptor 3 been deployed please.

    Ps this project is the best thing going! xx Love you guys (from Indonesia)

  11. Words cannot thank you enough! I wish central America governments contact your organization

  12. I thought I heard the interceptors came packed in shipping containers, so they could be transported efficiently and assembled on site? Is this case special because it was on display at the unveiling?

  13. Ahhh, there it went, I was already missing it moored at and near the maretime museum. Have a bon voyage Interceptor 004 and get that river clean!

  14. It would be very nice too apply the Interceptor in a river called Caño Martín Peña in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This river connects to San Juan Bay and San Jose Lagoon. Its been years that this river haven't been clean and dredged. There's a lot of plastic debris in this area, that it could get easily in to the North Atlantic Ocean.

  15. Fantastic work Sr. Boyan Slat and you Team, Im big fan of you channel, much respect from San Francisco of Macorís Dominican Republic

  16. Thank you thank you Ocean Cleanup! If I win the lottery I will give you so much money!

  17. Plastic needs banning and put back in to the ground it's the only way forward in this world , the recycling scheme was all about jobs and money they didn't give a crap about environments as you see it's being produced day after day . Its plastic companies that should be taking apart , the governments are useless they couldn't agree on any think in this world , politicians jobs are to argue and never agree and let businesses rule and that is what are tax money pays for , environments have been suffering because things like Brexit turns peoples heads to many influencing and manipulation in this world and that is why are environments suffer so much , oil turns into plastic and used in every think from clothes to containers to coke bottles etc , so who runs this show , it's simple oil companies and plastic companies etc the government are to weak to do any think they have always been .

  18. Your doing an amazing job The Ocean Cleanup 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  19. Please bring this to India 😊😊😘

  20. Goed bezig OC-team. Trots op jullie. Dank jullie wel…weer. En good luck met 005 etc etc etc.

  21. Godspeed, my Dutch brothers! 🙌 I just brought 350lbs of trash to my local landfill. Will try and collect 10 more this afternoon. Greetings from Denmark ✌

  22. maybe for in the future you can make a canal cleanup 001 for in the canals of Amsterdam for example🙏🏾

  23. I really respect what the Ocean Cleanup company is doing for the world, would love to work for a company like this in the future

  24. Cutting down Trees 🌲🌲🌲🌲around are world from forests 🌳 to woodlands 🌳are releasing Toxins that the trees 🌲 have collect back into the Atmosphere and logging is cutting far quicker than planting around the world and adult trees 🌲 that take 45 years to grow store more toxins and carbon than just new planted trees does .
    If the logging continues to carry on then the weathers around are world will become a lot hotter and very aggressive storms will become life threatening for humans just because humans can’t stop eating massive amounts meat 🥩 just because jobs and money are more important than life itself .
    PLEASE SAY NO TO LOGGING and help protect the trees and the wildlife habitats that are so important to the world we live .

  25. 🌌💜✌ You are all heavy lifting Pioneers. You deserve more global thanks and appreciation.

  26. I am Dominican and I live near the Ozama river. I am very very thanksful and excited for this.

  27. I think what you are all doing is one of the most wonderful things going on in the world today. Thank you all so much!

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