Travelling with Bruce Live Stream Part 1 Channel Updates and Greetings to All

I’ve live live live live we’re going
live we’re live okay we’re live I think you guys done hey everybody it’s Bruce
here with traveling with Bruce welcome to my show
welcome to Wednesday hump day um kind of a mini Friday for me almost died cuz I
know I’m not on tomorrow because I’m driving to Calabi tomorrow to with my my
wife Jen my daughter our our daughter my daughter and her daughter my daughter
our daughter turning 30 uh oh man uh uh when the kids turn 30
the parents turn 100 I mean jeez it just hits ya you kind of remember what it was
like when you were 30 and yeah you know full of lemon vinegar and ready to go
working hard and live in your life and was all exciting and new and fresh and
incredible and uh you didn’t spend as much time with your parents anymore
because you’re kind of on your own and now that you’re the parent you kind of
you kind of miss the kid for a while there you kind of going oh you know
around 2021 the kids moving out school and then after that graduation and then
you know life and were empty nesters now yeah and then after why you can’t kind
of miss the kid certain things about the kid you missed and then you think back
then you know cheese and then the the memories come flooding back and you go
oh jeez you got to stop thinking about that because he gets to you the older
you get the easier it is to cry it’s unbelievable I never knew that about my
dad though a tough guy but heard from others that the older he got the softer
he got nope what can I say thanks for joining me the sentimental guy that I am
it’s April the 18th 2018 Wednesday sunny day here in Creston British Columbia but
clouds are rolling in again it’s this unsettled weather I can’t believe it
but we’re supposed to go into pure sunshine in the next day or two and I
mean pure sunshine uh and we’re gonna hit 70s around here
we’re getting our first taste of actual yeah no decent spring weather because
it’s been okay the last two weeks as far as you know no frost issues and no
serious cold issues but we just can’t get a heat heat street going get a hot
streak going and we’re finally gonna get into the 70s which around here is gonna
feel like hot finally although in these parts in the summertime we’ll hit a
hundred degrees Creston will hit a hundred in the
summertime high 90s all the time but boy we just can’t get the engine started to
get things going so I’m looking forward to this the drive tomorrow should be
uneventful hopefully the car will just get us there
and you know we’ll go from there Costco is waiting for me in Calgary I
can’t wait to hit the Costco store we got our our our Costco check in the mail
a little while ago that we can only use in Canada because we have one of those
executive memberships and so we’ll be using that up and picking off some some
provisions and bringing them back when we come home on Sunday so I won’t be on
the air tomorrow I’m off tomorrow you’ll have to do without me watch reruns
there’s 220 of them you know you got lots to watch and Friday I’ll be on at
5:00 Eastern as usual and Saturday I’ll be on at 2:00 Eastern as usual but from
Calgary in both instances and that should be kind of fun so I’m looking
forward to two doing two shows from over there and telling you how it’s going I’m
stay on top of the crews game and what’s going on the channel the channel the
channel we continue to grow although I’m having some some interesting things
happening to my channel not that I’m jumping up and down about it but there’s
nothing I can do about it my number one video has been a video I made in October
way back to me that’s like ancient history because the channel only started
in August as a lot of you know if you watch me regularly I started this
channel August 12th October the 10th so was that the second month in I made a
how-to video it was a top 10 tips for a new cruisers video
and it was a dud it started off yet I mean it had a few views in the first few
weeks with nothing going on but by around December
uh I noticed this old video from October was kind of getting 20 views a day 30
views a day then a few days later 50 views a day then a week or so later
hundred views a day it became you know my number one viewed video as far as
volume goes on a moment-to-moment owns but it wasn’t yet my number one video
because I had done a video in November talking about the Hurricanes and it was
by far the leader in total views but this little top 10 tips for new cruisers
kept coming 200 views a day 300 views of 800 Musa NATO just kept growing and
growing and growing then I had no idea what was going on I wasn’t doing
anything just doing what I do and it reached 1200 views a day on Sunday
just this past Sunday Monday stopped it didn’t like go from 1200 to 1100 to 0
right now it’s maybe doing a hundred views a day if I’m lucky that’s complete
like someone went and went turned the switch and it’s over this video is just
now it’s got 80,000 views 80,000 views my whole channel has 250,000 views or
two and 40-something thousand days there’s a third of all my views that
this channel has and it stopped just like that
overnight I have no idea of what to make of it I can’t understand it I do a
search for my like I go to Google I do a search I find it if I do a search on
YouTube through an incognito channel and I do top 10 tips or you know new crews
it third top choice it’s right up there on the search engines no one’s watching
it I don’t understand and so my channel numbers are just
dropping like just because 1200 views a day
has an impact but the rest of my channel is unchanged all it’s all normal the
views that I would normally get I’m getting the volume I normally get on
getting but this one video that was the big you know the big one that just was
driving my views it’s doing nada so I I don’t know maybe I said something to
somebody somewhere once I don’t know I can’t tell you I can’t I want to I want
to think oh maybe they’re you know they’re Romana Tizen everything and
they’re redoing it No maybe I’ve got a copyright strike
against me maybe I’ve been bad no no no bad news no good news no news just
nothing just silence absolute silence I have no idea what’s going on except that
I just I go on the air and talk to you guys and do what I do and do my work and
just keep plugging away and that’s just the way it’s gonna be and I have no idea
what’s going on so that’s that’s that the channel the channel the channel to
continue on with the discussion still not monetize no idea when I’m going to
be monetized I keep thinking by the end of April no
one has said otherwise officially that I can understand but the rumors are
everywhere and of course what do you want when when the when the ownership
group or the executive group of YouTube don’t specifically say what’s gonna
happen because they don’t have a schedule that they can point at for me
we make up our own rumors so that’s what happens with I know 10 million creators
what do you think I don’t know what do you think I heard this I heard that I
don’t know so I know about that the chief executive officer for YouTube
yesterday made our release or day before yesterday made an official press release
Twitter release some kind of release and I found it through a different link it
amazes me I don’t as a creator I don’t get emails from YouTube saying the
president company has made this announcement why don’t these do that
they are my email don’t get those as I have to fight we have to find him on our
own so I found it and it was covering a number of points and it’s
like openness and you know pussycat and kittens and puppies everything’s gonna
be great but she did address some issues which is great one of which is cleaning
up the house getting rid of the bad actor here’s out there get rid of
copyright infringers haters you know all kinds of you know nasty groups and great
yeah another fan fest apparently advertisers are much happier now with
the way the channel is being you know at your they hadn’t a bit they had an
episode a couple weeks ago with someone with a handgun going onto the campus of
shooting people I get that take all the time you need to get over
that and they thanked everybody for their support and I I’m happy about that
but when it came to monetization she mentioned that we are sorry for the
delays but we’re working on this is your chance this is your moment you could say
something like there are five million channels being reviewed we have ten
thousand people doing it we are doing it manually we’ve got half of them done
we’re going to monetize everybody all at once we’re gonna we’re gonna ramana ties
fifty thousand a week it’s gonna anything give me a thready sign anything
tell me nothing just went on to the next there’s an opportunity lost so what we
keep spreading her own rumors so that’s that okay channel channel channel
yesterday I had one thousand eight hundred five subscribers and I had some
fun last night if you were watching last night’s show was Tuesday night’s trivia
show that was a lot of fun last night and we had a young guy on our channel
I’m not sure how young he is but he’s a young guy and mom was watching what he
was doing and he was guessing and it was great I loved it I had so much fun and
he wanted to send me a super chat and mom said no it’s a scam she said and and
he told me that he was like to get it I love that – laughs I said if you do what
your mom says best moms of us and then he found out that I had a store with
merchandise and we have t-shirts and coffee mugs and
everything else most do you know that so I was telling oh you can look at the
store it’s up there there’s a link up here so hee-hee parently checked it out
while we were on the air and mom said you could have a t-shirt for your
birthday so he’s all exciting he’s telling me I’m gonna get a t-shirt for a
while that’s I of course I’m thrilled and I said thank you mama and then I
found out after my show was over well actually just before the show’s over
he sent me $0.99 Canadian from Canada he said it’s all I got
I thank you and thanks mom for letting him $70.99 says that’s wonderful and and
that’s great and I found out that after the show he subscribed to my he became a
follower on my Instagram account great and then about an hour and a half ago I
noticed that email coming through on YouTube he’s a subscriber so I have a
new subscriber a young man from Canada and then a little later mom subscribe
and thank you welcome and keep an eye on me now watch me now make sure I’m doing
it right and it’s just I just delighted I got another new guy another small new
newbie it’s okay we got to start him young and get him into cruising and he
loves cruise ships and I couldn’t be happier I just love that I know I know
of a number of followers I haven’t got a couple followers that are under 12 I had
that followed the show and I’m very proud of that I think that’s fantastic
and if they get a kick out of what I’m doing how can I complain and I’m I know
that you folks are just so welcoming to all newbies I I love it it’s fantastic
looks like Jim Thomas is sending me a hot dog from Costco
yeah too much thanks Jim Thomas I see it just popped in like there and I got
another piece of news for you guys I have a subscriber who joined this
channel about a week ago some of you might remember her she’s from New
Zealand and I think her name was auntie Jane auntie Jane 11 and I just looking
right now and all my message she’s not here right now I don’t see her here
because the timing is weird we’re at 5:00 Eastern
and I think over in New Zealand right now it’s 6:00 in the morning
or something like that so she’s getting up anyway overnight she sent me a
message and congratulated me on 1,800 subs and it’s very you know really just
congratulatory way to go and she sent me a PayPal donation and I was blown away
absolutely blown away no idea basically in Canadian money it’s 50 Canadian
dollars 5-0 50 Canadian dollars that’s a single largest donation I’ve ever had
that didn’t ask for it came in and she was delighted to send I I’m just blown
away if she’s watching this on a rerun thank you so much that’s just speechless
five dollars ten dollars I get them all the time but this just out of the blue
Wow thank you very much and I’m humbled and
I’ll I’ll try to be better so anyway I’m really appreciative as you
all know I appreciate all of you watching and following me and commenting
and help me be better I love it also my sore back to my store we have
three logos up right now and I wanted to thank one individual can’t name um and
him getting too much thank you for your help I’m trying to get more logos up
it’s not easy if any of you out there have an idea for a logo that you think
might be kind of kitschy let me know you can always draw something up by hand
take a photo of it send me an email or a message or through my facebook page or
or whatever that would be terrific and then we’ll try to work one up and you
know go from there but that’s another another project for another day but so
far three are up and we’ve had orders for I think all three logos
I just got notified today bye RedBubble that six of seven orders have
been processed now one mug is still under construction this is great I just
love the way they do it because I don’t have to touch anything I don’t have to
handle it I can’t screw it up and fantastic RedBubble is just so far I’m
very delighted I am dying to find out from you folks who have ordered any of
these products when you get them let me know please did you get it is it okay
were you happy with it if you’re wouldn’t mind take a photo of the item
if you really could do it show you holding the item it’s a mug or wearing
the shirt and and if I can have your permission to let the world know people
are getting the stuff that would be terrific but if you don’t want to show
yourself and just want to show the item that’s okay too
that would be great for me to be able to let the world know people are getting
their shirts they’re getting their mugs and they’re happy and they’re okay
whatever and if it’s not okay and you’re doing a exchange or return and they’re
looking after you whether it’s good or bad let me know if it’s good tell me if
it’s bad tell me but I’m crossing my fingers and I have a
suspicion it might be okay so so far so good so this is great okay uh let me say
hi to the gang here enough talking from Bruce say see who’s here and say hi
Peter heck join talking at 4:21 hi Bruce Richard a perp on spree 86 degrees
that’s like that’s June around here that’s fantastic reason something
sitting around the pool the cold one in my hand
pool water 87 degrees you killin I’m very stressful but someone has to do it
and he of course he’s my number one t-shirt order he’s the first guy to get
the t-shirt I love it that’s fantastic Peter welcome back oh yeah Thomas Henry
beautiful sunny day 72 in Richmond Virginia four days till embarkation
start of our school and I was having with Thomas was
watching last night’s trivia show he was throwing he was throwing me some of the
answers that we were having some was great Valon Martinez is here from
Argentina how are you Alan welcome back felt Tracy a Dunlop is here hi everyone
85° a nice and sunny in Naples today another Floridian lemon life not much of
reso feels hotter I’m in in lime trees lots of lines almost margarita time here
we go flowers on the lemon tree oh that is
awesome what a great time of year Debbie Manuel hi Bruce and I’m going mostly
class how do you see for today Dean or the gal or udemy a year back nice to
have you Brits thank you for joining me and all your sub Thomas Henry I was
disappointed listening to the replay of trivialized like what happened to the
Tokyo of disease what happened in the Tokyo of the Seas I was thinking about
the bays we had all kinds of wacky guesses last night was great time Paul
Willis I’m here in Virginia but only 45 5 tomorrow it’s that time really count
on it yet but jeez come on weather weather weather SQ part hybrids
cue in Thunder Bay Ontario its +7 snow that was recently dropping is now
melting I’m wondering hey guys how it’s my signal coming out it doesn’t look all
that great my on my picture I’m gonna make an adjustment to my my picture here
maybe it’ll improve for ya hopefully let’s try this and let me know I’m
everyone’s took for these are really nice door okay listen is here everybody
hey cam download Jordan hi Bruce and everyone sunny windy 82 degrees
Fahrenheit here and I’m a South Carolina yay Franco everybody I Charles Gentile
fun to get to go see your baby girl thank you Thomas just wet 4 p.m. it was
at 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. but what I mean in the shade in to kiss the Florida
congressman sunny warm breeze and very enjoyable
well thumbs up we’ll miss you more happy cost KO’ing happy god that’s going thank
you sir sure I was here Hey Bruce hello all Sun is out y’all were killing me
it’s killing me 57 for the high 47 low 190 still no blast
peterhead come on first reason Bruce the quality beauty is not great to me and
Elsa same problem yeah I’m having the same problem here screen again and house
me and I don’t know what they’re doing is happening with you – I know yeah
hopefully the sound is okay I’m at this if we have to make any more adjustments
image is out of focus gremlins in your camera probably maybe Canada has slow
internet laugh of blood Peter and I can might not might be he this don’t bail
thing laughs ah blog Jo Thomason any may be low or thank you sir askew park that
fighter is causing all kinds of problems that’s right it’s a darn spike here that
was hanging around on the other day maybe that’s what it is
oh let’s see if I’m another adjustment packing what’s it’s a lot how’s your
picture but hopefully it’s coming in clearer let’s see what happens Randy
Lucas is 7:13 p.m. location is 100 1,450 miles
nautical miles east of Fort Lauderdale yeah about 700 miles a day you’re making
you’re making up ground or making up water yeah for sure
Tommy Eaton hi Bruce and all currently 88 in sunny in Jacksonville Florida 24
days 11 hours and I’m not gonna count the minutes before our first cruise on
the Carnival elation right on Tommy Jim Mindy’s having a ball it sure is
Cappy Butler’s here Bruce Google says you do periodically audit the news and
channels and in during the audit views can freeze or slow as they weed out
because that door yeah maybe that’s it we’ll see how it goes
Abby e Jim Thomas or Tara my doctor called and said my test results all came
back normal which should clear me for my last accrues at 55 days whoo
fantastic going on a cruise and you’re cleared to go this is fantastic Peter
heck come on oh and the audio isn’t great spider spider uh got still picture
of Bruce Thomas Henry needs I was a mere Peter same thing Jim cam I’m listening
to a robot with a picture of Bruce on this team Nina Frank logging lagging a
loss mushy picture and sound unless his icon pic Nancy Nolan hydrous oh yes
flurry and echo chambers gambeson those darn gremlins silo Steve what did Jen do
to the RV antenna it’s that big-ass RV of mine I don’t know how to work the
Caliph it yet you’re Fanning founders turkey from ball I Cathy Butler you guys
cracked me yeah I’m Wilson Bruce are you using a potato for your webcam
there’s someone throwing snowballs at your computer sq park it’s all those
teenagers coming home and all is watching all that stuff on Hub laughing
out loud can Wilson lmao sq 11 my to chef well we’ll just laugh out loud Jim
Thomas hello mr. robot Oh silo Steve okay close that a bit better
Randy Luke we’re on the elation in 96 great time had a great time on the
elation ah let’s see how am I looking here it’s still terrible how this is
coming out even my phone does great let me see if I can move it back up again
and see if it’s better you guys let me know I’m just winging it as best as I
can with what I’ve got and cross I’m hoping for a better deal here sounds
like Mike shell Lucas sounds like Tokyo voice Randy’s name is Lily with a wrench
kind of weird when he jumps in hydras hide one can’t say hey but by 3 p.m. on
Thursday I’ll be able to see a be able to say my our RV can pass Bruce’s RV on
the way to Florida I gotta get one of those logos you know on the side of my
RV my big ass that I got now you know traveling with Bruce you know and
promote the fact that I’m out there I don’t know camel they recently upgrade
the carnival ation with the carnival 2.0 upgrades and some more balconies and I
thought they did I thought they had done that boat then I know they’re doing that
with a number of other ships as well see if I go up one more not I’m not sure if
this can help or hurt the best quality picture I can saw and Charles Jordan
Bruce have you heard the about passenger that fell overboard from the anthem of
the Seas ago I believe it was on the 14th I have by the way Tommy saying I
mean yes they upgraded last year on the elation Randy Lucas my name is in blue
because I’m special I’m special that’s right ready you’re special
the overboard incident yeah apparently it was intentional I think it was a four
year old gentleman that a swing a permanent swim a Peter jicama no better
no better wrist d’arnot cheese I’m really frustrated by this I am also
showing a free a freezing screen on my end and I don’t make them
then I go into a still ship my bald head there and then it comes back in all
terrible I’m not sure what to make of that and up from Rio Prince a spy y’all
go get gentle help oh nice in the spa you’re killing me Michelle you’re
killing me let me take a look again by a Denny’s I’ll tell you what herbal why
don’t I kill this and just come right back live on a on an attempt back live
and let’s see if this works because what we have here is just terrible it’s all
burning up and it’s all fuzzy and it’s just not at all
Wendy Thompson princess Caribbean cruise $5.99 or I mean I’m offering my email
about that I’m okay here’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna kill this broadcast
dead and it backs and I’m just going to go into the the look to bring up a new
live chat and just do a refresh head to my channel and join me in progress on
this a redo and let’s see if that makes it any better
because what we have here is just you know unaccept the rest is irrelevant all
right okay here we go I’m killing it I’ll see
you in it here we go

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