Trawling Winnipeg’s Rivers for the Bodies of Unsolved Murder Cases

100 thoughts on “Trawling Winnipeg’s Rivers for the Bodies of Unsolved Murder Cases

  1. why the fuck aren't cops investigating this shit? is it because of a lack of resources? lack of funding? or do they even give a shit about people's missing loved ones disappearing into the river leaving those poor families with a lot of unanswered questions and no closure

  2. God loves everybody. Seek God and leave it in His hands. this world belongs to the evil ones/nephilim. It will be destroyed in the not to distant future. Come out of it. Trust, and believe that Jesus will take care of all who do the will of the Father, and He will judge all who do not according to His will. After all He earned that right. KJV
    Genesis 5:
    21 And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah: 22 And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters: 23 And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: 24 And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.
    11:5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony that he pleased God.
    14 And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,
    15 To execute judgment upon all, and to convict all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.
    (note V-14&15 is a direct quote from the book of Enoch which was written
    3000 years before Jude so yes the apocryphal books were very common books in
    Jesus' day. They were known and taught by the true church).

  3. They finally did do an inquiry into murdered and missing Aboriginal/Native women in Canada. Finding results= genocide.

  4. 13:52 how does he know people aren't dumping bodies there if he and his officers aren't searching it? What a lying sack of scum.

  5. Why are the first nations people hated so much in Canada? Every time I see something about them they seem like pretty nice people who have been persecuted worse than blacks in the USA have been.

  6. The reason police don't give 2 shits is because it does not support the socialist collective.. Why would you ask for anything different from their ideological Marxist roots? Individuals don't have rights, especially if they are dead. If it don't propel the one world agenda, throw it away.. How could you expect any less from the world's first mangina substitute drama teacher and Rothschild's puppet prime minister.. I don't.. In fact I make it a point to expect Trudeau's policy to coincide with tyranny and world government and conflict with freedom, liberty humanity…

  7. Police: We're not gonna search the river.
    Murders: Cool, I guess we know where to ditch all these bodies

  8. What a sad set of police force y'all have ?. They say, "It's like looking for a needle in a hay stack" ????? Then tell me ? how is it possible these newly trained people finding so much evidence ????!! ?? My prayers for all these people who are doing the police officers work.

  9. 19:48 "… remotely unlikely …" to find a body? Doesn't that mean that it is likely!

  10. Well if the Govt refuses, then next is HER Majesty. She takes a portion of what Canada earns might as well!

  11. Are they searching for murdered and missing indigenous men, as well?

  12. Wish they could get a boat with sonar in order to "see" what is on the bottom better.
    A volunteer group in Texas searching for a missing person used a boat equipped with sonar to look in the river and streams around Houston.
    They mapped out over 100 cars clogging the waterways.
    Police insisted they knew of them and that no bodies were in them and they didn't have the money to fish them out. A group of 20 cars due to public pressure was pulled out and a body was found in one of them. Although it was someone who missed a curve in the road at night, with so many cars submerged, the possibility of more bodies in the vehicles is very real.

  13. her questions…..why are they so many underwear down there?? REALLY??? is it not obvious?

  14. Could even be corrupt cops who are the murderers. Never catch them. Scary.
    Undercover cops need to set up some Entrapments. Bait the killers. Run a stake out and watch what and who turns up. Dangerous but a good way to catch these kidnappers.
    These days people need to have tracking devices inside themselves!

  15. Wow. Something I always wanted to do. Thank you volunteers!! Bless you!

  16. This is a Canada wide problem, most of the police forces in Canada are VERY useless especially when dealing with indigenous peoples. It’s disgusting how little people care about these issues.

  17. This is a dumping ground. The F.B.I. would be handling it in America because it's evidence of a serial killer. Them cops should be fired and put their wages in suicide nets and cameras.

  18. Was Ms Fontaine (Prayers for her Family) found wrapped in a g-bag? Another video said she was wrapped in a duvet'.

  19. At 19:03 when she said that because they were indigenous they were disposable…kinda makes your heart sink a little.
    Yet, people are treated like such, everywhere.
    Heck, the polices attitude (secretly enough) is like "why should we do it… We have all these civilians doing it for us."

  20. If we took pride in our people like we should USA…them we would all matter….but unfortunately only black lives matter!!

  21. Wounder what ever happened to them child orphans the Queen and her husband took away from Canada

  22. Infuriating/heartbreaking – that local officials don't even care enuff to lift a finger to assist these families. I've heard about missing/murdered indigenous women thruout Canada, but didn't know of the Winnipeg/Red & Assiniboine Rivers connection. I was just there last month, too. My neighbor's body was fished out of our city's lake just 4 days ago & was id'd yesterday. Still don't know how/why she ended up there. Such sad, strange times. Blessed Be the Lost/Taken & their Loved Ones.

  23. What they should do is try to drain that river if possible. Then everything in that river will be visible. Why don't they just drain it?

  24. Bet if they riot like the black people in America shit will get done…
    Squeaky wheel gets the GREASE

  25. This is so sad. Are you fucking kidding me they are digging in the ground and searching the water for human remains of their community where is the POLICE !

  26. Of course they found her body by accident. This makes me sick, as a Native American woman myself.

  27. So sad all these stories of the blatantly racism by the white race even though they are from England or London,Germany,ect. Maybe that's why the Creator is shrinking their race. Many people have died every year from suicide,drugs,alcohol,drinking in USA.Mainly white,rural areas rich and poor now. Trump administration just let's their own caucasian, people die. Close to 100,000 every year for the last 10 years. So sad. Not all whites are racist. Some are great people.

  28. What an unsympathetic officer. If it was one of his daughters he’d be digging bare handed on his knees and begging for help.

  29. You know what is more sick, That alot of them moved north forced to leave North America to go to Canada to be treated like garbage after the English settlers massacred their people. These people have suffered more then just about anyone and still in 2019 they cant get a fair shake. This world sucks plain and simple.

  30. Native women and men missing in America don't get the same either. It's really sad. many of them we don't even hear about at all….

  31. This angers me why haven't police search groups professionals of all types go and assist them in finding loved ones and friends why Indian lives don't matter?!

  32. I don't understand why they think that the police should be doing this…do they not understand how dangerous it is.. it's not because of someone's race or gender..most people need to stop reaching for conflicts and think more…

  33. This makes me heart sick. I don’t understand the reasoning of the authorities, “Most of the people we pull from the river are suicides NOT murder victims!”. So basically if someone commits suicide they are no longer worthy of attention, respect, understanding and love? Why is it the authorities are saying to the community (first peoples or not) that this PERSON is a piece of trash and unworthy of a helping hand, even in death? That’s the kind of mindset the suicide victims had before they committed suicide! The kind of mindset a murderer has for their victims! Maybe give some more public help to those who are desperate, depressed, marginalized people before they decide to take that final last step into suicide. Maybe help people who may become a victim to violence! Maybe just maybe HELP the families of the victims of murder and suicide. Why aren’t off duty police officers helping? Even donating ONE hour a week of their time to these searches or educating the people who ARE doing something proactive! Guessing even a single hour of time donated by the authorities will help bring one or more staggering statistics of crime & mental illness down!

  34. Let police find the body of a white wholesome Canadian young woman that comes for a typical middle class family. Raped, beaten, or murdered in that lake. & watch how quickly the police would find the resources to allocate to dragging the lake once every couple of months?

  35. I feel so much for the plight of the families, friends and volunteers who do this.

  36. I fully respect what these locals are doing, but jesus christ do they no understand body decomposition? if you snag something stop the boat immediately and then reposition the boat to lessen the tension on the treble hook and what it has snagged! otherwise, if it is a body all you are going to do is pull up the pieces of skin and clothing that your treble hooks snagged!!!! for fucks sake, snag something, maneuver the boat, then attempt to SLOWLY bring it to the surface ya numb nuts!!

  37. Humans are a racist species. Racism is a sociological issue, not psychological or emotional or political one, that needs to be looked at through a more scientific lens.

  38. Wait… The police in Canada can't be bothered to investigate crimes affecting women of color? Did Canada become the 51st US state while I wasn't looking??

  39. The statistics for missing First Nation women and girls in Canada are disgusting and shameful, as is the treatment their families and communities, and the irritated, condescending, and supercilious attitude of the police officer around the 12:00” mark makes him the Poster Child for the law enforcement bureaucracy’s attitude and behavior. If you don’t listen to his words, but look at his posture and facial expressions, especially the way he purses his lips, you can see the resentment and anger he feels about the “Drag the Red” group….it’s patently obvious. And if it sickens me, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the people who are forced to submit to the RCMP, if they’re in the wrong demographic.

    On the whole, I have always thought that Canadians were moral, upright people, and that their law enforcement officers were just and diligent in upholding the law. And I believe that the regular citizens have those qualities in abundance. But as I’ve watched numerous documentaries from various sources on particular criminals, it’s become clear to me who can count on justice in Canada, and who can expect to go whistling.

  40. Maybe the cops arent helping cus they know of someone in blue that is being swept under the radar that could be the one doing this to these sweet girls

  41. dam man i could of used that bike..Calvin….jk good job you guys. its sad that the coppers keep there distance on these cases…(sigh,,f…k the coppers }

  42. I bet you it is a white serial killer. Like always. white people they don't care about the native.

  43. Well.. guess I know where to throw dead bodies. thanks for the info RCMP. Nice to know you don't really care. Sick people are probably watching this realizing they can get away with murder.

  44. I find it hard to believe that these people are killing themselves by drowning…. seems like an incredibly hard way to pass.

  45. 12:24 doesn't make sense to toss that back. These guys are heroes for this work. I'm in NB and we need answers.

  46. Motherfuck these police firstly for not doing more about what is happening and two for blatantly not giving a shit.

  47. The reporter literally had no empathy. The things she said like “why are there so many panties in the water?” REALLY?! cause they are looking for dead/ missing women dummy. And getting excited every time they got a snag?! They aren’t fishing. Anyways God bless the searchers and families ??

  48. How sad just like here in America they dont give a fuck unless its white people and no im not trying to start anything. The proof is there

  49. That ? a jerk he can care less point BLANK he's totally showing it and THAT'S BS there's all kinds of stuff they can use too look under water jerks…. Killer's no they cop's won't look so they keep dumping SMDH

  50. @ 13:04 ?

    RCMP seem extremely lazy and ineffective.

    RCMP should drag the river regularly!

    The volunteer stated he just wants help dragging, not diving!

    Optics, guys

  51. All the ladies underwear…makes me wonder if its from rapes…not necessarily deaths

  52. Gruesome work. I hope they have some kind of stress relief. That could really get to someone after a while.

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