Treetop Dive Into The Amazon River

What I leave behind in the Amazon is a lot of sweat, a little bit of blood, and a lot of energy. We just finished the first day of diving and it was just great. Actually, we found the proper height we were searching for, between 25 and 27 meters.

52 thoughts on “Treetop Dive Into The Amazon River

  1. Thanks RedBull…that was amazing!!!
    I would like to see more of this!

  2. That's so sketchy. I would be terrified to get eaten by a gator or a snake.

  3. Fuck that. I'd be too afraid of piranhas lmao. There's plenty of other lakes or rivers to jump into.

  4. If you sponsor me ill jump in there with steaks tied around my neck

  5. OMG!!!!!!! how did they managed to film the river dolphin??? They are at the point of extinction! In the river Gang they're extincted 🙁

  6. please take the time to do a better color grading, you've got sick images, how about using them to their full potential ? 🙂
    Anyway, loved it !

  7. Diving in the wild should be the tittle. Cool that redbull is sponsoring Colombians athletes they should do this lot more in other countries as well.

  8. GOODBYES & COWARDS   Deuteronomy 20:5-8
    Another contrast between Old and New Testament Law and grace is readiness. Before battle in the Old Testament, those that had unfinished business and were afraid were excused, but in the New Testament Jesus tells potential followers that turning back meant unworthiness and fear should be replaced by; power, love, and sanity. The battlefield of the mind, world, flesh, and the spirit; starts and ends with Jesus. Soldier on in His strength.

  9. So what is the point? What did they learn? Why did they disturb the rest of nature for this?…. Oh I see to make money by sales of an unrelated product then its okay (gag).

  10. the amazon has straight up jungle monsters in it…i'm super good on that shit. i mean…did you see those dolphin wanna-be leviathan things?

  11. The River is dirty too so what's stopping him from landing on a crocodile lol

  12. If I would have to dive on that jungle I would have red-horse to drink to and get drunk not red-bull. LOL!

  13. Por algo es uno de los mejores del mundo, sino el mejor!!! Grande Orlando Duque y espectaculares imágenes en el Amazonas!!

  14. As a brazilian, I get REALY sad when I see a lot of documentaries, videos and published studies coming a lot more from our neighbors, than us.
    Knowing that 60% of the Amazon forest is in Brazilian territory.

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