Tribal Semelai river fishing at Tasik Bera, Malaysia.

Deep in the jungle at Tasik Bera, in the state of
Pahang, one can meet the oldest inhabitants of the Malaysian Peninsula. 1400 Aborigines from the ethnic groups Semelai. Ta sik Bera is a labyrinth of rivers and lakes covering almost 7000 hectares. Here vegetation and wildlife about vast and diverse. There are approximately 200 species of birds, and
nearly 100 species of mammals and reptiles. An kok, his wife, Guia, and their family live off the natural
environment, the forest and its rubber trees, the river and its fish. Today they are going fishing with their daughter
in law, a nd their grandson Bein . The rivers and lakes of Bera are populated
by more than 90 different species of fish. Most are catfish, carp, barbs, anparlors and other tomans. Ankok fishes with a spear on the edge of the bank. After several rain-showers, the water level has
quickly risen, making fishing difficult and unpredictable. Ankok finds a small catfish in the grasses. He lances it with a blow from his spear. Ankok takes a bamboo trap from the water, which he left there a few days ago. As he takes out the fish, Guia cuts a piece of yam. Continuing downstream, the four fishermen check the other
fish traps placed there a few days ago,. In Malaysia. This is known as Bubu. The fish are attracted by pieces of yam placed in the trap. One by one, the fish are removed, and the
yam is either put back or replaced if necessary. Today is a day for catfish. Here are two more. The trap is then returned to the river. The young Bein will not be outdone. He proudly brings his mother, his bubu, containing a small fish. Depending on the season, the Semelai fish for crabs or turtles. They must always be wary of the snakes and crocodiles that
populate the lakes, swamps and rivers of Tas ik Bera. Fishing , always ends with a bathe in the river. At the end of a peaceful afternoon , she brings
fish back to her family to accompany the evening meal.

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