Tropical depression Imelda brings life-threatening flash flooding to Texas

100 thoughts on “Tropical depression Imelda brings life-threatening flash flooding to Texas

  1. Im from Houston AND SCHOOL WAS STILL OPEN TODAY!!! It’s not that serious.

    FORGET WHAT I SAID YESTERDAY, WE’RE FLOODED TODAY. My school closed at noon and is a shelter location bc the parking lot alone had four inches of water in less that an hour.

  2. what if, the story was also inclusive of some criminal texas trash having some polluted political perspectives unable to properly correctly honestly or legitimately persuade, without being more specific, getting washed away across a spectrum of their own expectations, with the specified conditions of consequence stated, would that offend the posts sense of professionalism ? probably not.

  3. Omg!!!!
    Weather DRAMA!!
    Let’s make everything seem like the end of the world so we can weaponize the weather politically!

  4. That's why no one wants to live in Port Arthur and Beaumont. It's garbage out there. And it floods all the time.

  5. Just remember folks. The repubs in congress will have you believe that climate change isn't really a thing, and isn't happening right before our eyes. Break out the sharpies people, lmao.

  6. Here in Houston, Everything fine. Same streets and spots that always flood have high water. Nothing crazy.
    Sorry to give the bad news, but climate campaign is not going to win anybody the presidency.

  7. Im not surprised something always life threatening nowadays even playing sports is life threatening

  8. There's nothing but steers and queers in Texas. They'll probably enjoy the rain and have mud wrestling bestiality orgies.

  9. They use a WP instead of headlining their real name "Washington Post "cause they are Nazis and wp =white power " dey b nazis

  10. That shirt totally clashes with his skin tone and what’s up with those lights on his face

  11. climate change visits the deniers in conservative Texas and washes away their existance
    not believing in socialism there will be no need for FEMA support, either.

  12. Are we going to have some 6 nukes launched in atmosphere with fall out? The great scientist in DC he can fix anything?

  13. Omg there is a storm out of the gulf raining on land!!! Liberals..This has never happened before!! Climate change!!

  14. We need to make a program to buy lower-income people's houses out when those houses become frequent flooders, and tear down the houses.
    It'll improve drainage, and stop us from repairing the frequent flooders.

  15. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Arkansas according to President Trump's latest updated Sharpie map that will be wiped out by a category 7 tsunami but he promises that what happened during the California wildfires will not happen again and he will be on the ground with both bottles of water and paper towels to help in the clean-up as soon as he gets back from his golfing trip maga2020

  16. Commenting from this bullshit

    the "like a carwash" analogy is VERY ACCURATE

    my car hasn't been this clean in months

  17. Imelda’s flash flood was horrific, I got trapped in a barn for 2 hours because of the rising water and lightning

  18. Some people in Tx were making fun and calling this fake news yesterday…no so today huh wonder why?is it a little wet?

  19. I've been uploading drone videos from where I live in Spring Branch Texas, it's a spooky and slow moving storm, feel free to check em' out!

  20. But most Texans believe the dangerous lie that climate change is a hoax and not dangerous! Those oppressing asylum seekers and migrants will themselves be migrants seeking asylum in other states…by the tens of millions…mark my words.

  21. Bible prophecy coming to passssss people! GOD is trying to wake his children up! Historic flooding! Mass earth quakes ! Volcanoes erupting! PLEASE come to the MOST HIGH GOD today! TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION! Become born again! God desires a RELATIONSHIP with u! Invite him into ur heart ? today! The rapture is at hand!

  22. The Texas Gulf Coast is ruled by Republicans like Ted Cruz. These legislators are climate change deniers and they voted against aid to New Jersey and New York for help with hurricane Sandy.

  23. Oh noes!!!!! Not chest high water!!!!! It must be Trump's fault! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  24. Big problem with Texas flooding. All the assholes driving back and forth with their big trucks swamping our homes. Not rescuing anyone just making things worse for home owners. This is all day and up to 11 at night. STAY OUT

  25. Ooh I get how storms start if the cloud is depressed it starts crying alot I get the weather now?

  26. You people are so dumb. God controls the weather. He is obviously punishing Houston, Tx for its wickedness.

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