Truline Industries LED Lighting Retrofit

We make these parts that are critical to
the aircraft industry. They have to be perfect. One scratch it’s scrap and so
you have to be able to see that the parts perfect. One of the big things is
that it makes my employees makes it easier for them to see the product and
they work really hard and they have to be focused and Energy Focus why it’s
just made it it’s just so much easier for them to see. My name is Stuart Watson and this is Truline Industries. We’re in Chesterland, Ohio and we manufacture
parts for the world’s aircraft and engines the main driving driven fuel
pump engines and we supply everybody in the world. The LED lights from Energy
Focus they are green the most green choice that you have today and when we
try our best and everywhere else and to be green but this gives gave us a great
opportunity with Energy Focus to really do what we say we do. I really noticed a
big difference between the LED and the fluorescent bulbs is when they first
were installing it they would do row after row. The old row was yellow the new
row was extremely bright and white and one thing I noticed is that we didn’t
have so much light on the ceiling anymore because it was all directed down
where our workers need to see it. We didn’t have that light pollution there
but it was amazing on how crisp and clear and from customers coming in they
say the exact same thing how bright everything looks here. Under the old
lights my co-workers seemed up they saw a bunch of shadows kind of darkness going
around the parts and stuff preventing them from checking the parts and certain
dimensions with these newer lights it seems like you can see everything all
the LED lights have improved no shadows whatsoever. Fluorescence lights used to
give me headaches. The new lights that we used LEDs do
not give me headaches I actually could see things clearer and with the old
lights I was fatigued. With the new light I feel I have more energy I feel like I can work a little bit longer. The new LED lights have brought a better
atmosphere for the employees keeping them up a little more, making it easier
to read blueprints, and not directing so many shadows. I think more than anything TrUline Industries is technologically advanced and so is Energy Focus. I mean
they’re on the cutting edge as well and so I kind of like that. I kind of like
that we we did business together. We can’t ship a bad part. It has to be zero
points per million and out of the door and to be honest with you I’m going to
do everything I can to make that happen. So we have the latest machines, we have the best people, and we have the best light.

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