66 thoughts on “Trump’s border wall harms the environment, activists say

  1. It’s certainly would be better for the environment if we let drugs, crime and undesirables in, but according to these activists, animals are more important.

  2. Republicans? Environment v Money? Only one matters, and it AIN'T "Mother Nature."

  3. 1:26 It’s very sad, because this is the only body of water where wildlife can drink, there’s no other lakes in America.

  4. Trump needs to be drinking toilet water from the child prisons, if we can trust him not to rape any more children

  5. Trump is ecologically ignorant and uncaring as is the Republican Party. I worked in wetland/Great Lakes waters restoration for almost thirty years and although Republicans spout ecological concerns at election times, they were almost universally a constant enemy when it came to protecting and restoring our environment. They are ignorant, have no appreciation for, and will do nothing to protect our environment. They simply do not care. Walls like this are an ecological disaster and our children will be the ones who pay the biggest price.

  6. cartels hired his organization …for them. What about all human waste and drugs in water …tell truth Human traffickting violence and so on..

  7. Animals are not stupid, if their main source of water is cut off they’re smart enough to find a new source. The fact Illegal Aliens cost us tax payers billions every year majority of us are for the wall.

  8. Meanwhile these activists drive cars which actually pollute and dont care when man made dams radically destroy an environment

  9. Roughly 500 immigrants try to illegally cross here every week along with millions of dollars in drugs..but we forgot to mention that part…also the Ballard's are specifically designed so wildlife can get through….nothing but one sided media

  10. So we should tear down the wall and just let Covid-19 (Coronavirus) waltz right on in, as well as Fentanyl, Cocaine , human trafficking etc? How about..HELL NO! We NEED a strong border now more than ever .

  11. Stop crying over it. Customs and Border Patrol have already stated how effective that private half mile fence built by We Build the Wall has been. Using Fences in high traffice areas forces them into smaller more easily patrolled areas. You can't stop everything but the fence significantly cuts down on illegal crossings and smuggling

  12. 45 supporters do not care. they think this wall plus the travel bans are the solutions to all of the problems in america.

  13. What is the environmental impact of open borders and flooding the country with browne criminals

  14. So do illegal CROSSING . If people are coming illegally and are infected with the new boogeyman CORONAVIRUS ! YES , WE NEED A WALL .


  16. The border wall blocks the beautiful view too. The cactus need the sun. Stupid Wall.
    One world for all. We need money for the homeless all over the USA. Why waste our money on a stupid wall?
    RRR Relief, Recovery and Reform.

  17. This is the biggest waste of taxpayers dollars I've seen in my sixty years hopefully our new President will put a halt to this monument to trump

  18. Illegal immigration is bad for the environment as well, I'll take the Wall.

  19. relocate the species and set them up in an environment that'll allow them to thrive.

  20. It's so sad! Makes no sense what Trump is doing! Trump or the Republican Party do not care about the environment! They only care about themselves control and money!

  21. this was stated way before the wall even built. nature is better off without humans.

  22. Which animals specifically?

    Coyotes? Cant they fit? Hares?

    The deer like animals? These remain close to water sources, how long you think they can live in the desert without? They are resourceful.

    As the gap closes in the wall, these deer will more likely spend more time in the side of the water. As it becomes more of a chore to return to it if they travel afar across the still open wall.

    What would change is their migration patterns if any. And territorial accessibility.

    These do not need to go to Acapulco to mate.

    Be specific.
    Just tapping of the water? What happens to these animals in a drought?

  23. I’ll take some damage to the environment any day over damage that illegal immigration does to this country

  24. Now we see where the priorities are. You can’t have a booming economy on a dead planet

  25. This is one more reason why this wall should not be built. Here are the the other reasons which I've been saying for for years now.

    1) All walls eventually fail. This wall is already failing.
    2) This wall will not solve the problem. People are already going over, under and around it.

    3) we will start seeing more boat people washing up on the shores of coastal states.
    4) The vast majority of people here illegally don't cross the border so the wall is not going to make a dent in problem.

    5) this wall is a HUGE waste of money and resource and more of a monument to the ignorance and bigotry withing our country. It is an open admission to our failures and selfishness. It's failure will also be a testament to our ignorance and stupidity to act without thinking. I could solve the illegal immagration problem for a tiny fraction of the cost of this wall that would solve all illegal immigration at the boarder and the 90% that comes in every place else. In 2016 trump said the wall would cost $56 Billion for less than 0.001% of the cost without wasting resources. It would not impact the environment and not be an eye sore like this wall is. Once implemented the system would solve multiple problems and can be set up to pay for itself so it really would cost the US tax payers nothing.

  26. WARNING!
    Moronic liberal comments below.
    Do NOT proceed unless you have brain cells to spare.

  27. What was anyone alive doing for the environment in the industrial revolution? Or World War I or World War II. Don't act like we can make a difference now..

  28. Oh joy, for every hack that didn't/wouldn't wait for permits or approval. Hope y'all rejoice!!!
    Another great job well done regardless of the fact that ur fcking ur children & their children, if mankind makes it another 50 yrs. No sweat off my back, right.

  29. Bringing in immigrants from low carbon areas to drive around in fossil fueled mobiles and work in deregulated industry is harmful to the environment.
    What's the point of the left continuing this constant pro-immigrant/refugee status? Are you looking to have as many people as possible laid off for the automation age? It makes 0 sense.
    If the left would have continued it's anti-immigrant stance from back in the 80's and 90's, they would have dominated all three branches of government.
    Does the left know what populism is?? Nobody supports Trump more than the left side of the aisle. They talk about securing borders and safety. We talk about transgendered children.

  30. Not to be glib, but what wildlife can't adapt? Even dumb humans can adapt. If something is needed (like a border wall), suck it up. Sorry Mother Nature, you lose again.

  31. There’s one reason Trump built a wall. If you want to become the Middle East with all its violence continue to have open borders.

  32. Oh gosh yes, got to keep those dangerous criminal families out. They are running away from death straight into the arms of child abusers, kid beaters, that keep said criminal kiddies in cages like in a zoo.and that's just the beginning. Splitting the poor families in case they may overpower all the ICE guards in one fell swoop and over run the Cacti on their way to safety! Can't have that. Not in Trumplepoos plan!! His plan to build a High Wall/pathetic fence the wind blows down! Stopping the protected Cacti getting sunlight and thereby making it die! But hell or high water we gotta keep those dangerous criminal families out! What a croc of SH1T

  33. This environmentalist looks like a substance abuser. He just wants to keep drugs streaming in from Mexico

  34. I think the safety of America and the people should always come first……..those thinking differently must have an underlying reason like the almighty dollar…….possibly??

  35. It's a shame that the border wall had to be built. But Democrats should have fixed the problem long ago. Now we have to take drastic measures to keep America safe again

  36. If the Democrats they didn't insist on having to have open borders we wouldn't have to put up the wall blame the Democrats

  37. And the illegals do so much good for the environment by leaving garbage all over the place.  If the Tree Huggers are so concerned about the environment they should go and pick up all the garbage that the illegals leave littered near the boarder.   TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  38. Without trash thrown around by illegals, less drugs and illegals running around and illegally entering the U.S. the land will be even more respected and sacred. The pupfish pond will survive.

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