Trying On A Red PVC Catsuit & The A’dam Lookout Tower

in this week’s vlog we go shopping at
the love Boutique. Manuela tries on a red PVC cat suit and
we visit the Adam lookout tower nice with your curly hairs and this lace
that’s the reason I gave you the shoes so we’ve just come out the love boutique
I’m very proud of Manuela he wouldn’t let us record in there at first but she
mace to convince him with a persuasive skills that’s what yeah oh yeah it’ll
talk to and you know sweeten the pill and that’s it
he what look out Adam look out whatever Hayden a
damn look at that yes so we’re on the top of this ad damn
look out fill it in yeah you would have seen from the shots I was just showing
you yeah and never drink know where the
reckons order bike ride is Randy look like cockroaches well you’re saying that
yeah because you know you stand still for a second they are all around you and
then you you try to move an escutcheon wife believable so the only way to get to the atom
building from Amsterdam central is via the ferry and it’s free to travel across the tower has an observation deck a
hotel and a nightclub it also has a revolving restaurant on
the 19th floor originally this building was owned by
the oil company Royal Dutch Shell but was transformed into the Adam lookout
tower in 2016 sandwiched between the Adam tower are
cutting-edge offices of music companies like ADT massive music and Gibson
guitars making the Adam tower a dynamic hub where creativity can flourish you

8 thoughts on “Trying On A Red PVC Catsuit & The A’dam Lookout Tower

  1. Nice video. The view from the tower is great. Seems like a naughty store at the beginning 😉

  2. Loved the video Daniel! 👍👍👍
    I thought Maneula looked fabulous in the red outfit, it definitely suited her. I hope you bought it?
    Just drinking one of my Hoppy Wheat beers, a South African recipe I brew a lot. I think you might like it.
    Cheers mate and keep the videos coming!😀😀😀

  3. A pity we did not see,and hear, more of the red catsuit. Would have been good to see Manueka wearing it at the top of the tower!

  4. Super cool catsuit wow
    Love the guitar throne amazing
    Elevator had me tripping

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