Tsunami Bar | The Benefits for Athletes | Charles R. Poliquin

Today we’re at Prentiss Performance Center
and with my colleague Ben Prentiss and then we’re going to demonstrate a tsunami bar,
which is a new toy to work on power. As you’ll see when he reaches the bottom position
the weights go all the way down but as he presses the weight will oscillate towards
the top so it provides a very different and challenging stimulus to the nervous system. So let’s see five reps being demonstrated,
so see the bar is bent okay, he goes down, now he pushes with acceleration, and see there’s
oscillations in the bar, okay so right now his nervous system is going what’s going on
and it does create a very different stimulus and some of my colleagues really like to use
it with obviously much lighter loads during rehab phases okay because it allows you to
load the muscle without having too much load on the bar so in rehab situation it’s quite
good. thank you very much http://www.strengthsensei.com

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