Tsunami Damage to Coral Reefs

On September 29, 2009 there was an earthquake
and subsequent tsunami and I reckon some more. I wrote up a post to the National Science
Foundation to conduct a survey due to tsunami damage, and one of the team members with me
was professor Young, from University of Michigan, and her student. We did a survey using an
ROV, what we call a Remote Operated Vehicle, and we look at the bottom of the sea including
the corals, we collect sediment samples, and the tsunami was, or, the earthquake was 8.3,
and the tsunami was several tens of feet. And what we found was the significant debris
in the bottom of the ocean including sheet metals, roofs, rooftops, window frames, mattresses,
clothing, as well as broken glass and other metal materials. For long-term recovery, we
need to do several things. Removal of those debris, large pieces of debris, and possibly
sediments, and we collect the samples, that way we can find about how far, where the sediment
came from, and how far it traveled. And the increase or decrease in level sediment. And
we need a long term study, we need to do a five-year reconnaissance, a ten-year reconnaissance,
to see how well the coral recovered.

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