Tsunami December 26, 2004 Phuket, Karon Beach, Golden Sand Inn

This was brought up by the water This is remaining of our beautiful beach Oh my God, look at that! Look at all the rubbish all over the place The wave comes again, it comes again! Look at that! The wave comes again, it’s a tidal wave! Jesus Maria! What is going on? What is happening? Dear God! Everything will be destroyed. Never seen something like this Look at that boy! People holding on to the poles Oh my God! Look at the car! Oh virgin Mary Look, the cars are floating around Several cars are floating and sinking oh, look at the cars floating in the lake The old man is saving his belongings from devastation. He was in one of the bungalows No need to comment these images.
They speak for themselves Good God, the cars are still floating around over there Two cars The sea is still furious Oh, what will happen now, we have nothing left, nothing. Nothing to drink, no food Good Lord

73 thoughts on “Tsunami December 26, 2004 Phuket, Karon Beach, Golden Sand Inn

  1. You could've saved people by creating awareness about what's going to come. Very shellfish of you. Instead you're chilling.

  2. If I were you guys I would have help that guy who's holding onto the electric pole.

  3. Get your beds sheets, tie them together and help that poor soul clinging on for life! No one cares about cars…except you…

  4. This guy is calling on mother Mary to save him when she herself needed saving !!!!!!! Jesus Christ is the one you call on not Mary !!! God's son is the only one that can save !!! It really makes me mad when l hear people doing that after what Christ Jesus did on the cross for them they still call Mary to save them !!! Mary wasn't beaten with in a inch of her life or hung on the cross for your sins !!!!!! Only Jesus Christ did he's the one that took that beaten and hung on that cross for your sins that you could have ever lasting life with him and the father !!!!! Mary needed Jesus Christ her son to save her just like the rest of us !!! God only found favor in her that he put the seed of God in her !!! She raised him that's all she did nothing else that's all she did !!!!! Now when you want your savior call on Jesus Christ he's the only begotten son that takes away the sins of man !!!!!!! Repent and ask for forgiveness !!!!

  5. All the cars?. Look at the car sinking?. and call our rubbish returning t haunt you ???

  6. Nothing left ….. wtf ? Move to America ….. there's fema , free rv , free money , free food , water , crazy check , lawsuit , food stamp , the list goes on ! …. Hurry up and get your _ss here before all the low life , crack head , drug dealer , lazy mf American get it all !

  7. They seem more concerned with what they lost, cars, food, water! What about all the people clinging to life in the water? Sad!

  8. blessings be upon mankind ………….ameen ya RAB ALLAH

  9. How dumb can you be to be walking around in the water when it hasn’t receded back into the ocean yet?

  10. "Look at the car…" You fucking bastard!
    There were people fighting for their lives! How dumb you didn't help them and focused on those fucking cars!

  11. The ocean: "Human! Take back your beach chairs and all the paraphernalia that you put on MY beach. I don't want it. Oh! and by the way, tell me when you want all the plastic that you gave me delivered to you" (grumbles on its way back)

  12. یا اللہ
    تیرا شکر ہے ہمیں تو نے محفوظ جگہوں پر بسایا ہے

  13. Bukan yebut nama allah duh manusia bumi gini bukan baca doa atau istifar duh heran ya

  14. God not die.. People.. Open u heart.. God is Allah SWT.. God of moslem

  15. Allahuakbar…inilah kuasa Allah,tidak ada yg tidak mungkin jika Allah sudah berkehendak.

  16. Stupid you look for the car but the people in danger were not your concern at all ????

  17. But do these countries have environmental laws? Because he in Uganda we're tought from primary schools not to settle in areas near the ocean and those areas are called nature reserves you can't own a plot of land in those areas. am 35years but I have never heard of asingle person died in floods or landslides because people are not allowed to stay in those areas near mountains and lakes

  18. Oh my god .. tsunami 2004 .. can't forget that serius incidense of the last month of the year 2004 ..more than people dead is so sad in 2004.. this video come to memories… but so bad tsunami..

  19. I always love to see dumb people end up dying. When you see shit yet dont do something, or you are too ignorant about your surrounding, you deserve to be dead. Only the strong survive. Sorry.

  20. The boy wins the Darwin Award to continue to walk in the water instead of going to higher ground.

  21. Segitu udh mengerikan sekali,, gak kebayang yg di Aceh.. Dri reporter sctv saat itu bilang sampe 12 meter atau setinggi pohon kelapa!!!!

  22. You know, you would think that "SON OF A BITCH" would be the same in any language!!!??

  23. Why do people take so long to realise that the huge wave coming at them is a tsunami ? Terrifying and disturbing vision

  24. Океан вернул все дерьмо обратно людям на сушу)))

  25. Atas kuasa Alloh apapun akan di hancurkan.

  26. О Мария! О мой Бог ! Тут бежать надо! И как можно дальше,а не стоять и глазеть !

  27. Nature is the master.we cant challenge her under any cost…. but we should have some knowledge and update from time to time about natural disaster.

    Be safe and lets respect our mother nature.

  28. Do you think it's possible to be gay and a true believer and Gospel living person at the same time?

    Click the link above, watch the video, and read the comments!

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