Tsunami Exercise Tangaroa 2016

a wave measuring between six to eight meters hit Great Barrier heart of local state of emergency was declared that at 9.20 The role of controller is effectively to direct and coordinate resources to respond to the emergency in this case of tsunami my role was planning intelligence managers to take all of the information is coming from be as different sources trying to temper that and to try and make sense of it and pass on to decision-makers and it’s all about that coordination so we can get all of these agencies responded in oakland going on a single pathway as the lifelines coordinator my job is to speak to love the network utilities out there and I add the coordination . between them to make sure that people saving information helping each other out when I can we know in our history we have had a number of tsunamis and and we also believe even before accordingly with some major tsunami that have occurred i moved quite triggered off the coast of New Zealand and cumin thick trees which is victory northeast very quickly after we have the s creek had her we use modeling data and we did find out very quickly afterwards there was a tsunami on the way it’s a way with a hundred club with energy behind so very very descriptive is the most Americans way over the head oakland and recorded history initial notification that problem mr. went out really really quickly and to me that’s what’s going to save lives so we know that hundred twenty thousand people may need to be evacuated a pretty short period of time just information we won our as soon as more information comes through with the grass to the fact that the hard way what I want is for trying to think of a update on sand waves thank everybody around Omaha the other end times are literally minutes a week what is the predicted way by problem 3.5 meters to seven and a half hours very sophisticated modeling tools here and often civil defense and which allowed us to determine we are those were likely to have what they’re likely effects would be under number of people here and those ideas certainly here is its strings here information presented 15 we will need to talk about potential for conference with stand-up at some stage and we can go in straight away and seemed to hold of alerts out and then links into social media Facebook Twitter there are also links all things work for rescue helicopter trust for a tsunami surround we have on the helicopter and what’s enamel signs and some parts of all kind and then we get into the actual district manager media broadcasting and stuff so we’re trying to as many many channels as possible and a short timeframe as possible to reduce have some really great partnerships with our external partners such as the police fire and ambulance etc in the affected areas of troops on the ground is using the damaging the potential for recovering scheme is that the Angels have any update what they say against the way it’s very like an idea really evacuated to with the lines of the stage and you know look at relocated them after . we have three simple things seem to show contact with kidney stadia impact in the central area involved finally succeeded if you don’t think we’re going to get enough information that you really care about and Wellington and talk to them the flexibility about changing what you do in to deal with whatever comes up next was a good strength that the people in there are exhibited that we got the set signal from the ministry at night two minutes past nine and a team in his past nine the evacuation control team was activated an exercise such as tabloids absolutely invaluable for often see down the build those networks so that when something goes wrong we know we can just pick up the phone talk to people that we’ve practiced with and it’ll work after heading to be tomorrow we run twice as smooth as water is today the reality is that translates to people’s lives being saved in the prevention of injury that’s why people should be really supportive of annex i purpose hell well prepared this Auckland better than we were yesterday

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