Tsunami filmed on video (Цунами снятый на видео)

Tsunami filmed on video
Japanese media has released a shocking video, which captured the tsunami struck on March 11, the eyes of the driver drowned car.
In spite of that since the tragedy in Japan 3 months, every day there are new video showing the whole nightmare of those tragic events.
We presented the video was filmed, was found drowned in a car in the city of Tagajo (Tagajo).
60-strong city of Tagajo (Tagajo) to appear in the list of most affected. In this area the tsunami reached a height of 8 meters and 1 minute took the life of 177 people.
Thanks to the video camera, was found drowned in a car, we can become witnesses of the tragedy in Japan on March 11, from the first shock to the shock destructive tsunami waves.
This unique video very clearly demonstrates the scale of tragedy and shows us how little time was the Japanese for evacuation.
According to the TV news channel 24, the List of victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has reached 15,5 thousand people.
According to the National police Agency of Japan, the largest number of deaths occurred on three of the Prefecture: Miyagi – 9 275 thousand people, Iwate – 4 thousand 562 human and Fukushima – 1 597 thousand people.
A single fatal cases were recorded in Ibaraki, Hokkaido, Aomori, Yamagata, Kanagawa and Tokyo.
The list of missing persons was reduced to 7 306 thousand names. Among them 4 661 thousand people unaccounted for in Miyagi, 2 thousands of 321 people in Iwate, and 320 people in Fukushima.
Injured 5 386 thousand people.
Let’s remind, the tsunami that struck on March 11, on the northeast coast of Japan after the earthquake of a magnitude of 9 points, – was a record. Wave height was reached on the Peninsula of Omoa near the city of Miyako 38,9 meters.

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