A movie by Starring Editing y fritación CHAPTER 1: THE DEFAMED DISHAVADA This is the story of CAVALONA DISHAVADA. CAVALONA was one of the first amateur experimental artist cyborgs to be persecuted and defamed by the pre-year 3000 government. All of her artwork were prohibited and its consume considered extremely illegal. Last year our country had the most crescent economy. BRAZIL’S PRESIDENT
We exported everything we have to sell. Everything. For real. Got it? Look, the schools are working nice. Banditry is over. Prostitution doesn’t even exist anymore, it’s something from the past. These problems of the past are all over. But now we have an evil that is ravaging our country. And you you there on the other side i know, you know who it is. You know. The group. That group so called “artists”. Primarily their leader known as Cavalona Dishavada. SIMULATION
Where are we going to stop? Where are we going to stop, my people??? How did we come to this? Art? ART? Art my ass!!! This is a fucking Of these dirty thugs of these lazy bums lascive libertine gay activists left-wing fanatics. This nasty scum is behind this only to destroy the society’s moral values. I’m not talking about religion. I’m not talking about church. I’m talking about that which guides the society’s welfare. A mad lunatic society that only cares about pleasure and now is aiming at our children changing the welfare culture. Are we gonna keep silent? Where are the authorities? Nobody does anything! These trashy slag were supposed to be in jail And may the people speak up! Protest! Don’t accept! This is an outrage to the society and the brazilian family. I leave here my disgust and my protest GOD HAVE MERCY ON BRAZIL Yeah, this ravaging evil in our country is bringing all of these problems again. It’s no use anymore, the repression isn’s working anymore. It’s over. Something has to happen. Our police your police is on the hunt. You also can report. If you have any information dial immediately in your teleprompter *100010001000 Instantly we’re gonna discover her location and POW!!! CHAPTER 2: THE MORALISTS CAVALONA DISHAVADA’s body is dumped in the Guanabara Bay. So people once in a while you know death is good news right? Sometimes. It’s true. Because when death happens in a fair way it’s an important and very good fact (: It’s not only disgrace, no. And i have wonderful news to give you in today’s duty: the artist Cavalona Dishavada was murdered. SECURITY CAMERA Well deserved. Because she was only screwing up. All she did was screw up. It was the same thing as throw crap throw crap in the air throw crap in the fan. Shit only. Keeps muddying people’s head with this disgrace. Had to be extirpated. And be aware that it wasn’t even by the hands of the state. It was you each and every one of you. It was our fellow citizens JUSTICE BY THE PEOPLE
our brothers. Here in our marvelous tropical country. BRAZIL WITHOUT CAVALONA IS A BETTER BRAZIL From now on it’s only madness and happiness. But good madness. Not this total disgrace. SO RESPECT! CHAPTER 3: THE UNDERSEA ENTITY But now CAVALONA was ressucitated between the dead, being her the firstfruits of those who sleep. She was granted unimaginable powers and endless gifts. “But before returning to the surface, you must pass Fritz’s training. Then you’ll be ready to acomplish your revenge.” CHAPTER 4: FRITZ’S TRAINING “Came to train, sea youngling?” “I didn’t come to train, I came to end your life” “Your training starts now” “Your training is complete. You’re ready now Cavalona” At tonight’s duty a news that dropped like a bomb. Smashed my mood. Remember I talked about that plague that scum, disgrace who had died, had ended? It’s back. She’s back. And now we’re fucked. I don’t know what I’m going to do. She’s crazy! Crazy! And is making me crazy too! CHAPTER 6: CAVALONA’S REVENGE “Heard Cavalona is back. Let’s stay tuned.” “Wacha talking ’bout darling, we killed her. There’s no way she’s back” “I feel she’s lurking” “You’re paranoiac, Chroma” “I don’t know… There’s a strange presence here…” “Not another step, DISHAVADA!” “You’re so fucking fucked” COME GET SOME YOU BASTARD EPILOGUE: SWINE APOCALYPSE Chaos and confusion! Part of the world population starts to believe that Cavalona Dishavada is the messiah of the new generation. Protests everywhere! After the brutal assassination of Brazil’s president live on worldwide broadcasting the population once again goes crazy and come to the streets to protest against several things that they don’t agree between themselves and even understand right. Crisis on the fine arts market! Cavalona Dishavada’s ressurection makes her own artworks that had been overvalued because of her death collapse in price and break all of the systems of the financial market. All forms of expression are suspended indefinitely in Brazil. SWINE APOCALYPSE!!! Inspired by their leader Cavalona Dishavada robots and machines create anti-humanoid action and resistance groups that are considered high periculosity criminal factions by the good sense of the good citizen. The militias must be fought and repressed as soon as possible by militar and popular forces says Brazil’s vice-president Samil Reales.

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