Tsunami Hits Indonesian Island After Massive 7.5 Earthquake | NBC Nightly News

36 thoughts on “Tsunami Hits Indonesian Island After Massive 7.5 Earthquake | NBC Nightly News

  1. "Sorry, madam, you were exceeding the speed limit. Quit jabbering about tsunami. Tell it to the . . ." Glug. . . glug. . . glug.

  2. Its a shame that the USGS playing their down grading BS game, and it is a game….FAILED these people. Heads need to roll now…..this BS is totally unacceptable.

  3. This is the age where incoming tsunami can be seen live & when it hits the shore. Incredible footage.

  4. Man. They good no breaks over there, how many quakes and tsunamis can they take! Prayers for indo

  5. Mother Nature strikes again. 1 metre of water times 1 metre of water (1m X 1m) equals 1 ton so the weight and pressure energy must be immense. I'm so sorry for the people who have lost their lives and homes.

  6. I would like to know why Dutchsinse who warned of this catastrophe as well as lombok is being slammed by the Indonesian government as well as USGS for trying to warn people and save lives. Both of those played a roll in so many perishing. Maybe because he doesn't have the paper degree or power they have, who knows, but his accuracy is remarkable and his warning should be taken serious by professionals instead of them trying to silence him.some citizens heeded the warning in lombok, and gave their gratitude. But what professionals would slam any that could possibly save a life. It's disgusting and heartbreaking

  7. Indonesia needs to be evacuated for good,that place it's a disaster zone ,it will always be in a path of a tsunami but people wont listen smh

  8. The quake occurred at 2018-09-28 10:02:43 (UTC). The epicenter according to the USGS is actually north of the location listed in this report at 0.178°S 119.840°E at a depth of 10.0 km.

  9. The website downgraded the eathquake to 5.4 with no warning for the tsnami. Heads should roll!

  10. Well the USGS is a worthless piece of crap .On the sight the quake was downgraded to a 5.8 There was no Sanami warning .This shows you how incompetent the trash is Obama left behind .I would fire all of them .

  11. Decoding end times channel had predicted this quake would strike Indonesia exactly on 9/28 all the way back on 8/18 so he gave more than a 1 month warning

  12. Maybe the ring of fire can wash away California!!! The state has gotten to become bad place to Live ???

  13. Wake up the Bible says the punishment for sins is death. Idolatry repent and accept Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

  14. @0:43 sorry @NBC News, u need to correct the map, thats humiliate indonesian, who already sacrifice their life in the old battle of independence..

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