Tsunami hits Japan 2011: Devastating tsunami hits Japan

people near the coast should evacuate
immediately to higher ground if they are that
warning was extremely good advice creepy triggers the stranger than intensity is
seven was recorded on that our studios put up quick state museums
it’s easy to see straight away how powerful they are and if they’re out to sea just off the
coast and it’s an army doesn’t take long to
turn up the and this is my sister looks like the tsunami golfing involving the port missing live footage of its not
involving the port area outcome i_c_b_m_ wanted prefixes we’ve been reporting early on that for
you ideological agency has issued a warning for tsunami after
six meters deep has six meters high is what’s happening right as we speak orange tsunami engulfing reporters college am i cn much appreciated panel report unit looks like the synonymous involves
several cities images yet more terrifying emerged to
say this is the kind of some the just appears to these anything in it the particles on decade’s history in fact sixty-seven most powerful
earthquake in history zero three smoothly the six herons unlike business the japanese prime minister in on cd to put
into play plan that has to use release them on the old couple issue we won’t hear the safety from people in
japan and in order to minimize the damage
photo or if they come from an expanded will make every effort possible
commingle someone you know very much trouble and we ask people is to parents could be to continue to be the conscience tell you envisioned hold all keep tuned in today reports
dependent on the television and radio which they did and we and see all the people of japan to enact calm enough well that was all happening in the
northeast of japan tokyo the capital for the south was feeling it as well in different ways tv channels church fires burning people traps in high-rise buildings devry where down
the eastern seaboard of japan images which show heroin almost the economic and social damage at
this morning the this is the at or succeed i’d commission wall million people who escapes to the roof found
themselves trapped surrounded by a giant inland sea in various places or all terminals
arrests in flames fire crews are able to do anything at least it sounds like nuclear plants
went into automatic shutdown all the same this bears the hallmarks of
a disaster of absolutely historic proportions geological experts warned of all the tsunami rolled west
towards japan is also moved in every other direction placing much of the pacific rim risk at least another place is designed for
people to lose which the walls and hear here’s a_b_c_’s
resales across much of the says received isn’t isn’t

100 thoughts on “Tsunami hits Japan 2011: Devastating tsunami hits Japan

  1. @TheNewFlare Screw ur damned investment, tons of people died here and your bitching about some stupid coin and half of his tooth? I'm sorry about ur grandfather, but that's just cold, u ignorant SOB.

  2. @USrulesJapan i don't see japan killing civilians now dude. so how are they acting mentally retarded? Is the Japanese military invading China again? No. And the contribution that the Japanese have given to the world in terms of technology is amazing. A good percentage of the cars you see on the road are manufactured by the Japanese. If you save on gas it's thanks to their expertise. And it's survival of the fittest. After the earth quake they started to rebuild again in an orderly fashion…

  3. @ipoopedmahpantsz Do i need proof? Abu Ghraib prison? "Kill Team" in Afghanistan? If you haven't heard about these incidents then I don't know what world you live in. These are highly publicized cases with pictures coming out of there. Even the politicians admit that this is happening. I'm anti-American Army…so what? There's a reason for it and it's this..THEY'RE KILLING PEOPLE FOR FUN! I can't respect a SHIT army like that. And for that I'm glad I'm not American, I'm Canadian.

  4. @jjjgogoya0810 when did they make fun of any country or any war crime? please tell me. the government has acknowledged the things from the past and has apologized to China. Japan is an Island, and I don't see them going onland to steal anything from Russia or China or Korea. Japan has no problems, and i don't see how they're greedy. They have the second best economy in the world and that didn't just happen now, it's been happening for a hella hella long time.

  5. @jjjgogoya0810 i don't know what else they've done because i've just never looked into it. but to say that it's just Japan that's the bad guy and no other country…that's ignorant. every country and i mean EVERY country has blood on its hands. i can't relate to what you're saying because the Japanese folks that i've met are nothing like that. sure they have dignity, but they're never snobbish or disrespectful. and it's not just them, every race thinks they're superior. tell me smtng new

  6. Still things moving,

    firm becomes unfirm,

    land like ocean waves,

    house like a boat —

    a time to be fearful,

    but to delight as well;

    no wind, yet the wind-bells

    keep on ringing.

    (A poem by Kokan Shiren)

  7. @Antidote54 i know that Americans can speak bad and I apologize for them because when I read their comments it just kills me, but we also had hurricane Katrina and are currently having a Massive Tornado Outbreak. Our times been coming since a while ago

  8. Yeah that tsunami was pretty ba- wait… we didn't frame 9-11. We aren't that dumb. 😛

  9. @jjjgogoya0810 Not all of Japan though. To punish children and people who have nothing to do with the ARMY is ignorance.

  10. @TyraBanksNoI Now here's a little history lesson for you. Japan actually did apologize to China for the Nanking war crimes. Google it. I have a bunch of Japanese friends and I don't see them worshipping genocidal leaders. I don't know which Japanese you've met. And these people here are condemning ALL the Japanese, children, elderly, and women. Highly ignorant. And no one is looking at the contributions the Japanese have made TODAY. You, along with every one else here is stuck in the past.

  11. @TyraBanksNoI Also, there are hundreds of people in Germany that deny the Holocaust, burn memorials, destroy cemeteries of the Jewish, and God knows what else. It's even questionable whether or not the Germans tell their students about the holocaust at all. So to say that it's just the Japanese that's doing all this is stupid plain and simple.

  12. Sept. 11, 2001 – world trade center collapsed Mar. 11, 2011 – Japan Earthquake & tsunami.. Does the day 11 is really tragic ?? o.O

  13. @MrTrololz edumacate yourself? You mean educate yourself? I could give you the same advice too buddy

  14. @elcap22 It's another word for educate. Normally used in sarcastic remarks.

  15. @elcap22 still, i prefer formal remarks, anyway ona different subject, you're not another one of these people who thinks this is a sign of 2012 are you? lol

  16. @elcap22 If that comment was towards me, no. I do not believe in 2012. If the Mayans could predict the end of the end of the world, why couldn't they predict when they would get taken over by the western spainards?

  17. Have anyone here seen the WHALE WARS? Just see how Japanese fisherman slaughtered harmless whales…

  18. @TyraBanksNoI What's an apology if the people of the country don't believe in it and violate every aspect of it? Japanese PM's have apologized go Google it.

  19. @MrTrololz yeah that was at you, somehow I sent a reply to myself, I don't know how that happened lol, anyway well how Harold Camping's prediction about the rapture occuring on May 21st 2011 and the apocalypse will happen over five months between May 21st and October 21st

  20. @jjjgogoya0810 don't need to lie it's not like I'm Japanese or I'd get hurt over it because unlike you and many other idiots over here I don't hold people responsible for what their ancestors did in the past. I know how to get over things. But I'd like you to be less stupid, so go to wikipedia and search "List of war apology statements issued by Japan." There are worse countries who don't even acknowledge their mistakes. Japan did. And they aren't sneeky you're just stupid. aha have a nice day

  21. @jjjgogoya0810 ahaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha see now your arguements are baseless meaning you have nothing else to say but insults. yeah u don't know what i look like so don't make assumptions or else all this effort of mine to educate u a bit more will go to waste. have a nice day u german.

  22. @jjjgogoya0810 You are a typical white supremacists, obviously.

    I'm Chinese and do you see me holding anything against the Japanese?
    Heh, no.

    And you should quit using "sneaky japanese", because now you are making yourself sound like the typical (and laughable) American Nazi.

  23. @TyraBanksNoI *facepalm* Not another supremacists. Getting reeeaal sick of seeing you bastards on youtube.

  24. @TheTrollKing123 *pushes troll comment into the corner* Number one rule of Trolling, you do not reveal that you are a troll, or else everyone would laugh at your pathetic attempts at 15 minutes of fame. Your argument is invalid, and thus what you are saying folds into itself and divides by zero, which technically makes you look like a big dumbass.

  25. @TheTrollKing123 The very reason why your argument is invalid? Because what you just said was irrelevant to anything to start with.

  26. @inakay99 That is very irrelevant to what is at hand. And as dandynood says, it isn't even everyday Japanese who do that.

  27. @TheTrollKing123 And not single frak was given about that troll comment.
    Seriously, if you want to insult, try harder. And maybe under a different username too.

  28. @jjjgogoya0810 I really am Chinese, you moron. I take insult from you saying that I'm related to Japanese war criminals, when in fact my ancestors were victims of them. My grandma's father was killed by the Japanese during the occupation of Nanjing/Nanking. And my other grandma's little baby brother was killed during the bombing of Shanghai in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

    You make me sick.

  29. @jjjgogoya0810 I forgive the Japanese because most of those who did the atrocious crimes are dead already, and that you shouldn't carry a grudge or crime from the previous generation onto the next. What did today's generation do wrong? They sure didn't go out of spider holes and suicide-grenade US soldiers, or tested chemical weapons on prisoners, or played target practice with the locals as the targets. That was those who were in WWII, not modern day Japan.

  30. @jjjgogoya0810 And finally, what you just said was just plain ignorance at it's finest, and of course that is not a good thing.

  31. @jjjgogoya0810 They apologized about the war many times throughout the Cold War. You don't seem to acknowledge that. Even Hirohito made a formal apology for the the war and the attack of Pearl Harbor.

    And consider this about Yasukuni Shrine: 1082 soldiers that were sentenced as war criminals were enshrined there. Yet there are a total of 2,466,532 people who are enshrined there. It's more than likely that they go there to pay respect to anyone other than the minority group (the war criminals).

  32. @jjjgogoya0810 "Will be felt on much of the earth's surface"
    I'm sure you'll be feeling it soon enough

  33. @jeftecacal1 Japanese whaleman hunt Mincke whales mainly. The population of them are more than 760000. You are right. They are in danger of being extinct!!

  34. Who else happened to turn on the TV that day & watch this live? I seriously though the World was about to end.

  35. I cannot believe there is so much evil in a human, a dolphin is a so
    loved animal by everyone, but being massacred in this way.
    I think Nature returned blood as a tsunami. There´s so much hate in
    all this kills in Taiji. I can’t describe in words, I really feel sad
    and I hate your nation. The only thing I have to say is not to come
    visiting America because you are not going to be welcome.
    See The Cove movie in Youtube,

  36. @carlito0810
    Carlito, you're an idiot. Most of the Japanese who were of age in WWII have long since died. The US firebombing of Tokyo killed millions, yes millions, of Japanese CIVILIANS while most of the US casualties were soldiers. Mistakes happened and there were some bad people who have since died of old age.

    It isn't fair to hold the modern Japanese people, men women children, responsible for that, especially when we killed far more Japanese civilians than vice versa. It's hypocritical.

  37. @chiquitoferagu10 Lol, I didn't say anything about Hiroshima or Nagasaki. I said the firebombing of tokyo, among bombings of other civilian centers in WWII. Add in countless other civilians killed and persecuted by the US throughout history. The US has done just as many bad things, yes. Is either of these things right? No. I'm just saying it's rediculous to hold modern Japanese people, who live no differently than most Americans, reponsible for the mistakes of their grandfathers.

  38. @chiquitoferagu10 You are no better unless you show your "credible evidence". I want to see the solid proof to your claims, proof from independent media sources that are from the time period between 2000-2011.

  39. Psalm 121:1-2 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
    My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.
    Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    May the great grace of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ &
    the peace of God be with the people of Japan.
    Many people in America are praying for you.
    May your eyes & hearts be opened to see that the answer is not in Buddha,
    but in the Living God ~ the Creator of heaven & earth.

  40. We Chinese know that Koreans also committed the massacre in Nanjing. Korean government hided the fact because it is taboo story. Koreans are too arrogant and ignorant about the true history.

  41. @Dubanx
    The troll you replied named carlito0810, chiquitoferagu10 is the same South Korean. He has tens of fake accounts to keep posting stupid comments. I'm Chinese and I have no bad feeling against modern Japanese people because I have some nice friends. Oh, this troll has other names : JapanUnit731, pedrito1106, TrueHistoryww2 , IIIWhrqkfl , DFfernando , chiquitoferagu19 , JapanChannel100 , jjjgogoya0810 , carlito0810 . I think Koreans tend to mad easily and very racists. please be careful

  42. If you are a truth seeker, search "Truth Contest" in Google and click on the 1st result, then open The Present and read what it says. Everyone needs to see this. The Present will turn this world right-side up if it reaches enough people.

  43. @japantruthify01 stupidest comment i heard on youtube. man id throw you infront of that tide

  44. Japanese are a mixed race of SoutheastAsians (D2 y-snp) and EastAsians (O3 y-snp).

  45. I have been in Japan, when the biggest earthquake struck Tokyo, it felt normal at the beginning, but as it went on, I felt something wrong. I went outside, together with my younger brother. The strange thing is that I could feel the ground moving, even outside, on the road! I am 16 and I come from Slovakia. About two weeks later, I went to the area, hit by the tsunami and I made a document there. If you want to see, how life goes on after the catastrophe, you can see the film, in my channel.

  46. If you want to learn about origins of japanese people and culture, watch my video

  47. when the ocean and its creatures seek vengeance from what they did to it…karma!

  48. im not speaking to all japanese, but i think some people shud EAT these waves seriously, japan brutally kill whales, so now take sea's revenge assholes !!

  49. @vinnysuperfly The sea's revenge? Seriously? How would you like it for the U.S. to get an earthquake and a bunch of idiots say it's the earth's revenge for killing those pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep?

  50. How come for such a big disaster we are hearing no news about what was happening aftermath. How many life were taken? How many casualties?

  51. haha! i laughed so hard about this bastards dying. good for them! the death of many people is making my life complete. good luck bitches and please get yourself killed don't try to survive okay?!?! REST IN PEACE PUSSIES! haha… japan is really a lucky country!

  52. @sawdudeful your such a fucking idiot. go shove some hamburgers up your fat ugly greasy american ass and get a fucking job.

  53. PLEASE, someone from Japan translate this video and post it to warn your people – your people are in danger of another tsunami

  54. That is sad and u guys give it dislikes how dare u rude people people were dieting a new born died I wouldn't dislike if u were in there I know this is old but still don't be mean like that and fell sorry for them some lost grandmas grandpas mom dad kids have a heart


  56. What a load of garbage. It is you that continues to lie and spread hate. Either that or you are just completely uneducated.

  57. I'm from Japan Miyagi.
    your coments made me very sad.

  58. These will happened again and again and again in japan at the near future… not only tsunami but earthquake devastating big metropolis and dormant volcanoes exploding.. whole japan will be sunk to sea..

  59. these are man made, all earthquakes are man made even the tsunami's are man made weather machines, think about the British with he America government bombing Hiroshima  satellite's at work and battle ships at sea doing these. trying to depopulate the world for their new race of human breeding.

  60. Pray to the real Lord ALLAH n ask help..We also pray for you ppl to come on right path n b safe..

  61. why is this showing on my youtube now, its 6 years old? you what makes news news? its new.

  62. one of the worst disasters i ever seen. unbelievable to understand when it happened.

  63. Oxygen neck where dcfpgo income dress marriage sandwich can compare their wildlife corruption enough

  64. The only bad thing about Japan is everything you've built would be destroyed as soon as possible which makes me afraid to live in there??

  65. That white critter on the grey rooftop @1:21, what on earth is that?

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